Dying Fetus Vinyl Reissues from Relapse Records


Relapse Records released new vinyl reissues of Dying Fetus’ catalogue (at least the albums they made with their label) at the end of March, 2017. All of these albums were limited to 300 copies on clear with blood splatter vinyl or on black vinyl. I decided to get the set of the clear w/blood splatter because I thought it was pretty cool and fit the theme of the band well.

Before I go into more detail, like always, I’d like to thank Dave at Mad Rush Media for scoring these for me (it was cheaper for my shipping with the other great MRM stuff I had in my pile). Make sure to check MRM out!

This feature really isn’t going to be one where I discuss the albums in depth as, just like the feature I did on the recently Emperor vinyl reissues by Candlelight Records, I find positives in all the albums from the band. There’s not a release from them that I can honestly say I don’t like. Have they all been front to back albums? No. Very few bands can produce that kind of output, but that doesn’t mean the albums and their discography as a whole isn’t impressive.

Destroy the Opposition   (Relapse Records, 2000,2017)

I mention it in my video below but I’ll also mention it here. This is one of those albums I keep going back to and probably love the most out of their whole discography because this is the album that introduced me to the band. The speed, the groove, the blasts, the song structure, and the vocals all blew me away the first time I heard this album. I think it’s an essential death metal classic!

Stop at Nothing   (Relapse Records, 2003/2017)

Band leader/mastermind, John Gallagher, was the only one left from the Destroy the Opposition line-up left for this album (this is where some of the other members branched off and formed the mind-blowing band, Misery Index). The band was a five piece for this album and Vince Matthews took over all the vocals for the album (until he left to form another excellent band, Criminal Element).

War of Attrition   (Relapse Records, 2007/2017)

Bassist Sean Beasley stepped up to the plate for the vocals (along with Gallagher) on this politically charged album which saw the band attack many things they through was wrong or ridiculous in America like the legal system, reality TV, terrorism, and racism.

Descend into Depravity   (Relapse Records, 2009/2017)

When I was doing this feature and video, I didn’t realize that this album came out eight years ago! I can’t believe how fast time flies! Many thought the album was a bit too technical and lacked the groove that Dying Fetus was known for.

Reign Supreme   (Relapse Records, 2012/2017)

The three piece line-up from the last album performed this record and tried to incorporate the heavy groove back into the fold. This album, for me, is a front to back album. It’s crushing and I hope the band expands on this album for their next one.

Stay tuned for upcoming New Music features because Dying Fetus’ latest album, Wrong One to Fuck With, will be released on June 23, 2017 and you’re damn right I’ll be getting it and featuring it on the site.

Here’s hoping someone gets around to licensing and re-releasing the albums and EPs before Destroy the Opposition: Purification Through Violence, Grotesque Impalement, Infatuation with Malevolence, and Killing on Adrenaline.  As of the time of writing, you can still snag these from Relapse’s web store.

Here’s a quick video with some more commentary and it also features the inlays that come with each album. Enjoy!