Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind – Clawful


July, 2011 brought Masters of the Universe Classics collectors another character from the vintage line: Clawful. This crustacean-human hybrid is a beloved character to many fans and I couldn’t wait for him to come into my collection!

Clawful’s larger than life pincer was something I really dug as a kid. It would be one of the action figures I always would play with just so I could put the heroic warriors in his pincer and pretend to choke secrets out of them.  I’m also a fan of the colour red and this guy is a lot of red!

The bio lets us know he became a member of Skeletor’s crew by saving Beastman. It’s also quite amusing to read that Evil-Lyn used her magic to change Clawful’s IQ and make him a better warrior. I wonder if that was to put his goofy character in the 80s cartoon to rest and make him seem tougher in this “Classics” era.

The figure’s armor is a cross between the vintage figure’s look and the 200X cartoon and fits the toy well. I think it’s really cool how it really beefs up the look of the figure from the back. You can also see how much this figure is a great reuse of Whiplash and Buzz-Off.

I remember the one issue many people were irate about when this figure was revealed and then delivered: his head sculpt. I really didn’t mind it too much as it was similar to the vintage head. Yeah, it was a tad cartoony and there were many references to him looking like one of the Muppets on the forums, but I didn’t get bent out of shape over it whatsoever.

The Four Horsemen and Matty released a head pack later on in the line that included a more intense 200X series inspired head so fans could choose their preferred looked for the character. When I get to that head-pack down the line as I go through this whole collection, you’ll see.

The one thing I really like about the head sculpt is the textures on it that extend down onto his neck and onto his shoulders. I know MOTUC is all about reusing parts but it would have been nice to see these textures down onto the biceps and the legs.

While the MOTUC line didn’t feature “action features,” Matty and the Horsemen did add a spring into Clawful’s larger pincer to give it a snapping action. His smaller pincer is in a static sculpt ready to hold an accessory.


Speaking of accessories, Clawful comes with two: his mace (we’ve seen before but in a different colour) and a large shield. I really like the shield as it keeps the crustacean theme and is really large, like a shield should be.

Overall, I still like this figure a lot. I never had an issue with it when it arrived and I still love posing the figure on my shelf. He’s one of those goofy hybrid characters that make me love the world of Masters of the Universe.