ReAction Dark Crystal ReAction Figures Review by Funko



I’m a huge fan of the movie, The Dark Crystal. It’s one of those movies I grew up that doesn’t get old and doesn’t lose any of its charm. If you haven’t seen it, I’m not going to ruin it for you because you need to see it. I could do a whole feature on the movie itself.

In a nutshell, in a world where the evil Skeksis rule, a prophecy predicting a Gelfling being able to “heal” the cracked Dark Crystal has the vulture type creatures on edge. One brave Gelfling, named Jen, heads out on a journey to find a crystal shard to try and make the crystal whole again.

The movie was released in 1982 but it does not lose any of its charm in these days of CGI overload. If you didn’t know, this movie was from the brain of Jim Henson of Sesame Street and Muppets fame.


These figures were made by Funko for their “ReAction” line and released last year. The ReAction line is basically taking famous properties and making action figures of them in the old-school 3 3/4″ scale Star Wars figures were and are known for.

The packaging is standard for most of the figures in this 3 ¾” scale collection It features a (spoiler) picture on the front and the other figures in the line on the back. The crappy thing is you see the Garthim/Kira set that was an exclusive and current prices on those sets are over $250 on Ebay so it looks like I won’t be adding it to the collection and damn, did I ever want one of those Garthim figures.

Each of the figure comes with a piece of the Dark Crystal (or in Jen’s case, the base) so you can have a Dark Crystal in your display area. Enlarge the back of the figure card back for Jen and you can see who comes with what piece.


The hero, raised by the gentle Mystics in the world of Thra, is raised to believe he’s the last of his kind. He is summoned at the beginning of the movie by the leader of the Mystics, Ursol, to go on a quest to not only heal the Dark Crystal, but the world. There is only a specific time-frame to do so and our hero sets off into the world not knowing what he’s looking for, nor where he’s going.

I think the figure has great detailing on its outfit for such a little figure. Not only that, I think the head sculpt is spot on, too.

Kira (with Fizzgig)

The female Gelfling Jen befriends on his journey comes with her pet dog-thing, Fizgig. I think her outfit is sculpted but there’s something about the face sculpt that’s not 100% for me. I think it may be because the colour is too light, but I’m not sure.

Fizzgig, though, is done pretty well. He’s in scale and he’s got his ferocious look going on to scare intruders away from Kira.

Ursol The Mystic

Jen lives among the gentle Mystics and this is the leader that sends Jen on his quest. Seeing how the figure is larger, the box had to a bit different than the other figures.

Ursol features his six limbs with excellent sculpting work on the outfit, the hands and fingers, the hair and his face sculpt.  This is a really well done figure and one I’m now debating to get a second one of just to display out of the box.


Jen is sent to see by his master, to find Aughra. Is she a witch? A scientist? Is the the only one of her kind left on the world of Thra? I’m not totally sure.  Jen finds her in her observatory and she does what she can to explain to Jen what the the “Great Conjuntion” is. What is the “Great Conjunction,” you ask? Watch the movie!!!

The Chamberlain Skeksis (SkekSil)

This Skeksis, named SkekSil, is one of the main villains in the movie. Although you do see other Skeksis in the film, this one gets the most of the screen time and is crucial to the plot. Not only is he an intrical part in the Gelfling’s journey, it’s interesting to see how the Skeksis treat their own and how they think.  I think their race is good commentary on society today.

There’s not a time where I don’t see this character’s face (and now, figure) and do the character’s trademark whimper out loud or in my head.  mmmmmMMMMMmmm…….

Landstrider and Jen Set (SDCC 2016 Exclusive)

This exclusive was (and still is) pretty easy to track down online for close to what it went for at SDCC.  It seems like the Jen figure in this pack is the same as the single carded figure, but this Jen comes with his little ocarina accessory.

Oh, who am I kidding? You don’t want this Jen just for an ocarina. You want it for the large Landstrider figure.  If you’re a collector who want these displayed, I can see people buying two of them just so they could have Jen and Kira on their on Landstriders.

Once again, I’m pretty impressed with the paint and sculpting done on this larger ReAction figure and not only is it money well spent, I think it will be (as well as the other figures) one of those pieces in your collection that will a catalyst for discussion.

I have to do something so I can get my hold on that Garthim and Kira set – but I’m not paying those insane Ebay prices for it.  If there is any kind soul out there that can hook me up, let me know!