WWE Fastlane 2017 Predictions


Source: WWE.com

The final Pay Per View (can we even call them that now?) before Wrestlemania is going to set the stage for the next few weeks on Raw. With only one Wrestlemania match announced so far, this is going to be a busy time for WWE to get us all hyped and excited. While I’m not too excited by the card, I’m sure it will be at least an average show seeing how it needs to start laying the groundwork for Wrestlemania.

Sami Zayn vs. Samoa Joe


Source: WWE.com

This match will be good and hopefully both men try and steal the show. Zayn will lose nothing by taking the loss and Joe’s character needs to be established with wins. It’s easy to predict who will come out on top here.

Winner: Samoa Joe

Sasha Banks vs. Nia Jax


Source: WWE.com

Jax just pinned Bayley, the Raw Women’s Champion, on Raw and has also recently beat Banks. It makes no sense for Jax to lose here and that’s all there is to it.

Winner: Nia Jax

Neville (Champ) vs. Jack Gallagher – Cruiserweight Championship


Source: WWE.com

It’s nice to see Gallagher embrace his character like he does and he’s currently a great foil against Neville’s aggressive and angry persona. I think this match will be fun to watch but I just don’t see a title switch yet. I think for the crowd to really get behind Gallagher, they’ll need to watch him overcome the ups and downs of gunning for a championship.

Winner: Neville

Gallows & Anderson (Champs) vs. Enzo & Cass – Raw Tag Team Championship Match


Source: WWE.com

Poor Gallows and Anderson can’t catch a break. After feuding and not being able to win with the goof-offs in The New Day, they’re facing another team that is nothing more than a comedy act. I don’t buy into that Enzo & Cass have built themselves up to be number one contenders but here we are. Gallows and Anderson need the wind to keep them established as the team to beat after their credibility was destroyed in 2016. Enzo and Cass don’t need the belts…not yet anyway.

Winners: Gallows and Anderson

Bayley (Champ) vs. Charlotte – Raw Women’s Championship Match


Source: WWE.com

Bayley won the belt too soon and she’ll lose it here. WWE has been playing “hot potato” with the belt since Wrestlemania last year, so why would they stop now? Charlotte needs the win to keep her “Queen of PPV” streak alive. The story for Wrestlemania will be who can defeat the Queen at biggest show of the year? That story/streak has more importance now over the title, I think.

Winner: Charlotte

Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman


Source: WWE.com

I’m interested in this match because I want to see the reaction from the crowd during it. As well, it’ll be interested to see how they’re going to book both men because WWE has done so much to build them up as unstoppable forces.

My prediction is that The Undertaker will cause Reigns the victory somehow. It will be revenge for Reigns eliminating The Undertaker at the Royal Rumble, it sets them up for Wrestlemania. Strowman will look good with a win over Reigns and Reigns is kind of protected with the loss. Don’t expect the fans to boo The Undertaker, though. If WWE was smart, this is where they slowly start building a Reign’s heel turn and pull the trigger with Reigns beating The Undertaker with something cheap at Wrestlemania.

Winner: Braun Strowman

Kevin Owens (Champ) vs. Goldberg


Source: WWE.com

OK, by this point we know that Goldberg will face Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania and Owens will probably be facing Chris Jericho. The thing we won’t know until Sunday is which of these matches will also have the WWE Universal Championship on the line in it. I strongly feel that Goldberg vs. Lesnar doesn’t need the championship as part of their story. Two part timers fighting for the championship is ridiculous and I don’t want to see the belt on either of them.

I think Kevin Owens needs the win here. With Owen’s aggressive side coming back onto TV and into his performance, the world would be absolutely shocked if Owens walked away as the champ. The way it happens is with Lesnar interfering with the match. Hell, the match could even be thrown out before it happens due to a sneak attack as Goldberg is heading to the ring.

Some say it would be stupid for Lesnar to interfere because if he does, it means he doesn’t get a shot at the Universal Championship at Wrestlemania. I think the bigger story here is having Paul Heyman deliver a promo discussing how his client, Brock Lesnar, doesn’t care about the title but only cares about retribution and the revenge he’ll get on Goldberg. Goldberg, in turn, is so pissed that he lost out on winning the belt and not living up to his promise about winning it, he now has more motivation to beat Lesnar again. This story writes itself and the WWE Universal Championship can be fought over by full time wrestlers.

Winner: Kevin Owens – a huge long shot, but it’s my column