Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Han Solo & Chewbacca Sixth Scale Figure Set by Hot Toys


This set of Han Solo and Chewbacca, based on their look from The Force Awakens by Hot Toys, has been a source of contention on different forums and groups over the past few months. When the pictures of Chewbacca started showing up, people were shocked at how different it looked than the prototype.

Although many were happy with Han, I read about how many cancelled their sets entirely or tried to just get Han. With this set in hand for a few weeks (it took me awhile to get everything done for this review), I personally don’t think Chewie is as bad as some photos showed and I wholeheartedly agree with the love people are showing for Han.

I’m going to be looking at these figures individually first, compare them to the Episode IV: A New Hope Han and Chewbacca set I purchased from Hot Toys in the past, and then I’ll do some group shots. There is also a video embedded from my YouTube channel at the end for more information on the figures.

Before I get to the figures, I’m just going to show the front, back, and inside of the box.  Everything was packed well and solid.  There were no issues with any broken or missing pieces.  As well, there’s an awesome collage using the figures. I’ve mentioned it before in other features on other figures how much I really love these things and would like to frame many of them one day.

Han Solo is approximately just under 12″ tall and seems to be on the regular buck that Hot Toys has used for their Star Wars figures. I haven’t read if it’s an update or anything, but it feels the same and is articulated as such. The body has over 30 points of articulation and none of the points on mine are loose or too tight and that’s one of the important things for me when I receive a figure.

The face sculpt is simply jaw dropping. I’ve said it in other write-ups for these 1/6 scale figures that it simply amazes me that people can do sculpting like this and this figure is another one of those times I am in awe.  The likeness to Harrison Ford makes this probably one of the best human head I’ve seen Hot Toys do. From the expression, to the lips, to the eyes, the sculpt is a hit.

I like how they sculpted the hair on this figure as the textures look really good and it drapes over his forehead well.

The jacket fits well and is meticulously crafted, as are the shirt underneath, the pants and the boots. The faux-leather look and feel of the jacket and the boots could convince many that is is actual leather.  As you’ll see in my video, the clothes and boots don’t hinder any of the articulation at all.

Han gets six little sticks that go in his left breast pocket, although there is only room for three. I can’t remember for the life of me what they are, so if anyone can help me out, I’ll edit this and give you props.  I’ll assume they’re explosives.

The belt and the holster belt are all faux-leather, too and look really high end.  As I say in my video, I think it probably cost more to make this belt than the one I actually wear.  The belt also has some pouches with some, what I think, are explosives and other little nick-knacks.  Very impressive!

For weapons and extra hands, Han comes with four bare hands and four gloved hands. Each gloved hand mimics the bare hand in its pose. It’s unfortunate that Hot Toys only gave two extra pegs because all the extra hands don’t have the pegs included in them.


Han’s blaster pistol isn’t as fragile as it looks, but still be careful with it.  I think it is sculpted well and I was so surprised to see the level of detail on such a small weapon and the various paint.  I was also surprised to see it looks like there’s actually glass in the scope.  That’s amazing attention to detail right there!

As a bonus, you can have Han look like he did on the Starkiller Base with the addition of a jacket and scarf. You don’t need to worry about damaging your figure while putting this on as the instruction book that comes with it guides you through the process.


I think both outfits he can be posed in work very well and this is one of those times where I’m actually stuck picking my favourite option. This may be one of the first 1/6 scale figures I’ve purchased where I’ll change up the look every month.

In comparison with the Han Solo from Episode IV: A New Hope, I really like the similarities in the belts, the holster belts, the boots, and the blasters.  Of course, that’s the same as the movies but Hot Toys did very well with both figures.

I will say when I looked at the Han Solo figure last year, I was oohing and awing over how awesome the sculpt was.  It still is, mind you, but I think the work done on The Force Awakens Han figure is so much better.  I’d love to hear what you think in the comment section.

Where to begin with Chewbacca? Well, I’ll start with the body! It features over 30 points of articulation, is just over 14″ tall, and seems to be the same body used for the Episode IV: A New Hope Chewbacca. Just like Han, all the articulation points aren’t loose and they aren’t too tight which makes posing the figure and keeping it standing easy.

These pictures I’m taking of Chewbacca were done after I used the brush accessory that comes with the figure and brushed the fur to give it the look I think works best for the figure.  I did do a few pics with the hair on the head a few different ways.

Now to the part of contention among many: the face sculpt. One of the many concerns is that the snout is too small and the nose is up too high.  There were some REALLY bad pictures put out on the Internet, but after getting my figure in hand and taking these pictures, I really don’t have too much of an issue at all with the head sculpt. Maybe I’m in denial because of the cost of this set, but I truly do think they did a great job…for the most part.

What bugs ME a lot about this head sculpt is the eyes. You really have to look closely, but mine looks really cross-eyed and really bugs me.  I’m not going through with what I did with Darth Maul to get a figure with a new head sculpt when it’s not really noticeable to most.

EDIT: Above is what I initially wrote after looking at, and editing, the photos. After filming the video for this and using even more lighting behind me, it looks like Chewie’s right pupil is raised more than his left and that’s what is making his eyes look off to me – skip to when I look at Chewie’s face in the video to see).

I also have to add that the mouth is articulated just a tiny bit.  It doesn’t make too much of a difference with the overall look because there’s not too much movement. I thought it was going to open up a bit wider than it does.

Chewbacca’s bandolier is done well, just like his previous figure by Hot Toys.  The pouch and belt are faux-leather and all the little pieces are removable, if you’d want to do that.

The extras Chewbacca comes with are few, but effective.  First, he comes with six hands total. He’d only come with four, but because this is the exclusive set, he comes with two extra hands to hold the bonus accessories you’ll soon see.


Chewie also comes with a bandage to give him the look where he got shot in the film. Thankfully I took pictures of it for this feature because I lost it before I got to shoot the video. Hopefully Sideshow/Hot Toys has an extra to send me. I think one of the dogs ate it.

The bowcaster is filled to the brim with details and very delicate.  Just like Han’s blaster, I love the level of intricacy in such a small piece and the paint to give it the look like it’s been in use. Just be very careful with the wire piece. If it snapped, I have no idea how you could fix it.


I tell ya, Chewie is fun to pose with the bowcaster and looks awesome with it.

The bonus accessories you get for buying the set are three thermal detonators for Chewbacca as well as the remote detonator for them.  The extra two hands that the detonators and the remote fit in.

I don’t know why, but I posed him in the third picture below pretending to sing into the detonator.  I thought it was funny.

Han and Chewbacca also get two Starkiller Base themed attachments for their stands. I like all the extras but with a set that costs this much, I think they could have added maybe a bit more for the people that shelled out for it – maybe even one more weapon would have sufficed.


Here are some shots comparing the Episode IV Chewbacca to The Force Awakens one. Once again, I thought Hot Toys did a great job on the first Chewbacca but after getting this one in, I’m not sure at this point which one I actually like more! Look at the difference in the snout lengths, too!


The duo look great together and I’m sure there are a lot of creative ways to pose these two together on the shelf or in your very own photo shoot.

While this set was pricey, I think it was worth the money and I really, really like it.  I know people are still going to hate, and that’s fine. People are entitled to their opinions. Is Chewbacca 100% accurate to the prototype? No. He isn’t. That’s OK because I enjoy the set for what it is.


Note: this picture was taken after I misplaced (OK…lost) Chewie’s bandage

Here’s my video…ENJOY!