Star Wars: Yoda Sixth Scale Figure by Hot Toys Review


Everyone’s favourite Jedi Master finally started arriving in North American at the end of May after a few delays. Sideshow Collectibles had previously made a Yoda figure but that was before I started collecting sixth scale figures and never went got one on the aftermarket. I’m happy I waited.

It’s common knowledge that Yoda is tiny compared to the main characters in the Star Wars universe, so you know that even in the sixth scale he’d be tiny as well. The $200 US price tag was a bit of a shock for me and I had no idea why something so small would cost so much. I used a $30 promo code so that helped a bit and I wasn’t sure what to expect when I got the figure in-hand.  I put my faith blindly in Hot Toys to deliver based on past Star Wars figures I’ve purchased by them.

I was very surprised when the box came in. It’s the same size as many of the previous Star Wars characters Hot Toys has done. I was certain the box may be smaller, perhaps the size (or a bit larger than) the packaging R2-D2 or R5-D4 from Sideshow Collectibles came in.

Like usual, the figure and all the accessories were packed very well. I didn’t have any issues taking anything out of the box. He also has a little collage/picture on the inside. Love it!

Taking Yoda out of the box is pretty surreal. He’s just so petite!  I mean, you expect it, but when you’re used to opening these boxes and seeing the larger than life characters, taking out a smaller figure (even smaller than the droids) is quite a different experience.

Yoda is just over 5” tall and features the same points of articulation that can be found in most of the large Hot Toys and Sideshow 1/6 scale figures. The only issue with my figure is the legs are just a bit looser than I’d like. You have to take time to balance him properly.

The face sculpt is pretty damn good on this guy! All the wrinkles and the sunken chin area all come across as perfection. The detailing of the wrinkling around the eyes and how they extend back is some great attention to detail. I’m a fan of the expression as well. I’m glad they didn’t sculpt him with an open mouth or smiling.

Another cool feature about the head sculpt is the rooted hair used. I think it was a great idea to do this instead of sculpting the hair. The figure is more life-like this way. Be careful when swapping this head because the hair can come out pretty easily and you don’t want a Yoda that is losing even more hair than he already has. You should pull the head up to remove it by positioning your fingers underneath his ears (see my video at the end).

Yoda comes with a second head and it fits well with the additional items I’ll get to in a few paragraphs. This portrait has Yoda in a meditative state, concentrating on using the Force. It’s the exact same sculpt (as far as I can tell) as the first head except for the eyes.

Yoda’s robe is done very well and captures the look of his outfit in the movie. I like how the tears in the outfit were created to give that worn look to it. He also has another cloth outfit under the robe that features some weathering on it and is made from a very soft fabric.

Yoda’s belt is tied at the back and I wouldn’t even mess with it.  There is also a small pouch on his left side that isn’t removable (at least I don’t think it is.  You can also see his necklace (called a blissl necklace) on him and I can’t get it to not twist for the life of me.

In my features, I usually look at the accessories before the stand a figure comes with but for this figure I think it’s important to look at it first. Instead of a plain black stand like Sideshow provides with their Star Wars figures or some of the rectangular bases we’ve seen lately from Hot Toys, this figure comes with a diorama base based on the planet Dagobah.

The tree is a separate piece from the base when shipped and it’s easy to snap into place. The diorama is a solid hard plastic and features some great texturing.

In addition, the diorama comes with two additional rocks that match and three translucent poles.  You snap the poles into the two rocks and insert the other end into the two holes in the base. This will help mimic the scene where Yoda is using The Force and levitating the rocks. The larger rock has two holes so you can display it in the two ways I’ve shown in the pictures below.

Yoda only comes with one pair of hands. The ones he is shipped with on are posed in a way to help Yoda look like he is using the Force while the other set (pictured below) are  to help hold his cane.

Speaking of the cane, here it is! It has some detailing on it as well to make it look like it was made out of wood.

Yoda also comes with a crate container and a small lamp. Both were seen in the movie when Luke encounters Yoda.

Finally, this figure also comes with a replica of the power unit. On its own, it’s a detailed little piece. The cool thing here is it is actually battery operated and lights up! It’s actually quite bright for such a small little thing.

Putting all these pieces together alongside the figure really creates an excellent total package. I wish I had a Dagobah Luke and a muddy R2-D2 to go with this figure as all three would be together in one of my display cabinets and look pretty damn cool.


One thing I would have liked to have seen from Hot Toys is the inclusion of a snake. Think of it as homage to the old Kenner figure. With the price of this figure, I’m sure that would have been doable. Hell, even Sideshow did it with there’s over five years ago.  Although Yoda doesn’t use a lightsaber in The Empire Strikes Back or Return of the Jedi, perhaps adding one as an “Sideshow exclusive” could have been done.

I have no idea why, but I really wanted Yoda to get funky so I took a few pics of him dancing. I can only imagine some poses people will put Yoda in.

For a comparison, here’s a picture of Yoda beside the Hot Toys Luke Skywalker figure.  This is the only Luke figure I own and I know there are others that have been released that would have been better to pose with Yoda.


I really liked this figure more than I had expected to.  Yoda does come with a lot of cool items to make your display area feel like Dagobah.  I still don’t think the price matches all that is included, especially with the size of Yoda when comparing him to the Shoretrooper, who is only about $10 US more than Yoda.  Nonetheless, he’s an excellent addition to any Star Wars sixth scale collection and he and the stuff that’s included, are well done.


Enjoy the video!!!