Star Wars Sixth Scale Imperial AT-AT Driver Figure by Sideshow Collectibles Review


I’ve professed my love for all the different Trooper variations in the past and plan on getting many of them in this sixth scale. Hell, I have a few I haven’t gotten to yet!  I’ve taken a look at the Imperial Tie Fighter Pilot by Sideshow already and recently did my take on the Sandtrooper figure by Hot Toys, among other figures.
The packaging once again showcases the figure you’re getting inside and keeps the same feel as all the past Star Wars figures for those that keep the figures in the box.

The figure buck and the cloth outfit are similar to the Tie Fighter pilot, which means it’s done well and there are a lot of posing options here. My figure’s joints and articulation is great and I don’t have any issues.  Mind you, this is a figure based on a character that drives a vehicle, so to have him in poses where he’s on the attack seems odd.  That’s not to say he’s not iconic enough to have in your collection, though.

The helmet for the figure is awesome. I love the Empire logos on the helmet, the oxygen/breathing tunes and just how simple and clean it all looks.  The glossy white they used for the helmet makes this figure very bright.

The breathing apparatus piece is a little similar to the Tie Figure pilot but still is unique enough to give the figure its own character.  Unfortunately, this is the worst part of my figure as there’s some major paint slop here.

I love the work done on the outfit. It’s minimal, but it’s very well done and the “pilot straps” are loose enough to not hinder anything.

Another thing I really like about the figure are the gloves and the boots. These mo-fos are so prepped for battle on Hoth, they represent the toasty-warmness. Does that make sense? The glove and boots look so warm I would join the Empire just to get some.

The Imperial AT-AT Drive comes with a few accessories. Not as many as some of the other figures Sideshow Collectibles have come with in the past but this guy really doesn’t need a lot.  The figure also came in a bit lower with the price-point than some of the other figures, so I’m OK with that.

The stand the figure comes with is yet another plain, boring black stand with the Star Wars logo on the bottom.


The figure comes with six gloves/hands and I’m actually surprised it comes with that many.  Like I said, the character isn’t known for anything more than driving the AT-AT vehicle, so why would it have a plethora of hands?


For the price point, I got the Sideshow “exclusive” edition that came with an extra blaster.  Thank goodness I did because even thought the price point is lower than most of the recent figures, why wouldn’t you bite on a figure that comes with something extra for the same price?  The one rifle is new to the figure while the other pistol is closer to the one that came with Han Solo, although there are some differences here to make it another collectible piece.

As you can see below, the figure looks got when packing heat, but it just seems so odd to have this guy in my cabinet ready to off some rebels.  I think I may have him posed with the blaster strapped to his shoulder but I still really indecisive.  The iconic look of the figure is enough for me to show him off.

I know this written review/pictorial hasn’t been as long as most other ones, but you can enjoy the video at the end where I go into more detail about stuff. I actually thought it may be a shorter video but, like usual, I’ll blab too much.  This guy is worth the money and I’m happy I have this Trooper in my collection.  Stay tuned for the Speeder Biker Pilot from Sideshow Collectibles and the Hot Toys Stormtrooper when I get to them.  I’m still on the fence about getting a Scarif Trooper or any Troopers from The Force Awakens.  I guess you’ll see if they show up!


Enjoy the video!