Happy One Year Anniversary to ME!


It’s been a year exactly to the day since I’ve launched my site and I think it’s appropriate that I give some thanks to some people and to reflect on the year.

I stared the site because there were some people that really encouraged me to do so. I’ve been collecting since I was a child and although I went through a phase where the more “mature” me (yeah, right) in late grade school/early high school got rid of all my toys and stayed away from professional wrestling, although I still gamed like there was no tomorrow. By Grade 11, I was back.

I admit it: I love collecting stuff and I love the properties I collect stuff of. I love heavy metal and death metal. I love having something tangible and believe an artist’s work is more than a download or one hit single to play to death for a month and then forgotten.

I remember my dad and others telling me in high school, “you won’t listen to that shit when you’re older,” and you know what? I still do and love it more than ever.

Not only has heavy metal and all its genres expanded, it has also gotten better over time. The old school stuff is more appreciated now than at the time it came out and the new bands are trying to go above and beyond while there are others who are paying tribute to the old guard by keeping the sound and feeling alive today.

I’ll be the first to admit that there’s a lot of metal out there I don’t like, so that’s not me saying listen to heavy metal or it’s shit. Some of my favourite artists or records aren’t heavy metal. The Foo Fighters, to me, is one of the best bands ever and I really like Enya, The Sheepdogs, the Thompsons Twins, The Monkees, and Public Enemy.   On the other hand, the more popular bullshit out there makes me shake my head that it actually passes off as creative or musical.

Diatribe on music aside, there are lovers and haters in all genres of music, film, TV, pop culture, collectibles, companies and more. I feature what I like on my site and that was the whole point of starting it.

Throughout the year, I’ve learned how to get better at taking photos. Hell, look at some of my earlier pieces to what I’m producing now. I’m not tooting my own horn to say hire me for your wedding, but I’m just actually stating I’m happy with my progression. The same goes with photo and video editing. I started this site knowing NOTHING besides my past experiences writing for other places.

I’d like to now personally thank those that have helped me in any capacity. I’m starting off with a thank you to my cousin Dan who really pushed me and got this site up and running through his knowledge of WordPress and not using my credit card information for anything else. If it wasn’t  for Dan, this site wouldn’t exist. Thank you so very much.

I’d like to thank Brian for doing some graphic design stuff for me and helping me with the logos you see.

Thanks to my brother-in-law, Chad, for helping with the tunes and first intro video for my YouTube page when I had no clue how to do anything in iMovie or Garage Band.

Thank you to Dustin and Brian for contributing an article for this site and helping cover Forest City Comicon.

Thank you to Dave at Mad Rush Media for being there for me over the last eight years of buying and discussing music. Thank you for grabbing stuff for my from the US that would otherwise cost me triple or more on the aftermarket seeing how a border does that. Thank you for being my first official sponsor.

Thank you to Wes over at Silver Screen Toys & Collectibles and KillerToyz for their support and being sponsors. It means a lot to me.

I’d like to thank Val Staples over at he-man.org for featuring my MOTUC Rewind features every week.  You’ve brought so many new eyes to my site. Cheers, man!

Thank you to those on WordPress for liking my page, sharing my material and commenting. The same goes for those on YouTube, Facebook, and other social media platforms for your constructive criticism and sharing what I’m doing.

Last, but not least, I’d like to thank my wife (and my daughter, although she won’t comprehend this now), for allowing me to spend the time in the man cave taking photos, editing stuff, swearing when I’m frustrated, spending money on stuff that makes me happy, and their everlasting support. I love you both and thank you more than any words can communicate on here.

So, there you go. It’s been a good first year and I’ve learned a lot. This site gives me a voice and is an excellent outlet seeing how I don’t have the outlet of performing or playing music like I used to.  Thank you for your support.