“Weird” Al Yankovic Retro Style Figure by NECA Toys (Sponsored by Silver Screen Toys & Collectibles)


Weird Al has been a fixture in my music diet since I was a child. I loved his parodies and the blending of numerous songs into his polkas but most of my favourite stuff where his original songs.

I have to confess that after Off the Deep End, I didn’t keep up with him as much. I think it’s because my musical tastes changed and the songs he was parodying weren’t of any interest to me. I hated the original songs he chose to parody, so I wouldn’t even listen to his version of them. For example, I wish “Happy” by Ferrel Williams???? Is one of the worst songs I’ve heard in ages and if it could disappear off the face of the earth, I would be a happy man. So why in the hell would I listen to Weird Al do it? I hope you see my point.

Nonetheless, I still go back to the first four Weird Al albums plus the UHF soundtrack regularly. And by regularly, I would be surprised if I didn’t spin some Weird Al at least twice a month. Yeah, this metal-head needs his vintage Weird Al fix monthly. I almost peed with joy when I saw the huge vinyl set that he’s releasing because, although I won’t be getting something that grandiose, it means the UHF soundtrack will FINALLY be available on vinyl. Hoorabies!!!

When it was announced that NECA was doing a Weird Al retro-style figure, I had to jump on it – it just took me a little longer to snag one. Thanks to Wes at Silver Screen Toys & Collectibles, Weird Al is finally in the confines of my man-cave.

I’m keeping my figure in the box because I like how the second head is displayed in it and the graphics on the box. Just like many things I showcase on my site, I also keep things in the box because it makes it easier for me to display. I am really tempted, though, to take this guy out and find some shelf space – if I can find some.

I like the graphics on the box. It almost gives off a Pee-Wee’s Playhouse kinda vibe. It’s wacky, it’s over the top, and it’s so 80s!  I like how the song/album “Dare to be Stupid” is referenced and I also like the shout-out to Al TV. If you never had a chance to watch when Weird Al took over MuchMusic (Canada’s MTV at the time when those stations actually played music videos), then you owe it to yourself to do so.

You can see in the close-ups below, the figure does come with a modern head, a microphone and an extra hand to hold it. If and when I take this guy out to display, I’ll never use any of them. My Weird Al is vintage Weird Al.

You can see the figure has a really good sculpt of Weird Al from back in the day. I like the little smirk that he has and the overall expression on his face. The hair is done well, too, unlike some of the other Retro Figures NECA has done that has totally made me pass on some figures (I’m looking at you, Leatherface).

The glasses are the perfect size and it’s neat to see how they don’t hinder the look of the eyes whatsoever.

Although the clothes are fitting and well done, the major props come from the sculpting and the detail in the accordion. I’m actually really, really impressed with it and I hadn’t put two thoughts into it before I got the figure.


I think it’s great that NECA decided to pack Weird Al in the box with his 80s style head on for collectors like me that do keep these in the package. With that being said, you can watch my video below where a blab about the figure for about five minutes.  If I do open this guy, I’ll update this feature.