Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind – Man-E-Faces


After the quarterly Battleground Teela figure that bummed me out, MattyCollector started raising my spirits back up again with Clawful, who I really dug quite a bit. In August of 2011, my excitement went through the roof with one of my most anticipated figures of that year: Man-E-Faces!

As a kid, I loved this figure. What kid wouldn’t? With ONE figure, you could have him keep his human look, transform him into a robot, or turn him into a monster! How could you NOT have fun with that? I mean, look at the vintage commercial below!!

The bio for this figure gives us some insight into the man behind the character. Before his transformation, he went by the name Perkaedo and it is revealed he drank a potion created by Skeletor and it turned him into a monster.  He-Man and the Sorceress aided Perkaedo, curing him of being a monster but left him with three personalities.  That’s pretty heavy stuff right there!

My figure was always a bit loose with his leg joints but the rest of him holds up well today. The figure features all the articulation of the majority MOTUC figures except with the neck due to the robotic head. You can see the bottom portion of the figure is basically the same as Trap Jaw as well.


For a line that wasn’t supposed to have “action features,” people were wondering how they’d feature all of Man-E-Faces’ different visages. Thankfully the decision was made to actually have this figure work in the same way as the vintage one and leave the action feature alone. You just twist the knob at the top of the helmet to change faces. I’m sure they could have used a peg system to plug in the additional faces like they did with Battle Armor He-Man and Skeletor but I’m glad they stayed true to the original.


The three faces (human, robot, and monster) translated very well to the Classics line while keeping that vintage look quite alive. The human face really brings out the performer look that was communicated in the bio while the robotic face and the monster face have just as much character as the vintage figure.

Man-E-Faces came with one accessory – his blaster. That’s totally fine with me because I couldn’t imagine what else this guy could really use.  The main selling point was the ability for him to have three different personas. The great thing about the blaster is it is a unique piece and wasn’t reissued (or used) by any other character. You could have a pile of weapons on the floor and immediately recognize this one went with Man-E-Faces.


Leading up to the release of this figure, we were promised something was going to be included as a secret bonus. Some assumed it would be a weapon as the vintage figure got re-released with extra weapons after the initial run in the early 80s. Instead, we got something I didn’t even think of at the time – three additional faces/personas for Man-E-Faces to use!

It was such a cool surprise to see the additional piece you could swap in to have Man-E-Faces impersonate He-Man, Skeletor, or Orko! I thought the inclusion of Orko as an option was hilarious.

Man-E-Faces still is a great figure and character and I always dug him in the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Filmation cartoon. Unfortunately, with only one weapon and lack of neck articulation (which is understandable), there’s not a lot of variety of poses to do with him.  It doesn’t matter because as a kid, it was the play value that counted, not how how it looked on a shelf.