Star Wars Scout Trooper Sixth Scale Figure by Sideshow Collectibles Review


Continuing on with my showcase of different Troopers, I’m going to take a look at the Scout Trooper sixth scale figure from Sideshow Collectibles.

I’ve showcased the Sandtrooperr, Imperial AT-AT Driver, and Imperial Tie Fighter Pilot over the past few months and I’m in love with the variety of Troopers available to fans. Thanks to a large promo code (thanks, Sideshow), I used it to get this figure. It had been on my radar for a while but the first run of the figure (along with the sixth scale Speederbike) had sold out. Thankfully they came back in stock at the end of 2016.

The figure comes in the same style box as the previous Sideshow Star Wars figures. Once again, the figure and its contents were packed securely and there were no issues taking the items out of the box and there was no damage to anything in the package.

The figure is 12” tall and is on the same well articulated body as many of the other figures in Sideshow’s line (about 30 points of articulation). The overall look of the figure appears to be spot on to the bike riding counterpart featured in Return of the Jedi.

The head sculpt for the mask is very well done. It is symmetrical and features the same detailing as the other Troopers by Sideshow and Hot Toys.  I think the distinct look of all these various Troopers are the reason I have no issue with collecting them.  I have yet to get any Troopers from Rogue One or The Force Awakens so I’m sure my obsession lies with nostalgia.

While the figure may seem plain and that there isn’t a lot going on with it, the subtle touches to things like the overall quality of outfit underneath the figure, the attention to detail on the armour, the knee pads, the wrinkles in the gloves and the boots, and even the areas that are held together by clamps just blows my mind.  I never realized that there are intricacies in this character’s outfit that would never have been brought to my attention until I got this figure.  The people that sculpted and designed this figure and their attention to detail with all of this gets my thumbs up.

One other thing that I really like is how there are aspects to this figure’s helmet, knee pads and boots that have that slightly dirty look that is so well done.  While it’s not done to the same degree as the Sandtrooper by Hot Toys I looked at previously, the slight touch of the planet Endor leaving its mark on these guys was the proper thing to do and it works.

The base for the figure is the similar plain base that has come with many other Sideshow Star Wars figures but with a twist! Sideshow Collectibles included some diorama pieces that fit over the edges of the base so you can recreate the figure standing in the forest moon of Endor. This is a fantastic idea and should be done for upcoming figures that are pretty light with the accessories (like AT-AT driver and Tie Fighter Pilot were).

As for the rest of the extras/accessories, you get a second set of boots, four additional gloves, and a pistol/blaster.  The extra boots help the figure get into additional poses with the diorama parts for the base but I’m sure they’re also included to help the Scout Trooper get into the riding pose with the Speed Bike that was release alongside this figure a couple of years ago.  I missed out on the first run of this figure and the Speeder Bike and now the bike is very, very pricey on the secondary market.

I had no issue posing this figure at all and all the articulation that’s found in most similar 1/6th scale figures is tight and in check.  Having the figure holding its pistol in various poses simply kicks ass.  I was wrestling with how I want to keep him in my display case up until I did this feature.  Was I going to have him posed with the gun or have him in a static pose with hopes that some day I get lucky enough to score a Speeder Bike for a decent price? I think he’ll now be posed with his pistol.


Overall, the price for this figure really made it a no-brainer for me. Using my promo code for this guy to take the price down and even with the Canadian dollar conversion, the import fees, and the shipping, it wasn’t too hard of a pill to swallow for such a cool looking character. I know some people will be on the fence on this figure – especially seeing how you can’t get the Speed Bike for it anymore, but I still think it’s quite worth it.  I’ve also seen people use the sixth scale Speed Bike by Hasbro as this figure’s main ride and that’s a cheaper alternative.  It may be a route I go down in the future.

As usual, here’s a video embedded from my YouTube channel where I blab more about the figure and say things I missed here.