Star Wars: Rogue One Death Trooper Specialist (Deluxe) Sixth Scale Figure by Hot Toys Review


Almost six months after the release of Star Wars: Rogue One, this version of the sixth scale Death Trooper from Hot Toys is shipping across North America. I love all the various Troopers from across the Star Wars universe, so it was only fitting that this one would land in my collection.

I initially ordered the Death Trooper Specialist, put down my deposit and began my payment plan. When this “deluxe” version got announced a few months later, this was the one I knew I wanted because of the extra light-up features and the other stuff it came with. Thankfully, one call to Sideshow was all it took to have everything carried over to this figure.

As seen with the Shoretrooper I recently took a look at, this box features a band at the bottom to distinguish this as a Rogue One figure.  I like the addition and I’m sure Mint in Box collectors, or those that like to display the box, may like the something new added to the same old, same old.  As well, there’s an excellent picture of the figure posed on the inside – just no collage this time.

My figure came packaged well and I didn’t have any issues taking anything out of the box.  There were a few issues with it as I got posing it, but I’ll get to that in a bit.

The Death Trooper is a larger figure -almost 13″ tall, which means he’ll look a little more imposing on your shelf next to some of your figures.  This guy seems pretty beefy, too because of his pouch and all the stuff in it.

The black armour is very clean and very, very glossy.  You can see from the pictures in this feature how the lights bounce off it.  For those worrying about the armour getting all gunked up with finger prints, I found it really doesn’t. I had my fingers all over this while posing it (and in the video at the end of the feature) and no finger prints were visible.

I go into the articulation in the video at the end of the feature but in a nutshell, the elbow and knee joints don’t have any issues but the armour at the thighs and the shoulders both hinder articulation in the legs and arms respectively. I also mention down below some issues when posing the feet that happened after I made the video.

I love the sculpt of the helmet.  There’s such a resemblance to the original trilogy Stormtrooper and it warms my heart.  The great thing is how there are differences that make it still unique.

The two lights at the bottom of the helmet and the scope on the top left side are great additions.  The same can be said about the subtle details in the middle of the mask that leads down to the bottom.  Even the back of the helmet has a unique vent placement.  I applaud the designers of the Rogue One Troopers for their design choices and Hot Toys seem to have replicated all the subtle details here.

Like I already stated, one of the main reasons I switched over to grabbing this figure is the light-up feature.  I know the regular Death Trooper and the regular DT Specialist had them, but this one featured the additional light in the scope area.

You’ll see in the video at the end of the feature the batteries, that are included, go under the dome of the helmet. The on/off switch that toggles the light feature is beside the battery pack under the dome.  They’re not that bright in a well lit room, but as you can see, in dimmed areas, they look cool.

The back piece of the armour is well sculpted and has more sculpting on it than most of the Troopers Hot Toys has released.  The left arm has what looks like missiles and I like the level of detailing on them even if they are not removable.

The lower leg armour is a solid piece and the bottom of it overlaps the boots. Here is where my figure had some issues.  The bottoms of these pieces can hinder the boot articulation a bit and when I was posing my figure and moving the left foot around, the piece holding the foot to the ball joint just under the knee popped out.  I had to take off the leg armour and pull up the cloth material to try and pop everything back in place.  It was hard to get that sucker in and I swear it arrived loose.  Know what happened next? The exact same thing to right one, of course!! I wasted about 45 minutes trying to fix both legs because of how hard it was to pop every back in place.

The chest rig with the grenades is very well crafted.  The little things in the pouches (I think they’re mines of some sort) are not removable but have some detail on them.  The grenades can be removed and you can open them a bit to make it look like they are going to detonate.

The belt also has some fine work done to it and features more compartments that are  used to store ammo.

The difference you may see of the belt in these pictures verses the video I made is with the holster to the right side of the figure’s belt.  In the video, it’s in tact. As you can see in the pic in this feature, it’s beaten to hell.  The reason? There’s a little magnet that is used to secure the strap around the pistol.  I went to separate the magnets and the material completely ripped. Then the magnet piece separated.  I couldn’t get it back together properly for the life of me and it now looks horrible.  I’m really disappointed with it.

Underneath much of the outer armour is the rubber (or rubber-like materia) under suit. The suit feels heavy duty and not cheap at all.  My concern with it is wondering if it will fade or rip with a lot of posing at the joints over time.  As you can see in the picture below, it does bunch up.  This the first figure I have, besides Darth Vader, with material like this so I’m unsure of the longevity of this stuff.


The Death Trooper Specialist has nine extra gloved hands.  There are many options to place on your figure.  Unfortunately, this figure has the same issues the Shoretrooper has: the hands are a bitch to keep on the figure. The armor on the forearms meets where the hand are connected so you have to pull the armour back to try and snap the hands in.

When trying to move the hands around they fall off easy. Even moving the peg when the hand was in cause one of my pegs to snap.  Thank goodness they sent two extra with the figure. By this time, I was starting to think my figure was cursed and was happy I did the video first.


One of the weapons the figure comes with is a blaster pistol.  It looks pretty cool and like many of the weapons Hot Toys makes for the Star Wars figures, there are amazing minute details on it and it has some cool paint apps to make it look like it’s seen some action.

The other weapon the figure comes with is the Special Forces DLT-19 long-range blaster rifle.  This thing is pretty damn huge and features the same kind of detailing I mentioned above about the blaster pistol. I like having a new huge gun like this in the 1/6 scale!

The “deluxe” label for this figure is not only because of an extra light in the helmet but because it comes with two exclusive pieces.  The first is a diorama base instead of a rectangular base like the Shoretrooper came with. I love these diorama bases and would love to see more with many figures – especially for the price we pay for them.

The second extra is this little Stormtrooper doll that Jyn had as a child.  It is VERY tiny as you can see from the picture of it in the Death Trooper’s hand.  It’s a neat little addition for the figure but I’m unsure why something like this couldn’t have just been included with any version of the figure.

With this figure, I had issues with the lower shin area of both legs popping out, the blaster pistol strap (which is intact with the picture I took below before it fell apart), and there are issues with the hands easily falling out when trying to get them in the position you want them for posing.

Not only is this figure $15 more (in US dollars) than the regular Death Trooper Specialist (and $30 US more than the standard Death Trooper) just to get an extra light in the helmet, a little Stormtrooper doll and a diorama base.  All this stuff should have just been included for the price the regular Death Trooper Specialist is.

To add insult to injury, the regular Death Trooper (not the Specialist) comes with THREE weapons – the two this one has plus a blaster rifle.  I’d like to know the rationale behind labeling this figure as a “deluxe” figure when it doesn’t even come with one of the weapons the cheapest of the three Death Troopers comes with. That’s ripping us off right there.fullsizeoutput_371fHere’s a figure that I have mixed feelings about.  It is a hit because it’s going to look awesome on the shelf and a great addition to the 1/6 scale collection. On the other hand, it’s disappointing with the issues I’ve had this figure and it’s one too many for the price I paid.  Not getting a weapon one of the other figures does when this is marketed as “deluxe” really insults me as a consumer of these high end products.

I know I sound more positive in the video below but this was one of those cases where I did the video before the photo shoot.  I try and do photos first but with a toddler and limited time, I do the videos when I have the opportunity and the house is quiet or my wife and little one are out visiting.  I don’t regret buying the figure but I wish mine didn’t have so many issues.