Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind – Catra


Catra was released in May of 2011. She was the next representative of the Princess of Power line of figures after Bow and the first female figure since She-Ra (June, 2010). I suppose it was only fitting to have Catra be the next POP figure because She-Ra needed someone to battle against besides Hordak.

The bio for the figure really brings the point across how long she’s been fighting alongside Hordak. It also makes me think how old Catra would have to be if she fought against He-Ro and then is able to be a viable opponent for She-Ra at that time. Perhaps being banished to Despondos freezes your age?

This is one of those figures that I thought was really cool when I got it but the hand sculpt really threw me off. I put it on my shelf after playing around with it for a day and really left her at that. Taking the photos for this feature really made me admire and appreciate this figure more than I ever thought I would.

The figure’s outfit, and how it blended the look the character had in the cartoon with the “Classics look,” is top notch. The articulation for the figure was also the same as the other male and female characters at the time but with no abdominal articulation. I’m happy to say, after six years, my figure is still in excellent condition and the joints/articulation are still working well.


The figure as a whole is amazing but the face sculpt is where it’s at. There’s a slightly sinister look here, but there is still a lot of beauty. Being able to appreciate the face sculpt without the red mask Catra is known for was a good call by the Four Horsemen. She has no issue wearing it on the top of her head or on her face. The silver cat mask, though, is harder to put and keep in place.

Like I said, Catra’s open left hand was something I really didn’t like when I got the figure and that’s why I dismissed her so easily when I first got her. Posing her for this feature made me realize that the open hand idea wasn’t that bad because it does give the sense she’ll come at your with her claws and she’s downright catty (sorry, I just had to put that bad pun in there). I just find that the palm is too large or the fingers are way too long and I found it (and still find it to be) unaesthetic.

Catra actually comes with a lot of accessories. She comes with her sword, a whip, two masks, and a shield. The silver mask is a throwback to the one the vintage figure had while the red mask is what she was known for in the Filmation cartoon.


Catra’s sword features a cat motif, which shouldn’t surprise anyone, and it features a lot of pink! It fits snug in her hand I think it’s a cool piece that I always have the figure holding.

The vintage POP figures came with brushes so their rooted hair could be brushed if the girls (or boys) wanted to.  Catra’s whip pays homage to the brush accessory by being a part of the whip.  I think it looks a bit off and I would have preferred the whip not have it so it looked a bit more bad-ass.


The shield is another cool piece that is probably the one thing that looks the most similar to anything that came with the vintage figure. It features a gem like She-Ra’s figure has (and all upcoming POP figures would).  I don’t usually pose my Catra figure with it on her wrist often, but it does look good on the figure.


While I started this MOTUC Rewind series to build showcase my love for the hobby, it’s doing features like this one where it makes me appreciate a figure more. Posing Catra more than I ever did for the pictures you’ve seen was fun and after viewing them I have to say that I think this was one figure The Four Horsemen really did a stellar job with.