Electrified Porcupine’s New Music (CD & Vinyl) Showcase Vol. 17


Welcome to another feature of mine where I like to share the latest music I’ve gotten over the past few months. This all CD feature goes back to November, 2016 with some of the releases as I’m playing MAD catch-up with my music pile.As always, I’d like to thank my sponsor, Dave, who runs Mad Rush Media for getting many of these releases for me.  Make sure to check out his Ebay store and feel free to send him a message if you’re looking for something specific.

Some of these write-ups may be short, but go to the video embedded below from my YouTube channel and you’ll hear more about the albums.

Ween – God Ween Satan: Live  (Chocodog Records, 2016)

This album features Ween playing through their first official album, God Ween Satan: The Oneness that was released in 1990.  They booked the gig in advance but the tragic events of 9/11 occurred a few days prior. They decided to go through with the concert and perform like they couldn’t be contained.  The write-up in the CD booklet really gives perspective on their debut and the concert.  They released a vinyl version of this as well and it’ll be in an upcoming feature and video.

Suicidal Tendencies – World Gone Mad   (Suicidal Records, 2016)

This is one of those releases where I kick myself for not getting it sooner because it probably would have made my top 20 albums of 2016. There’s so much good stuff and diversity on this album that I think this is my favourite release by them since The Art of Rebellion.

If you didn’t know, ex-Slayer drummer, Dave Lombardo, is the one behind the kit on this album and currently with the band. I loved this so much I also got this on vinyl and it will also appear in an upcoming feature.

Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard – Y Proffwyd Dwyll
(New Heavy Sounds, 2016)

I think I heard of these guys either from a Terrorizer magazine samplers or it came up by accident while I was streaming music on YouTube while editing pictures and downing a few. When it came on, I was mesmerized. This is the kind of doom I like.  There’s catchy hooks here, good production and hypnotic vocals.  I’ll definitely be tracking down their debut and probably scoring a copy of this for my turntable. Make sure to check this band out if you like doom or even just heavy as fuck metal.  This one may have also come to place on my top albums of  2016 as well if I had heard it earlier.

Pantera – The Great Southern Trendkill – 20th Anniversary Edition
(EastWest, 1997/ Rhino, 2017)

I go into this more in my video below so I’ll keep it brief here: this is probably my least favourite Pantera album in their “non-glam” phase.  There are a few good tracks on here but I remember buying it, listening to it, and not being impressed.  I loved Far Beyond Driven, Cowboys From Hell, and the album that really introduced me to the band, “Vulgar Display of Power.”

You have to understand where I’m coming from: Pantera was one of THE bands for me in the 90s and this release let me down.  I thought revisiting it by getting this version for all the unreleased stuff would open my eyes…but it didn’t.  Good amount of extras on here, though and a package worth getting if you loved this album.

Serpentine Dominion –  S/T  (Metal Blade, 2016)

There was a lot of hype coming before the release of this album. You had Cannibal Corpse front-man, George “Corspegrinder” Fischer on vocals, Adam Dutkiewicz from Killswitch Engage writing all the music and lyrics, and Shannon Lucas (former drummer for The Black Dahlia Murder) on drums.

In my video I said it fell short and I didn’t like the surprising clean vocals. I honestly think I do have to give it another shot, but seeing how it’s been a couple months since I first spun it and still haven’t had the urge to give it another shot may tell you something.

Cobalt – Slow Forever   (Profound Lore, 2016)

There’s a theme with this feature: albums that may have been in my top 20 of the 2016 if I would have heard it earlier and this album is no different.

Charlie Fell, the former vocalist of Lord Mantis, takes over the vocals on this release from Phil McSorley and nails it. The music meshes the black, death, thrash, and doom genres of metal. It’s a diverse and enjoyable listening experience while also stewing up the emotions that only music like this can make you feel or deal with. This is essential listening.

Cobalt – Eater of Dead Birds  (Profound Lore, 2007)

Cobalt – War Metal 
(From Beyond Productions, 2005/Hammerheart Records, 2014)

For the two Cobalt albums above, I bought them because I had enjoyed Gin and Slow Forever so much. I find both albums to be more grim, but that’s probably because of the production.  I honestly haven’t spun them as much as the other two, but I’ll sit down soon to let them sink in.

