Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Raphael Sixth Scale Figure by DreamEX Review


I took a look at the newly released sixth scale Leonardo figure by DreamEX a few days ago. Raphael came in at the same time, so the weekend was spent posing, taking pictures and videos, and just generally enjoying these fantastic figures. Leonardo has his chance to shine and now it is Raphael’s turn.

This review of this figure is going to be a lot shorter than the one I did for Leonardo. There will still be quite a few pictures of the figure, but considering the body of the turtle is basically the same as Leonardo and they come will almost the same accessories, I just won’t be repeating the same information here. You can go over to my Leonardo feature for more in-depth analysis on parts of the figure that are similar like articulation, the overall feel of the figure, and the accessories.

The box is similar to the other figures DreamEX has released in this line. Once again, the figure is packed and protected well in the box.

The figure comes without any extra accessories on him when you take him out of the box. I’m keeping my Raphael pretty plain and I’ve only added the holders for his Sai weapons on the front of his belt.

I will say that Raphael doesn’t suffer from the lopsidedness problem I had with Leonardo. I can stand Raphael straight and I’m happy with that. When he is standing straight, he’s about 10.5” tall.

Raphael has the same body, arms, legs, and articulation as Leonardo.  To sum it up nicely, the figure is fully articulated well and the joints are all nice and tight on my figure. He was easy balance and pose.

Raphael also features the same “hockey tape” on his ankles and the hard plastic knee and elbow pads that are attached to a stretchable fabric.


With Raphael, you can admire the overall look of the shell a bit more than Leonardo’s because there is nothing hanging off it to obscure your vision.

The vintage style head sculpt features a different mouth expression than Leonardo although the rest of the head is similar (except the colour of his bandana, of course). The second head with the pupils is also the similar to the other turtle. The bandana features the same wiring within the fabric so you can tweak it so it looks like Raphael is in motion.

As I stated, most of the accessories are the exact same as the ones Leonardo came with but as you can see below, you do get a lot of stuff with him!


The main differences with the accessories verses what you get with Leonardo are with the throwing stars and the communicator. The throwing stars are a different shape than Leo’s but they are made out of the same steel. The communicator is similar except when you open it, you just see buttons and no communication screen.

One piece that Raphael comes with that’s exclusive to him is the folded arms. Raphael is the character with the most attitude and has been defiant over most turtle continuity, so it’s only fitting that he comes with something like this to portray that. It’s easy to swap onto the figure by removing both arms and sliding this on. It has enough give to stretch from one peg insert to the other. I demonstrate it in the video embedded below, so you can check that out. I really love the look of it and I think it’s such a unique extra!

One other “accessory” Raphael comes with is a pizza box. It comes unfolded as shown. I’m not sure if I’m going to put it together or use it at all, so I decided to just take a picture of it how it comes out of the box.


Raph’s Sai weapons are very well done. They are constructed out of the same steel material that the throwing stars are (and Leo and Shredders’s swords). I really like the hockey tape material used to wrap the handles.


Raphael has no issue holding these weapons in different variations, which gives you a lot of posing and fighting stance options.

I have to unfortunately say I didn’t take any extra pictures of Raphael with his alternate hands in place. Just like Leonardo, the hands he comes with attached are so damn hard to take off, you have to soak them in boiling hot water for a minute to soften things up enough to pull them off. Once you exchange the hands (or put the main ones back on), you have to do the whole process again. You can see the extra hands holding the accessories in my Leonardo feature.

With Raphael going into my display case either holding his Sai weapons or with his arms crossed, it wasn’t worth the time (that I don’t have anyway) to take the additional pictures. I hope this issue can be resolved with Donatello and Michelangelo.

Besides the issue with the hands being so hard to swap, this figure is top notch. The sculpt is great, the accessories are plentiful for those who are going to use them, and the overall body and articulation provides excellent range for you to pose the figure numerous ways. Donatello and Michelangelo are officially pre-ordered so I can’t wait to have the whole gang together.

If you missed out on my looks at Shredder and Casey Jones, click the links!

I wonder if DreamEX will unveil their Krang figure that was teased last year. I also hope that they will be able to produce Foot Soldiers, Splinter, Bebop, Rocksteady, April O’Neil, and a couple other characters (good and bad guys) from the TMNT Universe. Imagine how cool it would be to have a 1/6 scale Baxter Stockman fly figure!

Enjoy the video!