Star Wars: Rogue One Shoretrooper Sixth Scale Figure by Hot Toys Review


When will the onslaught of Troopers end? Well, in the Star Wars universe (and the collecting universe) I’ll say probably never.  With that all said, I had yet another Trooper arrive last week: the Shoretrooper.

This Trooper is from the more recent design/creation found in Star Wars: Rogue One.  The long form of the Shoretrooper actually is “Coastal Defender Stormtrooper” and they patrol the beaches and surrounding area on the planet of Scarif.

The packaging is the standard we’ve seen with Hot Toys and Sideshow Collectibles Star Wars releases. There’s a band that runs around the bottom front and side of the packaging, distinguishing this box/figure as part of the Rogue One collection. There’s also a cool shot of the Shoretrooper on the inside.

All the parts for the figure were secured well in the packaging. I didn’t have any issues with any parts out of the box and it was very easy to get everything out of the box.

The figure is just under 12″ tall and is in line with the rest of the Star Wars figures in the sixth scale.  The figure’s body is the the usual type we’ve seen with other figures but the articulation on this guy isn’t the best – and I’ll get to that in a bit.

Looking closely at the armour, the blue chest piece indicates that this figure is actually a captain.  While I knew I wanted to get a Shoretrooper, I wasn’t sure on the blue chest piece at first and was thinking of waiting for this figure to be released without the blue on the chest armour (and you know that will happen). That changed, of course!

The head/helmet sculpt seems pretty movie accurate to me.  I love the uniqueness of this Trooper’s mask and I think it resembles the Scout Trooper helmet.  That’s awesome because it shows the designers were thinking about how the Trooper’s helmets could relate to each other. So, in retrospect, the Scarif/Shoretrooper helmet could be the precursor to the Scout Trooper helmet.

I will state that while doing pictures for this feature, I was running into issues with the helmet staying on the ball joint. Just moving it around would eventually cause it to pop off.  I’m not sure why it isn’t staying on the ball neck joint tight but it was a small issue while posing the figure.

The front and the back of the armour is sculpted to perfection and I really love the weathering on the armour.  I makes it look like this captain has seen some action and ready to bring it again.  The little canister pieces on the belt aren’t removable and neither is the little leather-like pouch at the back. The pouch on the front can be removed, though.

The armour on the lower leg also features the weathering effect. These pieces don’t affect any posing with the figure’s knees or the feet (unlike other things I’ll mention in a minute).  The pants are cloth and crafted well while the boots are a faux-leather and look killer.

I’m going to say something nice about the picture below before I go off about the major issues this figure has: I love the colours on the arm armour and how the weathering effects continue.

That being said, the armour really, REALLY hinders the articulation and posing ability of this figure.  As you can see on the arm, the armour pieces can overlap on each other and that basically means that it stops parts of the arm from getting a lot of movement.  The shoulder armour prevents the arm from extending out horizontally or being raised forward or backward like you can with most other figures.  If you check out the video at the end of the feature, you’ll see what I mean.

As well, the armour is so close to the hands it causes the hands pop out often.  They can also be difficult to put on because you need to try and pull the forearm armour as back as possible (which is difficult with it rubbing up against the other piece) to try and get the hand to snap into the ball joint.  It’s a big headache and really deters me from wanting to change hands on this figure again. This ALL means that posing this guy in action is quite limited and frustrating.


Speaking of hands, this is one of those figures that doesn’t come with a lot of extra ones – six total (below are the extras that aren’t currently on the figure).  To tell you the truth, this figure doesn’t come with a lot of extras at all! That’s so surprising considering what we’ve gotten with so many other Hot Toys/Sideshow Collectible Star Wars figures.


The only weapon the Shoretrooper comes with is a blaster. Like most weapons that come with the 1/6 scale figures, it is done very well with fine attention to detail and some extra paint application to give it more character.  The strap is attached to the weapon and can be adjusted so you can have your Shoretrooper carry it securely on its back.

The stand the figure comes with features with a nameplate and a sticker you can put on the base of the stand, if you wish.  The sticker fits on without any issue if you place it down and put the figure holder in the slot.  That way you can change it up and not have to commit to having a sticker permanently on your stand.

As a pre-order “bonus,” we get a backdrop that has two different sides to it. While the idea of this piece is welcomed, the execution leaves a lot to be desired.  It’s nothing more than a glossy piece of cardboard and the cardboard stands for it don’t hold it up well.  You can see in the pics and the video at the end of the feature it’s already become lopsided.  I can see some people using this piece but I have multiple figures on each shelf and something like this won’t work in my display case.

I almost wasn’t going to get this figure, but I had a Sideshow promo for $30 off, so I broke down and got it. I mean, I’m collecting most of the other Troopers, so why wouldn’t I share the love with this figure? If you want one from Sideshow’s website, there’s currently a wait list for it.


Although I am happy with the figure in one way, he’s not the hit I wanted him to be.  On the plus side, he’s very aesthetically pleasing and will look great posed in my display cabinet.  On the down side, this figure isn’t functional at all.  The aforementioned problems with the lack of movement due to the armour and this issues with the hands constantly popping out makes it a little disappointing and not worth all the money I paid, even with the $30 off. C’est la vie! Enjoy the video!