Ash Williams (Evil Dead 2) Sixth Scale Figure by Sideshow Collectibles Review


It’s no secret that I’m a fan of horror movies. Look at my movie features and how my NECA collection consists mostly of horror figures. Being a collector and fan of the stuff Sideshow and Hot Toys have been doing over the last few years, it seems logical to dive into their renditions of figures from the horror movies I love.

Ash Williams, the character in The Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn, Army of Darkness, and the Ash vs. The Evil Dead series, is getting his first figure by Sideshow Collectibles with this release. This likeness is based off of the character in Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn (a classic, if you haven’t seen it).

The box for the figure is really cool and I’m glad it’s something different than what I’ve been getting with the Star Wars figures I get from them. It features the figure in the possessed woods with some great fog effects. I think the ghost hand to the right of the figure is a neat touch. The back of the box features a really good close up of the figure that will entice those who see this figure in specialty stores to pick it up due to the excellent likeness.

Opening up the box, you can see that it’s the standard Sideshow packaging in the plastic trays. All the items included are in there well and I didn’t have any issue taking the pieces out.

The figure stands 12” tall and features articulation points at the head, shoulders, elbows, wrists (swivel writs as well), abdomen, waist, legs, knees and ankles. All the articulation points on my figure were solid – not tight and not loose.

You also don’t have to worry about adding anything to the outfit as he’s packaged with everything already on.

This head sculpt, which is actor Bruce Campbell, is done so well it’s almost scary. I think Sideshow is producing better face sculpts lately and this figure is proof.  From the shape of the nose to the iconic chin (not to mention the ever gently lifted eyebrow), I feel the sculptor(s) got the likeness right.

I’m a huge fan of the cuts and the paintwork on and around them. Some look fresh, while some look like they are scabbing over or drying. It’s a crazy level of detail.  I also appreciate the small amount of blood around the hairline. It also looks like there is some blood soaked into some parts of the hair.

Some of the other subtle details that I didn’t notice at first are the wrinkling around the forehead and eyes and the veins on the right side of his face. The added blood on the neck is another fantastic touch.

Besides the face sculpt, I’m sure the chainsaw is where most people would want the most level of detail. The blade is blood splattered with a hint of rust. It’s also made out of metal!  While it brings more authenticity to the actual piece, it doesn’t make the weapon heavy at all.

The the clasp area that connects the chainsaw to Ash’s hand all have fine detailing.  The bolts, nuts, and switches on the weapon create the illusion that this actually is a working piece.  I’m also a big fan of the blood paint work that is done on the body of the chainsaw.

I think many people are going to have an awesome time posing Ash with the chainsaw and getting that perfect look.  I took over 250 photos just for this feature because I enjoyed tweaking the poses and angles.

The outfit is very well done. The dirty look to it and the torn sections really make the figure look like it jumped right out of the film.  It’s cool to see how one side of the collar is ripped off but the other side is fine but dirty.

The piece that connects the shotgun case on his back is tight and you won’t be wasting any time fidgeting with it. I’m glad it shipped like that because I hate trying to adjust things like that. I want it shipped where things are snug and I’m not worrying about breaking or ripping delicate pieces.

You can see in the top right picture the bloody scratches on Ash’s lower abdomen.  You can also see the weird skin flap that is on the figure due to the articulation.  I know some won’t be bothered by it, but I don’t find it aesthetically pleasing.

The figure comes with three extra hands (four interchangeable ones in total), the Necronomicon, a shotgun, and the head of Henrietta. The usual Sideshow Collectibles stand is also included with the Evil Dead 2 logo on the bottom of it. My figure also comes with an exclusive accessory: Ash’s possessed hand.

The shotgun is a good looking accessory.  It can also open and the shells are actually removable. I think that’s pretty cool but they are so small, you have to make sure that you don’t drop them and lose em! The shotgun has some soft plastic on the top for the aiming piece so much sure you’re careful when positioning the weapon in the hand with the trigger finger.

In the pictures below, you can see how awesome this figure looks posed with the shotgun.  The weapon fits snugly in the case and you don’t have to worry about the weapon sustaining any damage.

The Henrietta head sculpt is quite repulsive (but in a good way). I thought that this would have been cast in a softer plastic for a more realistic look or feel but the hard plastic works. Besides the rotten eye, my favourite part of this piece are the various teeth and the paint work done on them and within the mouth. I think I would have liked to have seen some rooted hair on this piece to up the realism factor.  I’d love to see Sideshow do a full 1/6 scale Henrietta, but I think that would be too niche.


The Necronomicon is sculpted to look like just like the book of the dead we are familiar with.  It’s made out of a hard plastic and doesn’t open.

The Sideshow Exclusive accessory is Ash’s possessed hand. I think this is a piece that most fans would want with their figure so to find out after the fact if someone just bought it at a different retailer and not on their site may disappoint some.

The severed end of the hand has the right amount of gore and the stab wound in the middle of the hand is done well.  The rotting appearance of the hand makes this piece come alive.

While I am very happy with everything with this figure, the one thing I’m not happy with is the price.  For the $240 price point, I would expect more accessories or at least a second head.  I know I had the choice NOT to buy the figure, but I just feel like a few more items could have been tossed in for what the price is.  I don’t even want to think about the conversion of this to Canadian dollars. Ugh…

I almost missed out on this guy for some reason. Either I missed all the social media blitzes when he was announced or when I saw it, I thought it was cool but it totally slipped my mind to put in the pre-order (having a child under two years old can do that, you know!). Thankfully I ordered him in December but as I’m writing this at the end of February, he has now sold out on Sideshow’s website.

I’m going to sound cliche here, but this figure is “Groovy!” Check out my video for some points I don’t discuss on here.