WWE Raw and Smackdown Thoughts – February 27th & 28th, 2017


Source: WWE.com

Holy crap in a hat! For a Raw that’s supposed to lead into a PPV, this week’s episode was boring and full of filler. I’m gonna do quick jot notes because I can expand upon Raw more during my Fastlane prediction piece.


Both champs, Bayley and Anderson, were pinned on the show this week? Way to make the champions look strong!

Roman Reigns was getting some cheers? What a weird and dead crowd for this show. Chanting “Goldberg” at the beginning of the must have tuckered them out.

I wonder if they could have made it more obvious that Rollins will show up at Wrestlemania for SOMETHING to do with Triple H? Hunter saying, “Don’t show up” I don’t know how many times was painful. So was Rollins’ delivery during his promos. I just didn’t buy it and he’s normally better than that. They’re probably holding off announcing that match until the day of the show, if it happens. If not, at least some type confrontation will happen.

Goldberg talking (or should I say, yelling) about how he promises his wife and kids and WWE Universe that he’ll be winning the belt also leads me to believe that Lesnar will be interfering in the match. I’m going into this more in my prediction piece but I don’t think the match between Lesnar and Goldberg need the belt. It’ll be based on Goldberg getting pissed at Lesnar for making him break this “promise” while Lesnar is out on his end for revenge.

Samoa Joe was great on the show again but I don’t know if a short match where Cesaro is the one taking a loss was the right thing to do. I know these two could have put on a longer and more intense match and there’s no reason for Cesaro to be the one to be jobbed out. I suppose it all makes Joe look good, though.

Everything else on Raw was irrelevant and a waste of TV time and talent. Foley also looks more pathetic each show – when is enough going to be enough for him and the constant demoralizing? I hope this finally builds to something instead of it just being typical McMahon pandering.


There wasn’t a lot of variety in matches on the program, but holy crap in a hat, Batman… was there ever a lot progression and newsworthy.

I supposed the biggest news of the show was Randy Orton turning on Bray Wyatt via a promo at the Wyatt compound where he proceeded to burn it to the ground.  While I thought the promo was done pretty well, I have no idea where this turn came from. The surprise element is a welcome change but why would Orton, only just two weeks ago, relinquish his title opportunity?

That brings us to AJ Styles who won the match against Luke Harper to become the number one contender for Wyatt’s WWE Championship at Wrestlemania.  Styles said on Talking Smack he’s gotten through everything Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan has thrown at him and asked him to do so it should be an easy, logical decision that it’s Styles vs. Wyatt at Wrestlemania. Styles even offered Orton a shot at the number one contender spot and I think that may be the way WWE may go unless it goes to a three-way match.

I will make note here that Luke Harper looked awesome in the ring on Tuesday night and it’s great to hear the fans behind him. With that being said, where does Harper go from here? Does he somehow get put into the WWE Championship match?

The Mickie James/Becky Lynch match was good but the commercial breaks throughout it really took me out of it. When Alexa Bliss came down to the ring, I thought, “here we go with another stupid distraction.” Thankfully Lynch still got the win.

Looks like we’ll be seeing Natayla vs. Alexa Bliss for the Smackdown Women’s Championship down the line. Will we have to wait until Wrestlemania or will we see it beforehand?

Lastly, the whole Miz TV was entertaining even if it went on quite a long time.  Cena was right when he said The Miz was saying the same stuff AJ Styles said over the last six months, though.  With so much verbal abuse the two gave each other, what more can actually be said over the next four weeks?  What a shock to hear Cena say that if he had the pull people thought he had, he’d be in the ring with The Undertaker and not The Miz.  OHHHHHHHHHH, SNAP!