Friday the 13th: Jason Voorhees Sixth Scale Figure from Sideshow Collectibles Review



Almost a year ago, I put down my deposit to secure myself the Sideshow exclusive version of their newest take on Jason Voorhees from the Friday the 13th franchise. It finally arrived about two weeks ago and to tell you the truth, it’s one of the first Sideshow sixth scale figures that kinda disappointed me.

If you’ve read some of my other sixth scale reviews, I only started collecting them over the past 2 ½ – 3 years and I was really only planning on collecting Star Wars figures. Well, here we are now and I’ve expanded into other franchises.

This figure, to me, seems to be more based off his appearance in Friday the 13th Part 3, but even reading on many forum it appears that this figure isn’t a direct replication of that Jason but only borrows some elements.

First off, I’ll mention the figure comes in a similar style small box like my Ash Williams from Evil Dead 2 did. This time, though, there was no clear plastic covering the box, which I thought was odd. Everything in the box, though, was secure and I had no issues taking anything out of it or with any damaged pieces.

The figure is 12” tall but seems a little taller due to the positioning of the head on the neck. All the articulation in the neck, arms, torso, hands, legs, and ankles are all tight and work well on my figure.  My figure’s left boot comes off if playing around with it too much.

The sculpt of the mask is done well and has that iconic look to it. I’m sure screen shots you can find online of Jason’s mask will show that it isn’t 100% accurate to the hockey mask he finally begins to wear in Part 3. I’m OK with that but I know there’s a huge portion of the Friday the 13th collector community who collect masks and certain collectibles based on their movie accuracy and I can see why they are pissed a bit with the mask or that Jason wasn’t as accurate as he could be.

The mask does show some scuffing to it and a little wear but I’m not sure why all the mask holes (called “chevrons” something I didn’t know until writing up this review and after reading Michael Crawford’s excellent review on the figure as well) aren’t symmetrical.

I’ve read other people have taken off the mask to find a half sculpted head. I have no idea why Sideshow just wouldn’t go all the way and finish the head so people had the option. That’s what I like about the NECA Jason figures – you usually have the option to display with or without the mask. At least when you get enough light, you can see sculpted eyes.


The clothing is tailored well, but the one thing that really bugs me about the outift is how the collar sits up on the figure. It just doesn’t look right. As well, the shirt almost seems too small for him as mine bunches up in the back and looks like it’s buttoned up incorrectly in the front.

I know Jason is supposed to be an imposing figure and the buck on top for his shoulder and chest area should be bigger, so maybe they were making up for using buck they did with a really tight shirt? I don’t know…I’m just not a fan of how it turned out compared to the prototypes.

The pants are fine but I was expecting some more dirt or wear to them. They seem awfully clean for a killer who walking around outside hunting down teenagers to kill. As well, the prototype pictures show his boots with a nice paint application that made it look like they are bloody. My figure barely has any and, again, makes him look too clean. Some blood splattered on the outfit would also have been a good idea.

The accessories the figure comes with are: a bloodied axe, a blood splattered machete, 2 sets of hands, and a stand with the Friday the 13th logo on it. I found the weapons to be really cheap feeling. They seem very brittle like they could snap easily.

Jason does look pretty cool when using both hands to hold the axe, ready to chop up some camp patrons!

The machete looks really good in hand as well. Just be careful when placing it in his hand and wiggle it in a bit. Don’t put any pressure on the blade portion at all.


What makes this the “Sideshow exclusive” edition is the inclusion of the spear gun (that was used in Part 3) along with the right trigger finger. It was limited to 1000 pieces and if you want it, you’ll have to get on Sideshow’s wait list for it or turn to tracking it down other places.

For $210 US dollars, plus the conversion rate and shipping, the figure seems a little light for what you’re getting. There’s no special base, limited accessories (I can’t imagine paying this price and NOT getting the exclusive accessories of the same price), and, as mentioned before, the mask isn’t even removable.


I hope Sideshow delivers the goods when it comes to their Freddy Krueger figure that’s supposed to come out by the end of the year or early 2018. This Jason Voorhees figure is good, but just not “great” and for some reason I was expecting to be blown away by it more than I am, especially considering the amazing job that was done with Ash.

Enjoy the video below!