Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Donatello Sixth Scale Figure by DreamEX Review


While it’s only been half a year, all the sixth scale Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures by DreamEX have been released and are now in my possession, making one of my display cases very attractive. I’ve looked at Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo, Casey Jones, and Shredder previously.  This feature will focus on my favourite Turtle of them all: Donatello!

I love Donatello because of his analytical thinking, his love of science, and his ability to kick ass. I always picked him in video games because I thought his Bo Staff weapon was so cool. It’s so simple but the mastery of it would take real discipline. With all my admiration for the character, I was hoping this figure would be the best of them all…but I was left a bit underwhelmed.

The packaging is in the same style as all of the other figures in the DreamEX series for the consistency of the line and those who display their boxes. I will say I’ve enjoyed the distinct colours at the bottom of each box that match the colour that is associated with each Turtle.

The same thing can be said here as I’ve said about the other Turtles in this line when it comes to the body of the figures: Donatello is about 10.5” tall and the articulation (neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hand, legs, knees, ankles, and toes) all work very well, although all the joints on this figure are the loosest out of all of the Turtles I’ve previously looked at. The skin is a hard plastic mixed with soft plastic in various areas, mainly the front shell.

One thing I never noticed until Michelangelo and Donatello came in is that all the Turtles have different shades for their skin.  Here I was thinking that the bodies were 100% identical aesthetically, but they’re not! You really notice it when they’re all together and you’ll see it in a few pictures I have at the end.

The elbow pads and knee pads he wears are cast in Donatello’s purple colour scheme. These are a hard plastic and held on by an elastic band that don’t hinder the articulation or pose whatsoever. Just like the other figures, the calves and ankles have the hockey tape and the wrists have a cloth material covering them.

The face sculpt on Donatello is probably my least favourite out of all the Turtles although it’s still decent. The half smile is so cocky but the squinty eyes scream “I’m Popeye” to me. Maybe I’ll warm up to it a bit more over time.  The back of the bandana (the tails) features the wiring within the cloth to pose it how you wish.

If you’ve enjoyed the cartoony style of the alternate heads all the other figures have come with, you’ll be happy because Don comes with one, too. I’m not a fan of the heads and I think it makes them look like a Muppet.  I won’t be placing these heads ever on the figures in my display case.

All the Turtle’s weapons (including Casey Jones and Shredder’s) have all been awesome in my eyes. Don’s Bo Staff is probably the least spectacular of them all.  The Bo is basically a stick that has the hockey tape in the middle of it for better gripping in battle.  There is no detailing on the stick to even make it look like it’s wood.


Although I was a bit disappointed initially the hockey tape wasn’t on Michelangelo’s nunchucks, I’m now glad it wasn’t.  After posing Donatello with his Bo in his tight hands, the friction from the tape is showing signs of wear from sliding in and out of the hands. It’s also causing a little bit of discolouring on the inside of the hands and fingers.  Maybe an approach like Mikey’s nunchucks would have worked better here.  Nonetheless, I’ll find the right pose for my shelf and this won’t be a further issue for me.

When the Bo Staff isn’t in use, there’s a place on the back where it can be stored. You can slide it in the Staff holder and tighten the hold on it by adjusting the Velcro strap.

Don comes with the same extra hands as the other Turtles and once again, they are the hardest thing to get off of the figure and a real piss-off. You have to let them sit in boiling water for 645-60 seconds before you can get them off to exchange them. I have no interest in doing that again for this figure just for a few pictures and potentially pulling on the softer plastic or putting pressure on the pegs. You can go to my features/vids on Leo and Raph to see it. I also showed Mike’s extra hands holding some accessories, too.

Just like the other three TMNT DreamEX figures, Donatello comes with the following accessories: a grappling Hook, two pouches I probably won’t use, and two pizza slices. Once again, after seeing the same accessories with the other Turtles, I would have liked to have seen more variety.

The metal throwing/ninja stars are again different from the other Turtles, so that’s a little bit of a bonus and helps breathe some uniqueness in the accessory department.


After doing the video for Donatello and finishing up these photos, I found out something that I didn’t realize before about the communicator piece:  I thought that Leo only came with a communicator that had April on a screen while the other figures came with more of a computer only styled communicator. That’s not the case.

I was pulling on the communicator to make the computer piece appear the same way as the others and I pulled both ends hard to separate the middle piece. Behold: April on the screen AND the computer section.  ALL the Turtles have the exact same communicator and the factory just assembles them randomly.  Holy crap in a hat…what a surprise! I didn’t pull hard on the other communicators figuring I’d break something.

The “bonus” accessories that only come with Donatello are a trench coat and hat so he (or any of the Turtles you have) can go out and walk the streets without being noticed. I think this is a cool bonus and I’m sure many people would have liked to see it come with Raphael. Seeing how it can be used on any figure, you can choose which figure you want it on.

The jacket is a decent cloth material with a liner on the inside.  Getting the belt through the metal buckle and the strap holder was a bit of work but in the end it all looks great.


In the video, I put the coat on by removing the elbow pads and then sliding the jacket on him with his hands in the air. I found a better way after: remove the arms from the socket, slide them in the coat, and the reconnect the arms back into the shoulder socket. BOOM – easy! To remove, do the same thing and pull the arms back, turning the sleeves inside out.

The hat is made out of the same material as the coat.  I don’t find it fits on Donatello’s head very well and almost looks like a top hat.  I wish it was designed a bit better.


Pimpin’ ain’t easy!

Lastly, the figure comes with the same boring stand with the loose nameplate as the other figures – something I’m not using in my display case. I’ve said it in my review of Mike and my video, I wish we would have gotten something creative like a manhole cover or even a sewer themed base.


While I was anticipating Donatello to be my favourite figure out of all of them, he fell a bit short.  His weapon was a bit of a let down, he came with a bunch of the same accessories, his joints were a bit looser, the hockey tape on the Bo Staff is already showing signs of wear, and I’m not 100% sold on the expression.


That’s not to say I hate the figure or it’s awful. The bonus trench coat and hat were good choices and there aren’t any MAJOR issues with the body or articulation at all.  Maybe I just had my hopes up saving Donatello for last and how he is my favourite character.

Having Donatello finally alongside his brothers in the gang is really a site to see.  I’m glad I took a risk getting into the line initially with Shredder and Casey Jones before the Turtles were even shipped. My blind faith paid off because I really, really like this line.



Here’s hoping DreamEX releases the Krang/Android body set they teased last year and other characters like Bebop and Rocksteady, Baxter Stockman (as a fly), April O’ Neil, Foot Soldiers, and even Splinter!  C’mon, DreamEX! Make it happen. I have money to give to you!  Enjoy the video!