Incantation – Tribute to the Goat
(Elegy Records, 1997/Archivist Records, 2016)

I snagged this release because I thought it was a new special edition. I saw it on one of the Facebook groups I’m a part of and the guy sent me the link. Turns out it’s a Russian edition that wasn’t approved by the band. The version Season of Mist released on vinyl rectifies that that with liner notes and even better sound. It’ll be appearing in a future feature very soon! I snagged this more for the collectible aspect because I already have a previous version of it.

Sam Roberts Band – Terraform  (Universal Music Canada, 2016)

SURPRISE! I’m a fan of Sam Roberts and his Sam Roberts Band project, too.  It’s just some good old rock and roll…usually.  During the first spin, I was actually put off with the amount of programmed drums and electronica used.  As the album gets going, especially the second half, I found myself getting back into that happy, positive vibe I get while listening to the Sam Roberts Band.  Summer is coming and I’m sure this album will be a part of it. It screams, “drink a beer on the patio while listening to me!”

Skeletonwitch – The Apothic Gloom   (Prosthetic Records, 2016)

So Skeletonwitch has had a vocalist change. Those in the metal world know this is old news.  While I do have Skeletonwitch’s complete discography and do enjoy their music, I don’t go back to it as much as other bands.  I grabbed this EP that shows the direction the band is going next and the prowess of their new vocalist, Adam Clemens. Unfortunately, it really didn’t do anything for me. It was just mediocre metal.  I know the guys can do better but after listening to this, I really had no craving to hear any of the songs again.

Gojira – Terra Incognita
(Gabriel Editions, 2001/Listenable Records, 2016)

Gojira’s debut album has been reissued a few times and I have one of them. I’d still like to get an original pressing one day. Anyway, I bought this edition because the price was right and there are live tracks added on at the end of songs on this album.  Sometimes I’ll buy a different edition to get some sought after tracks.  If you have recently gotten into this band, do yourself a favour and make sure to check out all their catalogue.  Many of them are front to back albums.

Megadeth – Greatest Hits: Back to the Start  (Capitol Records, 2005)

Sometimes I shake my head at myself because I buy things I really don’t need but grab things to complete a discography or collection.  This release is proof of it. While I did snag it more for the DVD, I was pleasantly surprised to with the overall package and the sticker inside.

With “Prince of Darkness” featured, I just figured it was Megadeth covering Alice Cooper’s song from Raise Your Fist And Yell!  I even said so in my YouTube video because I wasn’t planning on listening to the CD (I have all these songs on their original releases) and just watch the DVD.  Imagine my surprise when I remembered there’s a song called “Prince of Darkness” from Risk, an album I barely ever spin and haven’t in at least ten years.  Oh well, my bad! For $8, I’m happy to add this to my Megadeth collection.

Mother Love Bone – On Earth As It Is: The Complete Works
(Stardog Records/UMe, 2016)

This set contains Shine EP (Stardog Records, 1989) and Apple (Polydor, 1990). I have those on CD but the main reason I grabbed this set (besides the remastering job), was to get the plethora of unreleased tracks and B-sides.  I love Mother Love Bone and I wish Andrew Wood never OD’d.  I’m sure Pearl Jam fans would want things to stay the same because of MLB never ended, there would be no Pearl Jam.  It’s amazing what happens out of tragedy sometimes.

Not only do you get a whole shit-load of extra and unreleased tracks, you get the Love Bone Earth Affair on DVD – something that was only put out on VHS until now.  Put in the DVD in your computer to find the extra audio tracks!

What’s the deal with no written bio/reflection from anyone – especially old band members? I find that to be the major flaw for this set.  There’s a nice booklet with credits and pictures and the packaging for each of cases feature great artwork and more never seen pictures, but I really wish there was a retrospective that was written like many sets that come out like this have.

Shortcoming aside, for $50, this is a release no fan should be without – even if you own the two albums like I do.  I’m still sitting on the fence on getting the vinyl edition of this. Supposedly there’s a write-up that comes with that version, but it lacks all the B-sides and rarities that come with this set.  I also have both Mother Love Bone albums on vinyl, so at $100, it’s a hard pill to swallow.  Maybe I’ll bite at it if I find it cheaper some day.

Here’s my video with everything above showcased with more thoughts. Spread my music features around! Enjoy!