Electrified Porcupine’s New Music (CD & Vinyl) Showcase Vol. 22


It’s time for another round of musical goodness. For this edition, I’m taking a look at a whole bunch of CDs that I’ve scored over the last month and a half! Thanks again to Dave at Mad Rush Media. Make sure you go to his Ebay store and get your metal! Here we go!

Cut Up – Wherever They May Rot   (Metal Blade, 2017)

Here’s some good ol’ fashioned death metal! This Swedish band features members of the now defunct (but awesome) band, Vomitory. Yeah, it doesn’t break new ground but if you love early 90s death metal, this should be on your playlist.

Vampire – With Primeval Force  (Century Media, 2017)

Here’s some more death/thrash from Sweden! I was very impressed with their self-titled debut album and I had to grab this one. I find the songs to be more diverse this time around and the band’s songwriting to be getting stronger. This one will be spun often during the summer!

Enslaved – The Sleeping Gods/Thorn   (ByNorse Music, 2016)

This CD is a compilation of two limited vinyl releases, The Sleeping Gods (a Scion funded release) and the Thorn 7”. I think it’s great the band released this because many fans may not have vinyl and some of the tunes here are really good (but some not so good). It a release probably only for completists.

The Sword – Greetings From…   (Razor & Tie, 2017)

This is The Sword’s first live album. There’s a diverse set list from many of their albums and the music sound decent for the most part, but I find the vocals to be buried a little bit. It wouldn’t surprise me if this album was just taken from a soundboard recording with some levels being adjusted in the mixing/mastering process. It’s an OK live album but I think I was expecting something it to sound more polished. Then again, that’s the charm about the release – it’s live!

Atrocity – Todessehnsucht   (Roadrunner, 1992)

Here’s a death metal band that had a classic album released in 1990 entitled Hallucinations. While that album is pretty damn good, for some reason I never went to find more of their stuff. This album, which I cannot pronounce for the life of me, is another excellent death metal album that I’m kicking myself for not getting and discovering earlier. Now I have to listen to more of their discography!

Disharmonic Orchestra – Not To Be Undimensional Conscious
(Nuclear Blast, 1992)

This is one of those bands that I was familiar with in name only until I finally listened to them and scored this release. This Austrian group’s second album is a death metal/grindcore/prog mash-up with even a sprinkling of hip-hop in various places. It is one of those albums where you have to sit down and actually pay attention to it. It’s not just simple background old school metal. There are frantic moments like Mr. Bungle had and their song structures remind me of Atheist in places. With so much metal I’ve missed out on growing up, thank goodness for the Internet to finally track these pieces of metal history down. Now I need more of their discography, too!

Memoriam – For the Fallen   (Nuclear Blast, 2017)

There has been some big hype from Nuclear Blast for this band’s debut. What started out with some jamming and a 7” release from past/present members of Bolt Thrower (RIP) and Benediction turned into a full length album. I wasn’t expecting too much except metal in the vain of the two aforementioned bands and while that is basically what we’re getting here, the songs are so good and it’s catchy. Hell, I don’t know how many times I’ve listened just to the first track, “Memoriam,” already. It’s head-banging catchy! I’m glad I picked this up.

Jungle Rot

There seems to be a theme of “old school death metal” for this edition! I have a few Jungle Rot releases and have enjoyed them, so when these three albums went up on Mad Rush Media’s Ebay store, I snagged them so I could enjoy the band’s simplistic, but catchy approach to old school death metal. Below are the three albums I snagged.

Skin the Living
(Self Released, 1995/Pure Death Records, 1996/Victory Records, 2013)

Fueled By Hate   (Olympic Recordings, 2004)

 War Zone (Crash Music, 2006)

Gruesome – Fragments of Psyche EP   (Relapse Records, 2017)

This is the CD version of the 7” that was released at the same time. The main difference here is the CD EP release is rounded out by demos of songs from the band’s debut, Savage Land. The main reason to score this is to hear the band’s newest track, “Fragments of Psyche,” that features ex-Death/ex-Cynic drummer Sean Reinert on the kit and the band’s take on Death’s song, “Choke On It.” You can’t go wrong for $8.

Mesarthim – The Great Filter/Type III   (Avantegarde Music, 2017)

This CD features the two previously released digital only tracks, “The Great Filter” and “Type III.” While two songs may not seem like a lot to buy a CD for, these songs combined provide approximately 40 minutes of music. I love this band and have featured them many times in the past. There’s something so satisfying from their ambient and cosmic black metal approach. I also picked this up on vinyl and will be featuring that in an upcoming music feature.

As of the time of writing this, the band has released another digital album entitled, Presence. I haven’t sampled it yet and will probably just wait until the inevitable physical copy is released.

Brujeria – Matando Gueros   (Roadrunner Records, 1993)

This is Brujeria’s (Spanish for witchcraft) debut album.  It featured some well known metal artists such as Dino Cazerez and Raymond Herrera (who were both in Fear Factory at the time), Faith No More’s Billy Gould, and Napalm Death’s Shane Embury.  Along with vocalist Juan Brujo, they all went under pseudonyms and pretended to be Mexican drug lords who sung about murder, Satanism, drugs, and politics among other taboo subjects.

Not only was the concept almost outrageous, this album got banned in many places due to the cover that I actually thought was fake.  Well, it’s not. This is a death metal/grind classic.  I’m finally glad I scored a first pressing. For translation of this album’s song titles (and the album below), check out Wikipedia.

Brujeria – Raza Odiada   (Roadrunner Records, 1995)

More of the same found here as the first album but with some songs that are even better. Make sure to check this one out as it is sometimes overlooked because it didn’t feature the such a graphic cover like their first album.  There are many Brujeria fans that tout this as the band’s best album.

Amorphis –Under the Red Cloud: Tour Edition (Nuclear Blast, 2017)

This is a re-release of the excellent 2015 album with two bonus tracks and an extra CD entitled, An Evening With Friends At Huvila. While I did have the import digipak with the two bonus songs already, the live CD was enough for me to double dip and pick up the album again. The live album features tracks from the band’s past albums, Am Universum, Far from the Sun, Silent Waters, Skyforger and Circle. From what I remember reading, I thought there were some past members that joined the band for some of the songs but I DO know that there are some guest vocals from the amazing Anneke van Giersbergen on the song “Her Alone.” I wish they would have released this as a DVD/CD package instead, though.

The Antichrist Imperium – Self Titled
(Apocalyptic Witchcraft Recordings, 2015)

I’ve mentioned in one of my previous features and video that the band Akercocke passed me by when they were first active. I finally say down and checked them out two years ago and was so pissed off that I missed out on years of listening to the band and they have become one of my favourite death metal bands of all time. From there, I checked out Voices – the band that consisted of some past members of Akercocke.

This release is one of the more obscure ones that I always forgot about until it was posted on Mad Rush Media’s site and I thought, “DAMN! That’s the one featuring Akercocke members!” So I snagged it immediately. This album is another crushing and thoughtful death metal album featuring past members of Akercocke , Matt Wilcock and David Gray who used past Akercocke ideas and riffs that never made it onto an album under that band moniker. Sam Loynes, who played with David Gray in Voices, kills it on the vocals here.

I loved this album on the first listen and spun it numerous times that day. I’ll be tracking this one on vinyl because it’s such a monster. If you’re a death metal fan and love your metal diverse, listen to this one!

Here’s a video on the releases! Enjoy!