Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind: Panthor


In addition to Sy-Klone we were treated to another figure in April of 2011: Panthor. It was almost a year since He-Man’s trusty companion, Battle Cat, was released and we knew Panthor would arrive sooner than later.

At SDCC 2010, there was a poll for fans/attendees at the Mattel panel to vote if they wanted Panthor to be released flocked like the vintage figure or without flocking (like Battle Cat). As you can see, the no-flocking vote won. I’m not sure why it did or why they even gave fans the option to vote (hell, I don’t know why fans wanted it). To me, that’s like asking if we’d want flocking or not on Moss-Man. It made no sense sense to me at the time and it still doesn’t

Panthor was released in the same large packaging that Battle Cat had. The bio is another tale (no pun intended) about a young creature being saved and then loyal to its master. What I really like about the story is why Keldor named his new companion “Panthor.”

When you look at the initial pictures below, you’ll immediately see everything from the sculpt of the figure to the harness/saddle is exactly the same as Battle Cat, except for the colours.


That means the face sculpt is almost the same as Battle Cat’s as well. The mouth articulation works well on this figure. The darker paint scheme of the figure and the black  around the eyes actually make Panthor seem even more threatening than Battle Cat.

When I say this figure is basically exactly the same, it also means I have the same issues with Panthor as I did with Battle Cat: the figure is WAY too flimsy and the joints are loose as hell.  So much that even getting the figure to balance any other way than it being on all fours is often useless. It’s a shame because it prohibits a lot of different posing options.


I tried to do a jumping/attack stance and it makes me clamor for tighter joints and a larger stand that would fit underneath the figure so you could have it posed on your shelf that way.


The one thing that is new with the figure, that I think is a total hit, is the updated helmet for Panthor. This piece is large, intimidating, and evil looking. The horns on the solid plastic piece make the figure seem even bulkier and add to the overall presence to it. It gives Panthor a more demonic look to it and it makes me want to add blood splashes to the helmet and the figure’s teeth.

What’s Panthor without your Skeletor figure alongside of it? Skeletor looks pretty rad beside and on top of his trusty companion. I suppose this is the only true companion Skeletor would ever have in his life.

I know I probably haven’t written as much for this feature on Panthor but like I said already, he’s basically the same figure as Battle Cat and you can check out my Rewind feature on him for further insight. I’ve thrown in some comparison shots of the two.

While having Panthor in the Masters of the Universe Classics line was a no-brainer I really think the flocking would have distinguished the figure even more from its Battle Cat counterpart. Here’s hoping that Super 7 takes the mold and finally delivers the flocked Panthor many of us have clamored for since this one was delivered.