Electrified Porcupine’s New Music (CD & Vinyl) Showcase Vol. 19

It’s time for more awesome new stuff that I’ve picked up for my collection! Remember, like always, to check out Mad Rush Media for lots of awesome metal and hard rock CDs and vinyl for your collection.

Like always, there’s a video embedded at the bottom from my YouTube channel where I discuss the albums and you can see different views of the covers/inserts/vinyl.  Here we go with this edition’s goodness!

Eels – Beautiful Freak  (Dreamworks 1996, 2016)

I loved the song “Novocane for the Soul” when the video for it came out. I immediately went out and bought the CD. I listened to it on and off and liked it, but I repeatedly spun the hit song. This album also came out when I was getting into more extreme music and started my phase of not listening to a lot of music unless it was heavy.

For some reason, about a month and a half ago, the song just popped in my head and I decided to take the CD out and spin it in my car for the first time in ages. What I discovered (rediscovered?) was a really satisfying and diverse album. After repeated listens in a row, I wondered if they had ever put this out on vinyl. As you can see, they did! Sounds great and I’ll be spinning this for years to come.

Contra III  Soundtrack  (Mondo, 2017)

I’ve loved the Castlevania soundtracks Mondo has put out (you can see the first two in previous editions and now, as of writing this, Castlevania 3 arrived in my collection), so it’s only fitting their partnership with Konami extended to other games. Mondo decided to release the soundtrack to one of my favourite SNES games, Contra III. The packaging is amazing and the music on here is really crisp! It looks like they’re doing the Contra and Super C soundtracks, too! This version is the “spreader” version (clear w/red splatter) based off one of the weapons in the game and was limited to 500 copies.

The one thing I’m disappointed with is the absence of download cards with these. I would love to have digital copies because I’m the kind of person who would actually drive around to this or go for a walk listening.

Suicidal Tendencies – World Gone Mad
(Suicidal Records, 2016)

I already mentioned this release in a past feature and stated I got the vinyl because I loved this CD/album so much and I think this is my favourite release by them since The Art of Rebellion. This release is the double coloured vinyl release but I’m not sure how “limited” it is.   If you didn’t know, ex-Slayer drummer, Dave Lombardo, is the one behind the kit on this album and currently with the band.

Suicidal Tendencies  –  Lights, Camera, Revolution
(Epic, 1990, Music on Vinyl, 2013)

A classic record from this band! This record saw the band branch out more with their songwriting and crossing over into a more “metal” territory that started on their last release, How Will I Laugh Tomorrow When I Can’t Even Smile Today? Great anthems like “Send Me Your Money,” “You Can’t Bring Me Down,” and “Lonely” are featured. It’s taken me a while to get my hands on a copy of this, but I can finally say it’s in loved hands.

Enya – Watermark   (Warner, 1988/Reissue, 2016)

I can’t lie. I love Enya’s music. Not only do I find it calming and great just to lay back and think or meditate to, I also can envision many of the songs if they were covered by a metal band. There are some really great structures and layers to this music. Everything on this re-release sound crisp and clean. This album feature’s one of Enya’s most known hits, “Orinoco Flow,” which most people think is called “Sail Away.” I can listen to this album over and over again.

Enya – Shepherd Moons   (Warner, 1991/Reissue, 2016)

This album has many great songs on it like “How Can I Keep From Singing?” and “Marble Halls,” but one of my favourite songs by Enya is on this release: “Caribbean Blue.” This whole album is worth buying just for that song as I find it just so magical and it warms the heart. Hey…with all the death and black metal I listen to, sometimes I just need a big musical hug like this! HA!

Enya – The Memory of Trees   (Warner, 1995/Reissue, 2016)

While this album has some stand out tracks like “Hope Has a Place” and “Once You Had Gold,” I don’t find it to be as strong as Watermark or Shepherd Moons. Still, it’s nice to have this album available on vinyl and the music on it has never sounded better. The second side of the album is definitely where it’s at.

Alice in Chains –Live Facelift
(SMV Enterprises, 1991 on VHS/Columbia Records, 2016)

Here’s a release for the fall Record Store Day in 2016 I didn’t get my hands on until February, 2017! It seemed like most of my local record stores got nothing on RSD and barely anything afterwards. Imagine my surprise when I found three in one of the stores!

This release features the music found on the VHS release of Alice in Chains playing live. I used to collect many band VHS/DVDs back in the day but I had no idea this video even existed until I was inputting my recent finds into Discogs.

For an “older” recording, the sound on here is crisp and clean and it makes me want them to finally getting around to reissuing Facelift on vinyl. 5000 were pressed.

Ween – God Ween Satan: Live
(Chocodog Records, 2016)

This album features Ween playing through their first official album, God Ween Satan: The Oneness that was released in 1990.  I already discussed this release when I showcased the CD here, so you can check back here and read it and/or watch the video below.

Slayer – You Against You – 7″ Single   (Nuclear Blast, 2016)

This is a 7” Shaped picture disc with the title track on side A and a live version of “War Ensemble” on side B. I didn’t buy this to play it. It’s actually a little warped so I wouldn’t put it on my turntable anyway. I bought it because I love the way this thing looks. Imagine my surprise when it came in a really cool looking package, too! I just assumed this thing would have been placed in a larger plastic case! This is a really cool collector’s piece!