Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind: Megator


Continuing on with the abundance of Masters of the Universe Classics products we were treated to in 2011, the next large-scale figure made its appearance in August of that year: Megator!

Megator is the evil character equivalent to the giant, Tytus, who was released about a year prior. For those who don’t know, Megator and Tytus were two giants that were only released in Italy when the vintage Masters of the Universe line was winding down.  Due to how rare both Tytus and Megator were (and still are), they were both characters many fans clamored for years. As we now know, Matty and The Four Horsemen responded by making them a priority in the Classics line.


Vintage Megator (Source:

Megator comes in the same large packaging as Tytus. In his bio it’s interesting to read how Megator was first under the powers of Hordak until he met his death, only to be resurrected in a zombie-like state by King Hssss.  THAT is a cool bio and I found the character to be written well into MOTU lore.  I was surprised that Megator had a “real” name as well but Moleb doesn’t sound too frightening.

The figure is light because it’s rotocast and not solid plastic. The torso, arms, and legs are all the same as Tytus’ but the hands, feet, and head (as well as the armour) are new for the figure.

Megator’s head does look fierce and you can really see the vintage figure in this updated sculpt.  Although the original figure had rooted hair, I’m glad the Horsemen decided to go with a hard plastic sculpt for the hair with this figure instead. I think it give the figure more character and I really like the longer strands that hang down.

Is it just me, or does this guy kinda look like Roman Reigns?


I really like the little touches on the outfit. The armour suits him and isn’t bulky, the skulls on the gauntlets and armour are a nice touch and the belt/loin piece has some good detailing on it.

As a bonus, we got a second head for Megator which tied into his bio about being resurrected. The sculpt really nails the undead look. The rooted hair makes a huge difference, too! I would have like to see some blood or gore (maybe an eye hanging out a bit) on the face to really push the undead look.

I actually like this head more than the vintage inspired one and it’s the one that has been on the figure since the second week I got it. I didn’t get two Megator figures so I could display both heads like I have with all the other figures because I wasn’t as gung-ho at the time to do that, so when I find a loose one for cheap, I’ll pick it up so I can proudly display the figure on my shelf with both heads. This was one of those times I was taking pictures and I started to appreciate this figure even more than I had in the past.

The accessory Megator comes with is also cooler than Tytus’. It’s a huge a spiked wrecking ball with a chain! Now this is a weapon that can do some massive damage and not just capture people like Tytus’. The ball is hollow and lightweight, so you won’t have to worry about it tipping over your figure when posing it with it on your shelf.


As you can see, Megator is the same size as Tytus as they share the similar buck, arms and legs.  You can also see how much cooler Megator is than Tytus! It’s the Triple H vs. Roman Reigns rematch people don’t want!


For fun, I had to pose Tytus in both incarnations with his masters for each.

I wasn’t too impressed with the Tytus figure so when Megator was announced I had mixed feelings. I was happy that many could have this character finally in their collection and that Tytus would have his foil to fight against. On the other hand, I just had no excitement for the character. Thankfully that all changed when I got the figure in-hand because I liked the execution of the figure, the bonus head, and his cool accessory more than I thought I would and as mentioned above, after doing everything to get this figure ready for this Rewind feature, I have a newfound appreciation for the evil giant.