Darth Vader Deluxe Sixth Scale Figure by Sideshow Collectibles (Review)


This is one of the first Star Wars Sideshow Collectibles figures I bought but I haven’t featured him until now. Why? Well, I guess trying to attract viewers to my site by trying to showcase the most recent figures is the best answer. Take your time with this feature because there’s a lot to get through!

I know, I know. Shame. SHAME! This is one of the best figures I own. Period. That’s PERIOD! If it wasn’t for this figure and Boba Fett, I don’t think I would have dove further into the sixth scale collectibles realm that I have. My bank account sure as hell doesn’t thank them for this.  Thank goodness I’ve gotten better at photography because I can only imagine the injustice I would have done this figure when I started the site a year ago.

This figure came out in January of 2014 and I don’t even think I got mine until September, 2014.   Up until writing this feature, I had no idea that I had the figure for that long! There was an exclusive version that came with Vader’s severed wrist piece after Luke cut off his hand in Return of the Jedi. I don’t have this edition, but if anyone can help me track one down, that would be appreciated.

Enough with my jibber-jabber, it’s time to get into the nitty-gritty.  Can you tell the state of mind I’m in while I’m beginning this rant on a figure?  The packaging for Darth Vader is one of the largest I have besides Jabba, his Throne Environment, and General Grievous  (who I have yet to feature on here).

The front features Vader’s helmet with this pop-out effect on a glossy black box.  On the back, you have the figure posed in front of an awesome backdrop I wish I could buy.

On the inside when you lift off the top of the box, you get one of the awesome full photo shots that some of the Sideshow Star Wars figures come with. I love these things!


I think I almost lost my shit when I took this figure out of the box. Not only was it overwhelming to actually see everything item packed with it, but to hold a 1/6 scale figure of this magnitude and quality for the first time was an event.

This figure is almost 14″ tall and features hard plastic, soft plastic, cloth, and pleather pieces.  I state in my video (that’s embedded below) that I’m someone that really appreciates the work people do on many figures. I’m not one to break out pictures to make sure everything is exactly 100% accurate. From what I see, I think Sideshow and their sculptors nailed the ROTJ Darth Vader.

The helmet is done very, very well. I think the belt, the chest piece and the helmet are the three main things fans will nitpick over.  I totally get it but I’m just not one of them. Maybe I should be because these figures cost a premium price and I can be harsher on figures from other lines.

The helmet is really shiny.  I know you can see it in the pictures below, but it’s crazy the amount of shine this thing has. I think all the minute details are sculpted well and I am really impressed with the little vent holes on the bottom of the chin area.

I will also apology in advance for some of the pictures because this guy can gather dust.  I never realized how bad up until moving him into my new display cases a couple of months ago and then getting him ready for this feature.  I should really get a can of compressed air!

There’s a underlying full body piece that’s made of this fake leather (pleather) material.  It’s a great material and holds up very well to posing but the main issue I have with it is that is bunches up around the knees and in the crotch area.  When it’s really bunched up, Vader looks REALLY weird.

I find I have to take the harder plastic lower leg armor and foot off, pull the piece down and do my best to put the leg armor back up without it bunching up again.  Trial and error, people. Trial and error.


Vader’s belt electronic pieces have great detail to them and also has a light-up feature.  I think they are in proportion and are movie accurate (without going over them with a fine-toothed comb).

There’s also a hook where you can place the unlit lightsaber hilt that’s included with the figure.

You can see a clearer picture of the battery compartment that controls the light-up feature. There’s no fuss whatsoever to change the batteries or activate the feature.

The middle chest piece that control’s Vader’s breathing looks exactly like it does in Return of the Jedi. It also is lights up and blinks.  I took a picture below with them lit up, but you can see them in action in the video embedded at the end.

When I got this figure in, I couldn’t believe it came with ten hands in total. Yeah, TEN hands (and that’s not including the severed hand and gauntlet piece that came with the exclusive).  I know eight are shown down below, but those are what you get in addition to the hands he comes with.

