Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Michelangelo Sixth Scale Figure by DreamEX Review


Man, am I excited! I loved the sixth scale Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from DreamEX I got at beginning of the year and the final two of the fighting foursome have arrived!

I’m going to start off with Michelangelo because he was my favourite as a kid but Donatello is my favourite character now, so I’ll save the “best” for last. I guess as a kid I enjoyed Michelangelo more because in the 80s cartoon and first movie (which were my first exposure to the characters), he was the jokester and wasn’t all that serious. Kids can relate with those kinds of traits and I sure did.

The slip case packaging is in the same style as all of the other figures in the DreamEX series and people who either display the boxes (who has the room?!?) or keeps these guys Mint in Box will appreciate the uniform look for the series. I think it’s a good idea! The soft foam packaging keeps things secure for shipment. For a look at the box under the slipcase and inside, check out my review of Leonardo and the video for him.

The body exact same as Leonardo and Raphael and I’ve already gone into greater detail in those features. What I didn’t realize until getting everything ready for this feature (and Don later on this week), is each Turtle is a different shade of green as well! It really didn’t stick out for me just between Leo and Raph, but when you add Mike to the group, you really notice it (see for yourself near the end of the feature).

Mikey is about 10.5” tall I will say that the articulation (neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hand, a bit in the ab region, legs, knees, ankles, and toes) all work as well, although I find the arms on this figure to be a little looser than the previous two figures.

The arms, legs and shell are a hard plastic while the front of the body is a softer plastic. On the body, the knees and elbows have the pads on them in Michelangelo’s orange colour scheme. These are a hard plastic and held on by an elastic band that don’t hinder the articulation or pose whatsoever. The calves and ankles have the hockey tape where the wrists have a cloth type material covering them.

The face sculpt is great on Mikey. It portrays the aggressive Michelangelo from the early Eastman & Laird comic verses the more comedic cartoon. It actually reminds me of The Joker! The back of the bandana (the tails, I suppose) also features the wiring within the cloth so you can pose it according the stance you have him in.

For those who do want that cartoony look, this figure does also include a different portrait that is similar to the other ones Leo and Raph came with. While the eyes do have pupils, there’s still a little bit of aggression shown in the expression. When I review Donatello, I’ll take a photo of all these alternate heads together. These also feature the wiring in bandana tails.


We all know each member of the Turtles crew has their own signature weapons. Leonardo and Raphael’s weapons were big hits for me and they scored even more points because they could hold them well, unlike Casey Jones and Shredder. Michelangelo’s nunchucks.


Michelangelo comes with two pouches that can be hooked on his belt for those who would like to have him displayed with them on. I’ll be keeping them on mine as I like he always has a place to hold his nunchucks.

Mikey comes with the same extra hands as the other Turtles and once again, they are the hardest thing to get off of the figure. You have to let them sit in boiling water for 30 seconds before you can get them off to exchange them. I have no interest in doing that again for this figure just for a few pictures and potentially pulling on the softer plastic or putting pressure on the pegs. You can go to my features/vids on Leo to see it some variety.

I did include a picture of two of the extra hands holding some of the other extra accessories.

Just like the other TMNT figures, Michelangelo comes with the following accessories: a grappling Hook, a communicator (the same as Raph), three Ninja Stars (shuriken), and two pizza slices. While I do appreciate the consistency of all Turtles having the same tools available to them, I wish after two Turtles, different accessories would have been created and included for more variety.  At least each of the TMNT have all come with distinct ninja stars.

The “bonus” accessory that comes only with Michelangelo is a jet skateboard. I’m assuming that this skateboard is a mix of the 80s cartoon, the video game and the Michael Bay film all rolled into one. Then again, the Mikey does like to skate and the DreamEX team decided just to give him one.  The wheels to spin a bit so if you want to roll Mike around on the skateboard in your house, you can!

The figure also comes with the really thin and boring display stand that features the character’s name on a loose name plate. I have no use for them and I wish we would have had them on something like a manhole cover.


I really liked posing Michelangelo although I’m not a fan of the soft plastic getting bunched up a bit when posing the legs.  I think it would have been cool to have an accessory that simulated the nunchucks being spun.

Besides the issue with the hands, this figure is another hit in my books. I mean, I’m not surprised at all with the quality of Leo, Raph, Casey Jones and Shredder. I knew what I would be getting considering the Turtles so far have had similar accessories and have used the same body.


Missing in my pic is the additional head – my bad!


Three down, one to go!

Having Michelangelo finally in the display cabinet with my other three (and soon to be four) Turtles really reiterates that I did the right thing going all in with this series. Enjoy the video!