Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Leonardo Sixth Scale Figure by DreamEX Review


It’s like Christmas in February because last week my preorders for the DreamEX sixth Leonardo and Raphael figures arrived! I’ve been looking forward to these because of how happy I was with the first two figures in this line I own and took a look at: Shredder and Casey Jones. While those two figures weren’t perfect, I was impressed enough to continue on with the line. This feature will focus on Leonardo.


There have been a slew of TMNT figures have come out lately from different companies. These TMNT figures are for sale in the China market only due to the licensing arrangements. Thankfully, we live in a global community so it’s not hard to find places that import these. I got this figure from a US online retailer (Lunar Toy Store) for$165 US plus $24 to ship to me in Canada. That was cheaper than Casey Jones and Shredder.

The slipcase for the box is in the same style as Shredder and Casey Jones. It features the toy on the front with a cool effect on the figure. The back of the box features large TMNT and Nickelodeon logos with some other legal mumbo-jumbo on the back.

The box for the figure is also the same as the other two figures. It is hard and durable. The inside of the box has firm foam that protects the figure and the accessories very well. There aren’t any twist ties or additional plastic to fiddle with when getting the figure out.

Taking the figure out of the box, the only thing it has on it is the belt (that isn’t removable) and the holster piece that extends from the front and onto the back of the shell. There are two holders for the Katana cases that are secured with Velcro.

When you add some of the items onto the Leonardo, you can see below he’s now ready for action (or maybe I should say he’s ready to kick some shell).

The articulation in the figure is really well done. The figure is articulated at the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, torso, legs, knees, ankles, and toes. Most of the articulation points swivel as well.

I don’t know if it’s just my figure, or the design in general, but he is really lopsided. I don’t know if one leg is shorter than the other, or maybe just how it was attached, but I cannot get him to stand up horizontally. I didn’t have this issue at all with Raphael. Perhaps I have to play around with it more. If my Leo figure stood straight like Raph, he’d measure approximately 10.5″.

The main head the figure ships with is amazing! It looks aggressive and serious – like they used to be in the early days of the comics. It’s a harder plastic, so you don’t have to worry about it being squished.  I really like the paint around the outside of the mask and the darker paint to emphasize the expression.

There’s some amphibian texture to the top of the head that goes along with what you find on the rest of the body.

The second head looks a little more like an animated head with the pupils added and a face that doesn’t seem to convey much expression. I actually think the sculpt makes Leo look bored.  I won’t be posing him at all with this head and never planned to but it’s a nice bonus for those who want to.

On both heads, the back of the bandana features wiring in the material. This way you can actually work them to create more dynamics to your poses. I thought this was a really cool surprise and wasn’t expecting it!

There are great details all over this figure. The texture of the skin of the figure is kinda lifelike. Whatever kind of plastic they used for it, they nailed it with the decision. All over the figure, there are veins that are popping out and the amphibian skin markings and layering is done really well.

More excellent details are found all over: the chest shell has great markings and textures on it, the belt and the harness for the Katana sheaths are a faux leather material and doesn’t feel cheap, and the ankle support tape feels like hockey tape and the markings on it make it seem like Leo has already seen some heavy action.

The elbow and knee pads are a harder plastic but the cloth material they’re attached to has a lot of give to it because of the elasticity of it.  The wristbands are a soft cloth material and can be removed if you’d like when (if) you take the hands off.

You can see in the picture below that this figure comes LOADED with accessories.  This gives you so many options for display and posing.

To break the down all the accessories, there are six alternate hands (eight in total), two pouches, a communicator (that has a picture of April O’Neil when you open it up), two slices of pizza, a grappling hook, three ninja stars (shuriken),  and a display stand.


I go over these accessories a bit more in depth in my video at the bottom of the page. I’ll discuss my issue with the hands later on,  too.

The display stand is basically useless. It’s plain, it’s light and it really doesn’t hold Leonardo in place well because he doesn’t fit in the holder area of the stand well.

Be careful with the grappling hook when removing it from the package because while the hook piece is solid, there is a chance that you could snap a piece off.

I needed to take a  close-up of the throwing knifes in the holder because  I really like the look of them. The knives fit perfectly in the holder and the holder itself is designed with with an stretchy material that clips on to his leg snugly.  My figure will always have this piece on.


Lastly, Leonardo comes with his signature katana blades and the sheaths for them. The sheaths do have a bit of weight to them, so when you put the swords in (which are also heavy), you have to strap them to Leo’s back piece well so they stay in place.

I really like the hockey tape/bandage look carrying over to the holders because it does a lot to tie in all aspects of the figure.

The swords are f’n awesome.  The blades aren’t sharp, of course, but the tips are.  You could probably stab someone with one of these with some force.  I love the look of the steel blades. They are reflective, don’t feel cheap and look like they are legitimate mini-weapons.

Below are assorted pictures I took of Leonardo with his katanas.  I am so happy that DreamEX made sure that Leo could hold these swords well because Shredder and Casey Jones didn’t have hands that could hold their weapons all that well.  This gives you a multitude of poses you could do with the figure.

I have to apologize because I did plan on taking more pictures with his alternative hands. I even mentioned it in my video. I did get the hands to come off without too much stress once I placed them in boiling hot water for about a minute but once I put them back on, they were still tight and for me to swap them out again, I ‘d have to do the process over again.  As you can see in the picture below, trying to pry the hand off is causing a little bit of tear at the bottom of the thumb. It’s not worth risking any damage when these hands are going to be my permanent hands on the figure anyway.


It’s a pain in the ass because they wrist bands get wet and then I would have to wait for them to dry to take pictures. It just isn’t (wasn’t) worth the time or effort for me when I’m not going to pose them with any of the different hands in my display case (and with some wear and tear showing already). Maybe the hands on mine are on tighter than others, but I ran into the exact same issue with Raphael. Long story short here: sorry…no pictures with the alternative hands. Instead you can see the accessories in the hands the should go in.

After all that bad news, I did take more pictures of Leonardo with this blades out. I just had so much fun posing him with them. I can see myself going to my display case weekly just to change it up. For fun, I also added one picture of the alternate head on the body with the swords in his hands.

The last two pictures in the set below also feature Leonardo with two of the extras: the grappling hook in his hand (with the shell part hooked on his belt) and the throwing knives.

For size comparison, I took a few shots of Leo beside Shredder. I hope they release some Foot Soldiers down the line to help Shredder out.

Yeah, there are issues with the figure. I’m not happy that he seems a little lopsided and it shouldn’t be so damn difficult to be able to change the hands on this figure (it’s the same with Raphael, who I’ll look at next). Besides those two issues (and the useless stand), I think for the price point, there’s a lot of value here. You get a lot of accessories, a well articulated body, and an awesome looking sculpt and design all around.  I’m glad I bought him (and Raph) and I’ve just pre-ordered Donatello and Michelangelo.


Enjoy the video!