Electrified Porcupine’s New Music (CD & Vinyl) Showcase Vol. 18


This edition’s new music showcase of excellent releases that have come into my collection focuses on a bunch of items from Osmose Productions!
Before I go into some specifics, I’ll state there’s a video at the end that gives more insights to the albums that my brief write-ups here. As well, make sure you head on over to Mad Rush MediaMad Rush Media to buy some awesome tunes! Here we go with this edition!

Impaled Nazarene – Nihil
(Osmose Productions, 2000/2017)

This was Impaled Nazarene’s sixth album of extreme metal blasphemy.  Alexi Laiho from Children of Bodom actually plays guitar on this album.  The reissue sounds crisp and clean and I’m pretty happy with it.  I love the red foil stamping on the front and back of the sleeve, too.

Impaled Nazarene – Morbid Fate
(Osmose Productions, 2017)


Here’s a recent 7″ featuring a new song and a cover of a Motorhead song (“Riding with the Driver”) on the B-side.  Both songs are well done. The main kicker here is the album cover (and the back). I know I’ve done features before with some gross or over the top album covers (like my Cannibal Corpse picture disc feature or the ones showing over the top album covers during the Spooktacular season), but this is one I’m not showing on my site.  Google it to be absolutely shocked.

Impaled Nazarene – Motorpenis
(Osmose Productions, 1996/2017)

This is a vinyl reissue of an EP they released back in 1996 featuring two orginals and some covers. I know, this album sleeve is pretty damn over-the-top, and I’m showing it, so you can imagine the won’t I show you above looks like.  The back of the sleeve is a close up of a certain part of the cover, so I don’t need to show that either.  The B-side has a cool graphic on the back.

Immortal – Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism
(Osmose Productions, 1992/2017)

This is the band’s first release. It sounds absolutely awesome on this reissue.  I’m kinda bummed there any foil stamping on the cover or the back like they have had on the other reissues they did last year.

Immortal – Battles in the North
(Osmose Productions, 1994/2017)

This is Immortal’s third album – and for some reason, truth be told, I never scored this on CD so it was a first time listen.  It’s one of those albums I always thought I had, would realize I didn’t, go searching for a first pressing, not find it, and then forget about it.  I loved it!

Enslaved – Below the Lights
(Osmose Productions, 2003/2017)

Enslaved are one of those bands where you can go through their catalogue and no matter what point of their progression (from black metal to viking metal, to more prog/death metal, to now) you can always find great albums and songs.

This is one of those albums I hadn’t listen to in a long time and sitting down just to absorb it while taking some pictures for this site, it allowed me to really appreciate it more.  It was like I listened to it for the first time all over again and was absolutely blown away.  I’ve actually listened to it a few more times and put the CD in my car.  Make sure to  listen to this one if you haven’t before or just haven’t spun it in a long time, like me!

Enjoy the video below for more insights on the releases!