Electrified Porcupine’s New Music (CD & Vinyl) Showcase Vol. 16 -Sponsored by Mad Rush Media


Welcome to my newly rechristened musical showcase column.  I decided to name it because after a year of doing this, my “Treats of the Week,” weren’t getting posted weekly due to so many other things I was doing on the site and “Treats of the Week” doesn’t really portray to the people who don’t know my or my site that it has anything to do with music.

I’ve gone back and renamed all the past articles that were entitled, “Treats of the Week,” and updated the graphics so everything is unison.  I’d like to thank my buddy, Brian, who contributed to the London ComicCon coverage for making up the new visual for me.

As well, like always, I’d like to thank my sponsor Mad Rush Media for helping me score so much of this musical goodness. Check out Mad Rush Media!Mad Rush Media!

With all the above said, I’m diving in to this week’s all vinyl feature featuring stuff I’ve scored since December, 2016. Like always, there’s a video down below with additional information, insights, and commentary! Enjoy!

Metallica – Hardwired…To Self Destruct  (2016, Blackened Records)

I talked about this release HERE. You can read my thoughts on the album there. I picked up this release because the album has grown on me more and more.  It also caught my attention because this was a release put out for Record Store Day, 2016, on the Red Translucent Marble.  Looks good and sounds better!

Kehmmis – Hunted  (20 Buck Spin, 2016)

There may be a theme to some of these, but I talked about this one HERE and it also made my Top 20 Albums of 2016 list.  It just so happened that Mad Rush Media got some in so I got my copy to crank on vinyl.

Cradle of Filth – From the Cradle to Enslave
(Music for Nations, 1999/Music for Nations, 2016)

This mini EP features two new songs, covers, and re-recordings of “Funeral in Carpathia.” I remember wanting to hear this when it was first release because Nick Barker had left the band and I had to be assured the drumming would remain at the same level. While it hit the spot, I was unsure why the band wanted to redo “Funeral in Carpathia” and I wasn’t (and still am not) happy with the different production and drumming on it. Nonetheless, the two original tracks (plus “Pervert’s Church” – a song I have on the UK release of the CD) were worth the purchase.

Cradle of Filth – Dusk and Her Embrace: The Original Sin
(Cacophonous, 2016)

I’ve already gone into the details about how this album came about in THIS feature, so you can read about it there, but I was really impressed with the original versions of these songs and the mix that I needed to add it to my COF vinyl collection. While people will debate whether these are better than what was originally released as Dusk…, I think it’s excellent that we had the opportunity to have this snapshot of the band. It’s so worth a listen if you haven’t checked it out or haven’t listened to the band since Cruelty and the Beast or Midian.

Castlevania 2 NES Soundtrack   (Mondo, 2017)

I scored the first vinyl in this soundtrack series Mondo is doing to celebrate the Castlevania video game series.  The quality was excellent with the art, the packaging, and the sound quality of the music on the record. I knew then I was going to be for the long haul for this series and upon arrival, I knew it was the right move.

This release features the music that is featured in the much-debated sequel to the original game but there’s a kicker here: it comes with the original North American music on side A and the Japanese version of the soundtrack on side 2.  This version is the “day and night” version that is limited to 1000 copies.

Meshuggah – The Ophidian Trek
(Nuclear Blast, 2014/Night of the Vinyl Dead, 2016)

This is the vinyl version of Meshuggah’s live album (CD/DVD/Blu Ray) that was released in 2014. This is a Swirled Gold edition that’s limited to 333 copies and that’s the only amount available on vinyl currently.

Night of the Vinyl Dead is a company that releases vinyl copies of albums in ridiculously low numbers. I have no idea the rationale behind this but what sucks is after they are sold out, they skyrocket. This infuriates fans and collectors. Anyway, this is a companion to my Meshuggah box set that I took a look at last year.

Astronoid – Air   (Blood Music, 2016)

Here is yet another release I’ve previously discussed because I had bought the CD edition of the album and also placed it on my top 20 of the year list. This release is the Opaque Sky Blue & White Swirl that’s limited to 200 copies worldwide.

Immolation – Here In After   (Metal Blade Records, 1995/2017)

This is the first of the Immolation vinyl represses from Metal Blade that they released earlier this year. Depending on where you ordered from, you got an exclusive colour. My copy is on dark slate blue marbled vinyl and limited to 300 copies worldwide.

The great things about these reissues are a) they are remastered specifically for vinyl (no CD transfer) b) the vinyl sleeves are not static and durable, and c) they all come with posters featuring the artwork on the front and additional art on the back

Immolation – Failures for Gods   (Metal Blade Records, 1999/2017)

This is Immolation’s third full length album that continues on with the brutality of their first two albums while upping some of the production values and stronger song structures. This copy is on clear/purple marbled vinyl and limited to 300 copies worldwide.

Immolation – Close to a World Below  (Metal Blade Records, 2000/2017)

What else can I say except this was (is) another excellent Immolation release that keeps improving on the Immolation song structures and catchy riffs while staying true to their roots. This copy is the orange/red blend limited to 300 copies worldwide.

I applaud Metal Blade Records for the fantastic job on these reissues and I hope that other bands see their past releases get this sort of treatment at the affordable price these were.