Star Wars Sandtrooper Sixth Scale Figure by Hot Toys Review


Hot Toys released their Sandtrooper figure on North American shores in early 2016. I snagged one right at the end of 2016. I’ve always been a fan of many of the different Trooper variations out there and plan on snagging all the vintage ones.

I was really happy with the Hot Toys Stormtrooper figure and I have really enjoyed the various Sideshow Collectibles troopers, too. There are a lot of different things this figure comes with and because the prices of these figures are so high, I seem to justify it a lot more when you get a quality looking figure with a lot of various accessories. There’s one big problem I do have with this figure and if you watch the video below, you’ll see why (or read on). I hope someone reading this may be able to give me a solution.

Before I get to my frustration with the figure, I’m gonna talk about all the GOOD things about it! First off, it’s packed well like all the other Hot Toys Star Wars figures I’ve gotten in the past. The figure and all the accessories are packed securely inside the box that maintains the same look and style as the other figures. The inside of the box also features one of those awesome scenes created with various pictures of the figure.

The figure itself is around 12” tall – keeping it in the 1/6 scale – and aligned with the other figures. Basically, the Sandtrooper is the Stormtrooper Hot Toys released before but with different weapons, the orange pauldron that’s on the figure’s right shoulder, and the large backpack. It has over 30 points of articulation and for the most part, the articulation works well.

The one thing that makes this figure so damn awesome is the sand weathering effect all over the figure’s armour. I have no clue how they do stuff like this but it is genius!! The armour actually looks like the figure has been belted by sandstorms in the past. My hats go off to Hot Toys for making this effect look so real.


The head sculpt is practically identical to the other Hot Toys Stormtrooper helmet (like I said, at this point I haven’t gotten to it) but with a few different colour decos. The weathering effect is also on the helmet and is also well done.  This stuff blows my mind.

The Sandtrooper has a black under-suit beneath the armour and this is where I have one of the big issues with the figure. My figure’s under-suit used to be tucked down a bit more into his feet but somehow, when posing him or playing around constantly with the backpack and its items to stay in place, it raised up. Now it the ankles on my figure are so loose that he can barely stand without tipping over. That also means the poses I can put him in are pretty static below the waist because I can’t balance him. Does anyone have a fix for this? These things are so expensive that I don’t want to remove things that shouldn’t be in order to fix this issue.

Now that my biggest gripe has been revealed, I’ll focus on another positive: the plethora of accessories this figure comes with. First off, he comes with a total of seven hands for different poses or to hold particular weapons.


Speaking of weapons, the figure comes with three! There’s the light repeating blaster, the heavy blaster and the blaster rifle.

There are three pouches that come with the figure to put on it, if you wish. As you can see in the various pictures in this feature, I placed mine where they’re supposed to be. I didn’t have any issue putting them on. Having them stay in place when fidgeting around with the backpack is another story.


I suppose that will lead me to discussing the other thing that annoys me about the figure: the backpack. I will start by saying I love the size of it and how detailed it is. The problem with it is keeping it on tight and straight. The straps to tighten become loose very easy. There is also no peg or hook the help keep the large piece securely against the figure’s back.

I understand if they designed the backpack so it plugged into the figure’s back would probably make the back of the armour not movie accurate and the straps were the best option, but they are a pain in the ass to keep tight. The backpack becoming loose then knocks the pouches on the belt off in some cases.

What would a Sandtrooper do without his trusty binoculars? Well, not be able to search for droids, that’s for sure! The binoculars are similar as the ones that came with Luke Skywalker. These ones have added weather effects added to tie-in with the figure.


The figure comes with is a desert-themed stand instead of a plain black one that we’re used to with other figures. For the price these figures are, it’s nice to get themed stands and I welcome more of them. Hell, if they ever did small runs of themed bases for figures they already released, I think I’d be on-board buying some of them!


Lastly, the Sandtrooper includes a patrol droid! I love this little bonus and the sculpting on it is pretty damn cool. The droid can attach to a clear pole that attaches to a separate black base or it can fit right into the themed-base as well. I think it’s great that Hot Toys gave both options for people.

This is such a hard figure for me to be decisive on. On one hand, the sculpt, the effects, and all the accessories all score huge points for me. On the other hand, the delicate backpack that is hard to keep in place and the looser than hell ankle joints that prevent this figure from standing well just frustrate me. As a figure I’ll keep on the stand in my display cabinet, he’s totally worth the money.


Enjoy the video of the figure for different views/angles and more insights from me on the figure.