WWE Backlash 2017 Thoughts


Source: WWE.com

Last night’s PPV came and went. Besides two matches, I got my predictions right for a change instead of just hoping what should happen that’s “best for business.” Here are the results and my thoughts.

Actually, wait. Stop. Hold the presses. While it may come as no surprise that I watch NXT, with everything else in my life, I just don’t have the time to write about another wrestling show/event. That being said, Backlash was going into shaky waters for me because the NXT the night before rocked ass.  The match between Pete Dunne and Tyler Bank, to me, was the WWE match of the year so far.  I knew the creative team and the wrestlers featured on Backlash weren’t going to touch it or the ladder match between DIY and the Authors of Pain (or the crazy ending as the show was about to go off the air).

Tye Dillinger vs. Adien English (Kickoff Show)

Who cares? Nothing was invested into this match and while both participants played their part well, it didn’t matter.

Winner: Tye Dillinger

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Dolph Ziggler

There are two trains of thought going around about this match.  The first one being that Nakamura should have basically squashed Ziggler. The second being that Ziggler is on the same page and that good to hang with Nakamura. I’m with the second thought. I think there was no better wrestler to pair Nakamura with for his first outing on the main roster than Ziggler.  While the match wasn’t a five-star classic, it was good and I definitely look forward to seeing these two in the ring again.

Winner: Shinuske Nakamura

The Usos vs. Breezango – Smackdown   Tag Team Championship Match

Just when you think McMahon and his team will leave his stupid toilet humour for the back room and vignettes, you get this match. I’m not saying anything else about it except it was completely fucking stupid and all the wrestlers deserve better than this shit.  Did any of these creative members watch NXT the night before? I feel sorry for all the men involved.

Winners: The Usos

Sami Zayn vs. Baron Corbin

Talk about unexpected. This was one of the longer matches, and better ones, of the night.  Hats of to both men for keeping the action flowing throughout.  Both men are kind of in limbo now because no one is gunning for a title or a high-level star, but I think that may also be in their advantage to build themselves up.  Corbin also looked good here, even in defeat.

Winner: Sami Zayn

Naomi, Charlotte Flair & Becky Lynch vs. Natalya, Carmella & Tamina
– Six-Woman Tag Match

I was actually expecting more from this match.  I didn’t think it got off the ground more than a regular TV match although all the ladies were showcased well.  It was interesting to see the heels get the win here but it was needed – especially Natty getting the win.  Charlotte standing in the ring at the end looking disappointed about the loss from her team did nothing for me because that is NOT Charlotte’s character. They better turn her heel again on Smackdown.

Winners: Natalya, Carmella, and Tamina

Kevin Owens vs. AJ Styles – WWE US Championship Match

Great match. Great chemistry. Great ending. It was a good creative ending where Styles’ foot got caught within all the audio and visual cables on the announcer’s table and forced the count-out.  Owen’s heel persona continues to grow and Styles has redemption coming.  I look forward to more from both men. Excellent booking here.

Winner: Kevin Owens

Luke Harper vs. Erick Rowan

I still stand by what I said in my prediction piece.  No one has anything invested in these two and while they were partners in crime before, without Wyatt on Smackdown, none of it matters.  This match didn’t matter. It wasn’t good. Here’s to a reset for both men on Tuesday night.

Winner: Luke Harper

Randy Orton vs. Jinder Mahal – WWE Championship Match

Before anyone gets hot under the collar about Mahal’s win here or his in-ring ability, I will state this: let him run with the title and let’s also see him face another high-level wrestler before passing any more judgment.

Reason? If you are a frequent reader of my wrestling column, you know I fn can’t stand Orton. He’s boring. He looks like he doesn’t give two shits in the ring. He’s protected by WWE and nothing else matters.  Watching this match with a couple of buds, some who watch WWE regularly and some who don’t, all mentioned that Orton looked like he didn’t even care to be in the ring, let alone the arena and I agree.

I’m all about Mahal winning and seeing where this is going but with Orton now potentially being the person “chasing” the belt, I have absolutely no interest. Hopefully Mahal will win against Orton when their inevitable rematch happens and we can really see what Mahal can bring. Hopefully that will mean Orton will be off TV for a while. Please let Orton be off TV for a while.

Winner: Jinder Mahal