Star Wars 40th Anniversary Wave 2 Black Series Figures (Review and Comparisons)


Only two weeks after I took a look at he Star Wars 40th Anniversary Black Series Wave 1 figures, a complete set of Wave 2 has arrived! This wave features a couple of figures that have been previously released as standard boxed Black Series figures (like Wave 1) but there are also a couple that are making their official debut in the line!

Hasbro has re-released key characters from the Black Series who appeared in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope to celebrate the franchise’s 40th anniversary.  They are on large cards mimicking and paying homage to the vintage line and the cards those figures were on when Kenner was making them in the early 80s.

Before I start, I’d like to thank Wes over at Silver Screen Toys and Collectibles for getting these figures (and Wave 1) and sending out my order quickly. Check out the site for Wave 1 and 2 of the 40th anniversary figs and more collectibles!

Just like my last feature, I’ll showcase the 40th anniversary figure and compare them to their original Black Series release, if applicable. I’m not the best with colours/colour differentiation, so if there’s a slight shade adjustment my eye isn’t picking up when comparing the figures, I can’t help that. As well, there’s a video from my YouTube channel with some more insight at the end of the feature.


From what I remember, this figure wasn’t too hard to find when he was initially released in September/October of 2015.

The only difference I see between the 40th Anniversary figure and the first release is a darker paint used on the upper arms and legs as well as the chest area.  Besides that, I find there’s some paint slop on his teeth compared to my first release figure.


This version of C-3P0 was released as a Walgreens (US) and an EB Games (here in Canada) exclusive with his silver leg from Episode IV: A New Hope. The other version with the red leg from The Force Awakens was released in December, 2016/January, 2017.

Comparing him to the other Episode IV release, I don’t see any difference whatsoever. No difference in colour or paint.  There may be some subtle difference but I don’t see it.  At least people who had trouble finding this exclusive the first time around will have another shot at getting this figure.


The Stormtrooper was originally released in late spring in 2014. I remember this one being a bit harder to track down because people were buying more than one to army build their Trooper army in this new scale.

Just like C-3P0, I see absolutely no difference at all with this figure and the first release.  I suppose the rationale could be because army builders want their Stormtroopers to look exactly the same and if anyone was picking up more of these to add to the first release, they’d want them to be uniform.

Sand People/Tusken Raider

This figure is very impressive. From the soft goods (that look even better all fluffed out) to the face sculpt, to the diversity with the gaffi stick’s appearance via different attachments, this is a figure that I definitely want to get an extra to take out of the packaging. I think it’s one of my favourite Black Series figures ever!

The regular Black Series box version in the newest standard wave is starting to trickle out across the US currently. I have yet to find them here in Ontario, Canada, and the word on the street is we’ll be seeing these figures in this wave sometime this month (June). When I find one, I’ll update the feature to discuss any differences.


Death Squad Commander

While I had the majority of the vintage Star Wars figures released in the 80s (that I sadly sold when I was a kid – sigh…), this is one figure I never had. I’ll assume that it was because my mom, who bought me the majority of the figures, probably thought it was just some human and he wasn’t as exciting as the main characters or creatures/monsters.

The face sculpt is decent and he only comes with on accessory (a blaster). I think my favourite aspect of this figure is the look of coat/uniform. It has a faux-leather look to it and because I’m not taking him out (and just going to hang these figures on my wall when I get some protective cases), I can’t tell you the texture. It does look different all the other plastic used on the figure.



UTTINI!!!! Who doesn’t love Jawas?!?!? They may despicable to some but they have a certain cute charm to them. I think about of all the figures, I was really excited to get this figure in my hands the most to see how it turned out.

Seeing a Jawa in this scale is almost surreal because I’m so used to seeing 3 ¾” figures of these guys! I’m curious as to why Hasbro didn’t use soft goods for the robe on this guy considering it is such a mainstay of the Black Series line. The robe is well done for being sculpted in plastic with stitching printed all over it and withered sleeves.

The face sculpt I’m really surprised with because you can detail on it. It’s like they bandaged up their faces. I had no idea that was a thing with Jawas. I’ve never seen anything besides a black, vacant space inside their hood with two glowing eyes. I may have to do some more research on Jawas now after seeing this detailing.

The Jawa comes with two weapons that have a great sculpt and a little bit of extra paint on them to make them pop.


This wave is awesome. We get some already released fan-favourites and three new characters to the Black Series line. While I was anticipating the Jawa figure the most, the Tusken Raider is the major hit of this wave for me. When I find the regular Black Series figures next wave, I’m making sure I buy an extra Tusken Raider to open.

Enjoy the video!!