Emperor Vinyl Reissues from Candlelight Records


Coming out just after amazing Emperor Complete Works box set by Blood Music that I just can’t afford (but wish I had – anyone wanna spot me $1000?), Candlelight Records released the main studio albums, live albums, and one compilation in 2017. They are all presented on different coloured vinyl and presented in the original packaging of the first releases.
Some people were saying that Candlelight was just releasing these due to the hype from the Blood Music set, but I looked at it like they were doing Emperor fans who couldn’t afford the set and weren’t happy with the previous Back on Black releases a favour.

I admit I was skeptical at first and just bought one of the reissues because I wanted to know the sound quality. I have to say that I am really impressed by the sound quality and the packaging, so I ordered the rest, minus the live albums (which I’ll hopefully get later – once again, it all comes down to $$$).

This feature is just to showcase the albums and not necessarily a review of each album. I know fans of this band can argue every which way what album is better and why but I enjoy all of them for what they are at that time period in the band’s career. I will say that IX Equilbrium is probably my favourite but that is because it was my first exposure to the band as a teen but if you have never heard the band before (shame!!!! JK), jump right in with In the Nightside Eclipse.

Before I dive into the albums, make sure to check out Mad Rush Media for your metal CDs and vinyl!

Emperor EP  (Candlelight, 1998/2017)

This is a replication of the original Emperor EP (1992). It only features four songs unlike many reissues that combine this release with the Wrath of the Tyrant EP.  It is presented on red vinyl. I was actually blown away with how good this sounded.

In the Nightside Eclipse   (Candlelight, 1994/2017)

This is the first studio album by Emperor. It is presented on blue vinyl.  I have an original pressing of this album on CD and an 2 CD anniversary edition and this is still the best I’ve heard this album.  If you are to buy one album only from all these I showcase, this is it. What an awesome piece of black metal (and metal in general) history.

Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk
(Candlelight, 1997/2017)

Emperor’s second full length is presented here on green vinyl. It features some clean singing and really expanded Emperor’s sound.  I like reading people’s opinions on this album vs. In the Nightside Eclipse and what one they prefer as they can be quite passionate and heated.  I really like this album front to back and it features one of my favourite album covers of all time.

IX Equilibrium   (Candlelight, 1999/2017)

As mentioned above, this was the first Emperor album I ever heard. CDs were getting cheaper and more black/death metal was becoming more available in our city. “Curse You All Men” is still one of my all time favourite songs by the band as well as “The Source of Icon E”. This is presented on brown vinyl.

Prometheus: The Discipline of Fire & Demise   (Candlelight, 2001/2017)

I remember at this time now having access to Terrorizer Magazine after moving to a larger city and the reviews for this album were amazing. I bought it and loved it. I found it to be diverse, complex, and satisfying. It was after buying this and IX Equilibrium that I got the earlier releases. This is presented on clear vinyl.

Emperor & Thorns – Thorns vs. Emperor
(Moonfog Productions, 1999/Reissue – Peaceville, 2014)

This isn’t a part of the Candlelight reissue series, but I did get it about two months ago in another lot I bought from Mad Rush Media. I just thought I’d throw it in this feature as a bonus.  Aren’t I nice?

This is an interesting album as it’s basically Thorns covering Emperor songs and vice-versa. Not much to say about it except the takes on the songs are well done and a bit different than the originals, which is always good when it comes to covering a band. This is a cool concept I’d welcome if more bands did it.

Here’s a quick video with more commentary and it also features the inlays to some of the albums.