Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind- Battleground Teela


In June of 2011, Mattycollector and the Four Horsement delievered the next quarterly bonus figure for the Masters of the Universe line: Battleground Teela. Supposedly this sculpt/version of Teela, dubbed “Bikini Blonde Teela” was fan demanded and that may be the case. It just turned out, for me, to be one of my least like figures in the line.



The bio on the back of the card sparked some heated debate. This was one of the bios where some said they were done reading them or following them. The reason? It’s the tale of the death of the Sorceress and how her cloned daughter, Teela, took over.

I’ve said it before that I do really like the bios for most of the figures and this bio does work well in the grand scheme of the MOTU story. I think maybe the main issue was a) the death of the character and b) this look of Teela’s was actually based on an early mini-comic early in the line but now the look, according to the bio, came later in the MOTU saga. Then again, who’s to say what the correct cannon is for MOTU – we had these bios, the mini-comics, the comic strips, different cartoons, and more.

Like I said, the figure is based off an early appearances by Teela in the mini comics that came with the vintage figures. The Red Beast Man Power-Con exclusive was also based on an early appearance/drawing of that character.

The figure came on the regular female buck at the time and featured a new top and head sculpt. While there is nothing wrong with the head sculpt or the figure itself (mine is still very sturdy with no issues with the articulation or joints), I just find the figure to be boring.

The one thing that I never noticed, and it’s probably because I really didn’t care for the figure, was how off the eyes were on mine. As you can see from the shot below, it’s kinda bad.  And we thought the quality control was bad only with the last year of the line, huh?


The figure comes with two accessories: a sword and a blaster. Both fit in her hands well and provide many different posing options.


Fan demanded or not, if I wasn’t a completest or someone that bought into the subscription model for MOTUC, I would have no need or desire for this figure. I’ve never had an inkling to pose her with other figures or really do anything with her beside a static pose and putting her on the shelf to be reminded this was a quarterly “bonus.”

I know this feature isn’t the same length as the others but I honestly just don’t have much more to say about her and I wasn’t into taking more pictures than I did. Other figures I’ve taken a look at in this MOTUC Rewind series I’m doing gave me a new found love or appreciation for some figures that I didn’t have at the time of purchase. This time it didn’t change my views on this particular figure.