Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind – Captain Glenn & Queen Marlena


For Masters of the Universe Classics fans during the heyday of the line, the annual San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) was an event that fans looked forward to (don’t get me wrong, many do still every year). Not only would we get to see information on a plethora of new figures for the rest of the year and information on what was coming up the following year but we’d also get the opportunity to get our hands on the SDCC exclusive(s).
In 2011, Matty Collector decided to release a fan demanded character that never got made in the vintage line for that year’s SDCC: Queen Marlena. Before people got totally pissed that this was an exclusive for the show, Matty had a plan: at the show, the figure would be packaged as Queen Marlena. For people who couldn’t attend the convention, the figure would be available to purchase (in limited quantities) as Captain Glenn, Marlena’s Earth name. That meant one fan demanded character became TWO fan demanded characters.

Both packaged figures would come with the same accessories and outfits so no matter what packaged version you bought, you still had the opportunity to display the figure either way. The major difference was what costume the figure was packed in, the name on the back of the card, and the bio on the back depending on which character’s packaging you bought.  I thought this was a pretty clever idea.


For me and my collecting habit, that meant I would need both packages AND two loose figures to display with both costume options. My wallet didn’t think that was a good thing, though.

First I’ll take a look at the figure as “Captain Glenn,” the figure that was available on  The figure is in the same oversized packaging as Orko and you can see there’s another familiar friend that is included with the figure, but I’ll get to him later.

The bio explains how Captain Glenn arrived on Eternia.  From what I remember, without going back and watching the Filmation cartoon, there is some throwback to the original story.  I also think it’s neat they mention “Project Photog,” a foreshadowing of Fearless Photog eventually coming into the line and how she uses Gwildor’s Cosmic Key (that initially came with Preteria He-Man) to go back to Earth.  I found it to be a pretty satisfying bio.

The figure is on the standard female buck from the time. The holster piece can be added around her waist and the gun she comes with fits well. All the articulation on my figure is still holding up well and I didn’t have any issues then and I don’t now. The only thing about my figure is that the boot on her left legs doesn’t sit 100% correct.

The front of the dome and the piece as a whole is easy to remove. I like the small detailing on the front and the back of it. I also really like the “Glenn” name tag on the outfit.

The space dome can be displayed as a whole piece, with half the dome off, or all of the dome piece off. There are many display options for people to play around with.

The head sculpt is well done and there’s subtle resemblance to Adora/She-Ra here.  I think it’s a pretty cool idea to try and blend the two characters together with the face sculpt.  I also see a lot of resemblance to Teela here, but that’s just me.

I find the eyes to be a little too heavy on the mascara look and the eyebrows to give her more of an angry tone instead of serious.  The glossiness of the skin/face is a bit on the heavy side for me.


The holster is removable and fits one of the two accessories well.

The accessories the Captain Glenn look/figure comes with are a pistol and a large blaster rife. I think there’s some cool detailing on these weapons with some glossy wash and a bit of additional paint on them.

The larger blaster is actually the one used by Skeletor’s troopers in the live action film from 1987. Thanks to jscott991 over on the forums for the nudge!


Both weapons fit snugly in the figure’s hands and the articulation of the figure makes posing her with them makes her look like a woman who is ready to kick some ass.

Moving on to the figure as it was packed out as Queen Marlena at SDCC, 2011, you can see it’s the same packaging minus the details I’ve already mentioned.  The big surprises with her bio is that Marlena actually knows her twins, Adam and Adora, are actually He-Man and She-Ra and that she has been trained in combat by Man-At-Arms and Clamp Champ. It shows that the Queen is not someone to just sit on a throne and look to be protected by the guards around her.

The figure is on the same buck as the Captain Glenn figure, of course, but with the dress on, the articulation is more limited.  If you could only afford one figure just to keep it on your shelf, transforming the figure to Queen Marlena is easily done by placing the soft-plastic dress over top of the Captain Glenn buck and clasping it up at the back (vice versa to go the other way). Very easily done.

The head sculpt is well done but a little too glossy. I think it blends the Filmation cartoon look with more of a modern look.  I do also appreciate they tried to nail the face sculpt to be the same as the Captain Glenn sculpt but knowing they had to add the different hair and a crown.

Speaking of the crown, it’s got a glossy gold paint application that really stands out against all the other colours on the head.  It screams “Royalty!”


The two accessories for this figure is her Royal Scepter that is a more petite version the one her husband, King Randor, came with and her sword. I think these are choices because I’m not sure what else would be fitting for a Queen? Maybe a wine glass?


One of the coolest bonuses with the overall package, and why it was pricier than regular figures, was it came with another fan demanded character as a bonus : Cringer, Battle Cat’s alter-ego!! Although the figure wasn’t articulated (besides its tail and neck joints being able to rotate), it really captured Cringers cowardly demeanor. Some people thought Cringer was a little too small compared to is depiction in the Filmation cartoon, but the size never bothered me too much.

I will say that I wish the figure was articulated a bit more and perhaps we may see another take on Cringer down the road from Super7.

I love the Filmation-style cowardly look the head sculpt portrays.  The snaggle-tooth is cute and the eyes and eyebrows just makes you want to hug him like your favourite pet. The colour scheme matches Battle Cat so well and I’m glad they planned it all out that way.  The sculpting of the fur on the side of his face and chin really brings the figure even more to life although he does have more of a cartoon-style look.


While the Captain Glenn version of the figure is well done, it’s still one of those figures that isn’t the most interesting on my shelf. It’s the story behind the figure that’s interesting.  If it had never been made (or the option for Queen Marlena to transform into her alter-ego), I don’t know if I would be clamoring for it or have even missed the figure.

Queen Marlena, on the other hand, was a must have and must buy figure. Many fans of the MOTUC demanded it and they (I) knew we were finally going to get one down the road. I think the Four Horsemen delivered and I don’t remember too many people bitching about the figure when it was actually released. While it’s not one of my favourite figures ever in the line, it is an essential and a welcome part of my collection.

Cringer? Well, that goes without saying…I would have bought anything to get that guy. Love him!