Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind – Battle Armor Skeletor


March, 2011 brought us our last main evil leader, King Hssss, but it also brought us a variation on everyone’s favourite main bad guy: Skeletor! We had already seen the first variant of He-Man released in 2010 with Battle Armor He-Man, so it was only fitting that the next variant of one of the Masters of the Universe key characters was Battle Armor Skeletor.

In the bio it is revealed that the Battle Armor is actually older than we thought AND encompassed magical powers.  It was really surprising to read that Oo-larr (the Savage He-Man) destroyed it while Skeletor wore it, trying to kidnap Adora.  I LOVED how this bio tied so many different layers of Masters of the Universe into something that made sense (and continued to add characters like Oo-larr into continuity).

Besides the battle armor torso piece, you’d think this was the same Skeletor figure we already received almost two years prior. Well, if you compare this figure with the 1st MOTUC Skeletor, there are a few differences.

The skull is presented differently than the original, but I’ll get to that in a minute. The loin piece is different and changes to a furry piece.  The feet are now painted to match shin armor instead of being left as a skin tone. The left hand is different and can now hold weapons easier and this figure also doesn’t have a belly button! I didn’t even realize that until comparing them.

When you remove the armor piece to swap the plates, you can see Skeletor looks a little funky! Of course, the reason this was done to keep the colour of the armor and retain the ab crunch articulation.


Like I mentioned, the face of this figure differs from the original.  While the sculpt remains the same, there’s different paint and shading for the skull. It also has less defined teeth.  As well, the red paint for the “eyes” is more prominent in this figure compared to my original MOTUC Skeletor.


If you’re out of the loop, the main feature on the vintage Battle Armor He-Man and Skeletor was the spring mechanism that would change the armour plate to various visuals of battle damage when hit. Seeing on the Masters of the Universe Classics figures were to have no “action features,” they had to get around that spring mechanism and they did.


Just like the He-Man counterpart, this battle damage feature is mimicked by swapping the interchangeable armour plates. The three plates are similar to He-Man’s: undamaged, one weapon strike, and two  weapon strikes. I always like displaying my Battle Armor figures on my shelf with the two strike plates on.

Battle Armor Skeletor only comes with one accessory: the axe. Just like He-Man, I thought he only came with the axe, but thanks to  Adam over at the BattleRam blog, he nudged me to correct that assumption (thanks, man!) The paint details on this one is very glossy and shiny. It stands out really well when he’s holding it on the shelf.


The Battle Armor variants of both He-Man and Skeletor weren’t my favourites as a kid as the line progressed but I did have fun with them when they were released. I can see how these are many go-to variants for fans because they were the first ones in the vintage line and the action feature did bring a lot to play time. Hell, I’ve even read people testify that the BA versions of these figures are their favourite versions of He-Man and Skeletor both in the vintage line and MOTUC. Is that sacrilege?