Quick Look: Star Wars: Rogue One Jedha Revolt 4 Pack

My wife always goes into the toy section to help me hunt for figures I’m looking for. I totally appreciate she does this for me and it get giddy when she texts me a picture of a figure and asks if I have it.Last week she found the Rogue One Jedha Revolt four pack at the Walmart closest to us and grabbed it for me.  After she got home with it, and after a big hug, I quickly sent it out on my social media to others that these were now showing up here in Ontario.

The set is $30 and that’s not too bad considering individual figures run for $9-12 Canadian depending on what store you’re in.

I’m adding this to my mint on card/mint in box collection. They’re just easier for me to display in the man-cave this way. Unfortunately that means I’m not opening them to be able to do a a lot pictures, hence why this is a “quick look” like other MIC/MOB features I do.

The packaging is about 10″ high and features the characters that are included in the set. On the back are bios for each of the characters. This four pack actually has a tab at the top so you can hang in on a peg or thumbtack on the wall.

Sergeant Jyn Erso

The heroine of the movie seems to me just be a simple re-pack of the regular carded figure that’s still pretty easy to find in the stores.

Imperial Hovertank Pilot

Fans love Stormtrooper and using them for army building. While we haven’t gotten a single carded version of this figure, I’m sure fans will clamor for it and I can see some actually buying two or three of these sets just to snag this guy and sell the other duplicates.  I haven’t purchased any Rogue One vehicles that usually come with pilots so I’m unsure if this guy has been released before.

Edrio Two Tubes

Here’s a character that got little screen time in the film but had a really cool design to him. Many fans on forums (including myself) said they’d definitely be interested in picking him up if he was made into a collectible.  I’m glad they included bios with this release because I love how they can add lots to background characters this way. I wonder if Sideshow or Hot Toys will take the risk on a character like this.

Saw Gerrera

I think this figure is the main reason many will pick up this four pack.  Saw Gerrera, played by Forest Whitaker, was a cool character in the movie and an instant fan favourite. I like how the figure is a tad taller and larger than most figures in this scale.

This four pack has really made me excited for Rogue One‘s release on Blu Ray in the next few weeks.