Doctor Snuggles

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When I was coming up with my list of all the different TV shows I used to watch as a kid to feature on my site, one program stood out as one I really wanted to share: Doctor Snuggles. Who, you ask? Well, if you were a child of the early 80s and had TV Ontario (TVO – for many, it was channel 2), you probably were exposed to this show.

The show, created by Jeffrey O’Kelly (based on artwork by Nick Price, according to Wikipedia), was about this kooky, but really friendly inventor named Dr. Snuggles. Each episode was about him and his animal friends, mainly Dennis the badger and Nobby the mouse, getting involved in some kind of surreal adventure. In each episode, you usually saw a new invention of Dr. Snuggles, as he is an inventor at heart.





One of Dr. Snuggles’ most famous inventions was his robot, Mathilda Junkbottom whose story was featured in the 2nd episode.

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Each cartoon was about 22 minutes in length and featured unique characters, art, music, and sound effects. I would love it if some company would pull the trigger and release the soundtrack of this show in some capacity. I’m just unsure how niche it would be.

As well, researching information for this piece, I found out that only 13 episodes were created. I always thought there were more than those! Although the episodes are on YouTube in sub-par quality, the only official DVD release was put out in the UK. Hopefully some company can get the license, clean up the picture, and release it on Blu-Ray with extras that reveal more about this history of this great show.





Two of the other episodes that always stuck in my head were “The Outstanding Treacle Tree” and “The Remarkable Fidgety River.” In the “…Treacle Tree” episode, Dr. Snuggles builds wings for a tree whose dream is to fly. The tree does learn how to fly with the wings and doesn’t come back. Dr. Snuggles and his friends go to find the tree and end up on a planet that is inhabited by plants and find that the Tree is now their leader.







In the “…River” episode, characters are alarmed that the river has dried up during a hot summer day. In actuality (stay with me here, people), the river is hiding in a cave because someone is taking cubes of water out of the ocean and the river is nervous it will happen to it. From there, Dr. Snuggles finds out that aliens from an ocean planet are stealing the water because they think Earth isn’t using it due to it’s polluted state. We even get to meet the incredible Cosmic Cat in this episode! Who thinks of this stuff? It’s AWESOME!






If you haven’t seen this TV show, do yourself a favour and just give ONE episode a shot. I’m sure most of you who frequent my site will dig it. For those who have forgotten about the show, go watch one and get the warmth from the nostalgia of this great, yet sometimes forgotten, piece of animation history.

*All pictures were screen-grabbed by me and all copyrights are property of their respected owners.

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