WWE Raw and Smackdown Live Thoughts – June 12th & 13th, 2017


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Wow! I am simply surprised with how boring both programs were this week and how there were many nonsensical moments. It was a rough week leading into this Sunday’s Money in the Bank PPV.

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Besides the beginning of the show, Raw was a total flop and waste of time. The show started off with Paul Heyman doing his usual spiel on behalf of Brock Lesnar. I thought this would have been one of those times where Lesnar grabbed the mic and called out Samoa Joe for his actions. Instead, Joe looked stronger here as he came down to the ring the confront Lesnar instead of pulling what Lesnar would do: hop on the ring apron, pretend to go into the ring, and then walk away laughing.

A brawl between the two broke out, one that I thought was surprising because I didn’t think they’d let those two have physical contact until the Great Balls of Fire PPV. It worked well having the other wrestlers (ahem, Superstars) come down to break up the fight. The boot to the chin from Joe to Lesnar looked like it hurt and it left me really wanting to see these two square off more than I already had. The show went downhill after this segment and I couldn’t believe Lesnar didn’t try and hunt down Joe backstage after what happened, but I’m sure Lesnar was too tired and flew home.

I can say that the whole Alicia Fox/Noam Darr conversation on the cell phone was one of the worst things WWE put on TV this year and that includes beating the “Bayley, This is Your Life” segment. Whoever greenlit Alicia Fox yelling on a cell phone for over five minutes of TV time and a wrestler being too distracted by it to focus on his match/opponent should be fired. I turned the volume right down and proceeded to edit on of my upcoming features.

The women’s segment was awful and had everyone saying how they wanted to be next in line for the Raw women’s championship. If that’s the case, why would Jax, Emma, and Bliss team up and/or work together in a match? It makes no sense and neither does Emma being pinned on her re-re-return.

So Bray Wyatt is yapping about his powers again to Seth Rollins for some reason. He has no powers except for losing feuds and getting pinned. Who cares?!

The interview with Bayley was awful as well. Her speech about being true to herself and winning clean and not wanting to inflict pain on others was cringe-worthy. I understand her wanting to be a role model for the kids, but c’mon. Does that mean she lied over the last four weeks saying she can be extreme? She ASKED for the match only to say she didn’t want to use the kendo stick in the first place? Her asking for a hug at the end and Corey Graves acting uncomfortable and making his face like it was the stupidest thing ever ended the segment making Bayley look like an idiot.

I guess The Miz and Dean Ambrose’s feud will continue into the next PPV although it should be over and done with. The Miz cost Dean Ambrose his match against Elias Samson and then Kurt Angle gives The Miz shit backstage about it? Angle gave no repercussions to Ambrose for not listening to him last week and The Miz called him out for it only for Angle to say he won’t be doing anything about it. Then he tells The Miz if he has a problem with Ambrose to do something about it. The Miz just did and he got in shit. Ambrose interfered last week and nothing happened to him. This writing makes NO SENSE! Then we got to see The Miz team up with Ambrose in a bear suit. Did WWE want people to turn the channel? I was so zoned out of the show by this point.

Speaking of things making no sense, let’s forward to the end of the night in a hyped-up best of three falls match between Sheamus and Cesaro vs. The Hardys for the Raw Tag Team Championship. There is NO WAY Jeff Hardy would be pinned as fast as he was for the champs to gain the first fall of the match. Same goes for the second pin on Cesaro by Matt. I know it’s on TV and they have to abide by the time given by the network but WWE had over 3 HOURS of programming time and they could have allocated more time to this match for us to take it seriously. What did it lead to? A double count out. Yeahhhh…that means this feud will continue with more matches.


Source: WWE.com

Yeah, I know the “go-home” shows for PPVs aren’t usually eventful but they should hype things up. On last night’s show, they didn’t. Here are my condensed thoughts:

The whole first 30 minutes was a write-off. I didn’t care for any of the team’s promos, nor their match.

Sami Zayn continues to be booked like an idiot backstage and it’s damaging his character.

I’m still cringing thinking about the Naomi/Lana match-up.

Charlotte and Natalya’s match was decent, but eight minutes of TV time isn’t enough for these to create something the crowd can get invested in.

WWE continues to play the cultural card to have Mahal generate heat. He really didn’t say anything in the ring he hasn’t already said before so the segment, even with the RKO, was boring. Randy’s comments backstage also did nothing to hype up the match on Sunday.

The three on three tag match was decent but you knew it was going to end with all the wrestlers trying to show the crowd that they’ll be the one who will win the Money in the Bank match on Sunday.

It was a really boring show to compliment the snoozefest Raw was. Hopefully this makes this Sunday’s PPV shine and a lackluster lead-in. My Money in the Bank prediction piece will be up sometime tomorrow.