Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind: Sy-Klone


If you show people who grew up in the early 80s this figure, some may say, “OH! It’s the spinny guy!” Most of the Masters of the Universe characters and figures had some kind of gimmick and Sy-Klone had one people remembered: he spun like a cyclone. What a clever play on words for his name, huh?

The bio on the back describes Sy-Klone’s powers in depth and I think it really brings a lot to the character development. I always forget that he’s part of the Gar race, the same as Keldor (who eventually becomes Skeletor).  I don’t recall if the Legacy stones were discussed in any of the cartoons, so forgive me ignorance on the matter.

The figure really pops from the shelf because of the colour combination. The blue and the yellow with red pieces. The torso piece and the ring ring things above his boots and gloves are new to the figure.  My figure is still easy to pose and had no problem with the articulation.

The head sculpt is good, but that’s as creative as I can get with an adjective here. I mean, he’s got a bit of character in his jaw, but he has a plain face sculpt with no real emotion.  It also bothers me just a bit that the colour used for the head is a different shade than the body.  My Sy-Klone also has a little zit on the end of his nose.


I’ve said many times that the MOTUC figures were not coming with action features like their vintage counterparts, so it’s unfortunate that Sy-Klone, a character known for his feature, does not spin. I guess some fans can reminisce about the feature because of the sculpted on piece that replicates the dial you’d manipulate with your thumb to make him spin. I’ve never been a fan of the decision to sculpt on vintage dials or buttons that don’t work. I think it actually takes away from the figure.

Nonetheless, in the pictures below, I tried to capture the feeling of the figure doing his trademark cyclonic spin.

Another thing this figure was known (and remembered) for is the lenticular piece on his chest. The adding “moving” radar was essential for him to transfer well to the Classics line and I think Matty and The Four Horsemen knew that, so he came with one with a more complex look. I love the update and it really brought a nostalgic rush to me when I first got this figure.  I confess: as soon as I got the figure I scraped my nail across the lenticular piece to hear the noise it made.


Sy-Klone comes with two accessories: his classic shield and a “wind” weapon that is based on his 200X look. The shield is what it is: it replicates the look of the vintage one well and clamps on either of his writs.

The other accessory Sy-Klone comes with is a red ring item. I’m not sure if there’s a proper name for the thing, but it was incorporated into the figure’s design for the 200X MOTU cartoon and action figure.

You have the option of displaying Sy-Klone with it attached to his back, with the item in his hand (like some kind of wind weapon), or without it so you can have that pure vintage look.

Sy-Klone is one of those figures that I enjoyed as a child and I liked his transition into the Classics line albeit the sculpted mechanism piece that doesn’t work. I find Sy-Klone’s uniqueness to be one of those things I love about the diversity in the Masters of the Universe line.