Conan the Barbarian Funko Pop Figure Unboxing (Sponsored by Silver Screen Toys & Collectibles)

If you’re a frequent reader of Electrified Porcupine, you may have seen me profess my love for the original Conan the Barbarian movie. If you haven’t you can read my diatribe and see some of my collectibles here and here.

When I saw that Funko was releasing a Pop figure of Conan, it was a instant purchase for me if I ever saw one. I don’t collect many of these guys and most of them in my collection have been gifts, so I don’t hunt for them. Thankfully Wes over at Silver Screen Toys & Collectibles got some in and I scored one from him!

The package for the figure seems to be the standard I’ve seen Pop figures in. Colour me ignorant here but I’m not sure if they ever delve away from this look. The back of the box features the iconic poster from the movie. That’s enough for me to keep the box to display the figure in.

The figure really doesn’t feature the likeness of Arnold Schwarzenegger at all but there are aspects of the figure that do nail the character of Conan in the film.

The necklace that represents the Wheel of Pain is on the figure and Conan’s sword (the Atlantean) features detailing that surprises me for such a little collectible.


For $12, it’s a nice little piece to add to my ever growing (and really full) shelf. There’s not too much to really write about the figure than I have, but I do a little bit more blabbing in the video below, so check that out.

On a final note, there’s also a war-paint version of this figure and it’s something I’d like to track down. If I do, I’ll feature it as well. Thanks again to Silver Screen Toys & Collectibles! Check em out!