Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind: The Faceless One


We were getting a while slew of characters in 2011 that were across all different cannons of the MOTU Universe.  The 200X MYP cartoon look and feel continued to get represented but it seemed like there was some discontent that continued to grow with those characters.  In June, 2011, The Faceless One added more heat to the pot. 
I’m not speaking like I’m an insider but as a fan that remembers seeing all the grumbling going on around different forums and comment sections.  It seems the 200X look wasn’t a fan of the Matty higher-ups at the time and the look of some of the figures with their “hyper-anime” style was dividing some of the fan-base – perhaps more-so than what the New Adventures figures were doing at the time.

As a fan of the majority of the MOTUC line, I didn’t mind the 200X representation at all and I find most of the figures fit it decently with the line as a whole. It’s Count Marzo that really sticks out like a sore thumb to me.

When the Faceless One was announced, I don’t even remember if I had the 200X cartoon series on DVD at that point.  I thought the figure looked cool and I wanted to know more about him and where he fit into continuity.

Upon arrival, I was in awe with how beefy this figure was.  I mean, he was still on the standard figure buck, but the armor was simply over-the-top large.  I had no problem with it because it gave the character presence before even taking him out of the packaging.

I’ll let you scroll down to read the bio, but I think it’s so cool to read about the Faceless One’s fall from grace simply for having a child.  That child is none other than Evil-Lyn. Tying Preternia with modern Eternia through The Faceless One’s bio was a really good decision.

As you can see from the pics below, the shoulder pads, the hood, and the cape are massive. It really portrays that this guy is of the upmost importance and has some serious magical powers and statute.

I’m really bad with colours, due to me being semi-colourblind, but I love the different blues, silver, and white meshed with the black all over the figure.  This is, by far, one of my favourite outfits on any of the MOTUC figures.  It’s just larger than life and blends horror with mystic.  As you’ve also read before, I dig capes. I don’t wear them (hahah) but figures that do well get my attention.  This cape is probably in the top three capes in the MOTUC line.

If you pop off the head, you can see what the figure looks like without the armour and cape on.  He actually looks pretty cool like this, although the two-coloured buck doesn’t make it work.

Seeing how this guy is “faceless,” him having a head seems a little odd.  I mean, I don’t know how else they would be able to do the figure.  I know after the figure was shown everyone seemed to have an opinion on how they would have done it.  There were actually some decent ideas but I think logically it would have cost us a lot more money.  I think for what the Four Horsemen and Matty management decided, it worked.


The Faceless One comes with two accessories. The first one is the Havoc Staff and it’s more known as Skeletor’s main piece.  I love the the transforming look of the staff or how it is charging from the horns and about to shoot energy from the front of the goat face.

From, this is how Skeletor ended up with the Havoc Staff, “The Faceless One freely gave the staff to Keldor after he had a envisioned that his daughter’s destiny lie with Keldor.”  Pretty damn cool stuff!

The Havoc Staff fits firmly in The Faceless One’s hand and the only thing I wish is that he didn’t have the “stone holding” hand like Count Marzo so he could hold the staff with both hands.

I love that he also comes with the Ram Stone, an artifact Skeletor used to try and use to get into Castle Grayskull on a few occasions.  I dig the stone but I hate the static hand used to hold it.

With the Havoc staff and Ram Stone in hand, alongside the huge garb, The Faceless One looks like he’s gonna cast up a storm to destroy all in his path.

While I wasn’t attached to the character (or even really knew to much about him at the time of him being announced), he was a pleasant surprise and remains a top figure in my MOTUC collection.  He’s bulky, he HAS a face, and has a static hand I’m not a fan of but that doesn’t mean he’s not cool.  Hell, the Havoc staff on it’s own was worth the price of owning this figure.

I know it divided a lot of people with more 200X representation not going over well in the Classics line (which I disagree with for the most part) or how the figure should have been designed but if you ignore all that, you got one hell of a figure.