I never understood at the time why on Earth so many hands would need to be included but the more I collected this scale of figures, the more I’d go back to change their poses. For this feature, it was the first time I really played around with the different hands so I could get different looks and poses.  I think it really hit home how fun it is to play around with the different display options when you take the time to do so.


The lightsaber hilt (that also is exactly the same as the lit hilt) has some intricate detailing that I’m amazed they can add into pieces this small.  I know there are major high-end lightsaber collectors out there and I think this would have their blessing.

Speaking of intricate details, holy crap in a hat…this exposed dome piece the figure comes with has some fantastic work done on it.  You have to take a magnifying glass (or do some excellent close-up photography) to really appreciate all the electronic sculpting done on the inside and out of this helmet.

There is also a dome that is included that fits snugly over this piece.

Sideshow included a helmet display base that has a light-up feature as well. I swear, they wanted to throw in everything imaginable with this figure and did.  The piece is sturdy and the switch at the back is easily accessible to turn the light feature on and off.

The only thing I’m not 100% happy with is the light above the helmet doesn’t seem to line up exactly.  It could just be my piece and it’s nothing to really make a big deal about considering I only turn the feature on when I’m showing this figure off.

Again, the pictures really don’t do seeing this piece in the dark or a dim light justice.   When I did these during the holiday break, I still was learning more about photography settings).

Another amazing extra this figure came with was the unmasked Darth Vader/Anakin head. Not only is the work done on the bottom half of the dome detailed, the work and effort put into the excellent face sculpt, and electronics close to the mouth are absolutely mind-blowing.

The scaring in various places on the skull, the protruding veins, the wrinkles, the lips and work on the eyes make this probably one of the best pieces in my collection. I’d easily put this in the top three sculpts of anything I currently own.

You think I’m finished yet? I’m not. This figure includes one of the best stands that has come with a 1/6 scale figure that I own.  Not only does have a huge Empire insignia on the bottom, but it ALSO lights up.  If more figures came with stands this elaborate or if we had the option to add something like this to orders for other figures, I’d gladly pay some extra money. It sure as hell beats the standard black stands.

Below are some assorted pics of Vader with some different hand combinations. I had a blast taking them.

I’m going to admit something: before taking photos for this feature, I never put the unmasked head on the figure ever.  I didn’t want to accidentally break anything and I never thought I’d have him on my shelf without his iconic helmet.

While it’s true Darth Vader will always wear his mask in my display case, I was really impressed with how imposing the figure looked with it on. I really wish I took extra photos for this feature with it on because something this good should be given more exposure.

I know since this figure has come out, Hot Toys put out a Darth Vader based on his Episode 4: A New Hope look and it featured a lightsaber that could light up like the Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker figures they put out.  With all the other light features that came with this figure, it makes me question why they didn’t go that route.  I don’t have that Darth Vader figure because I spend my money on another characters to add variety to my collection.

Below are a variety of poses of Vader holding his lit (with no light feature) lightsaber.

Placing Vader on his display stand makes this figure about almost 17″ tall, so he is easily can be the centerpiece of anyone’s collection.  Lighting it up and having him stand on it is just so amazing that it is so hard to describe how surreal it is to have this piece of art sitting in your collection.


This Darth Vader figure is still available on Sideshow’s website but while the figure is the same, the accessories are not.  The figure that is available now has eight hands, a generic stand, and a lit and a unlit lightsaber hilt.  The box is also different.

Seeing how the price is only $15 less than the figure I snagged a couple of years ago with all the extras, I’m sure as hell happy I grabbed it when I did.

I can’t state enough how happy and impressed I was and still am with this figure. It set a new collecting standard for me and opened the door to a new world of collecting for me. While some people think I’m nuts shelling out for these figures, I have piece of mind knowing that most of the time I get what I pay for. If you have yet to take the plunge, get this figure because you won’t be disappointed.