Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) Villains Set – NYCC Exclusive by NECA Toys


Hot on the heels of the exclusive TMNT sets from last year’s San Diego Comic Con (the Turtles set and the Foot Clan set based off the 80s arcade game), NECA surprised TMNT us with this set based on the classic comics from Eastman and Laird in the last quarter of 2016.

I know I’m late (like REALLY late) showcasing these guys on the site, but they got lost in the shuffle. I did a video in November, but I just couldn’t get good pictures of this set and moved on to other things. I finally went back and got pictures and then I hated the video I did, so I had to redo one last weekend.  So basically, this feature and the video is just a quick look and for me to brag that I scored one.  I’m also letting you all know I’m keeping this set in the box (just like my other two sets) because it’s easier for me to display.

I was late to the TMNT NECA party as I only have the two SDCC 4-pakcs I linked and reviewed above, but I also only have the four individual turtles – in colour – that I grabbed off Ebay a few years ago. I think they are bootlegs, though and I’ll eventually be putting them up on the site.

Long story short, NECA got permission to make and sell these at New York Comic Con in October of 2016 with an allocation that was sold on their NECA webstore. They made 3000 of these so you knew they were going to go fast even at $100 US a set.  As a Canadian, I was shit out of luck once again as the licensing agreement meant that they could only sell them in the US and only at this convention. Thankfully Dave from Mad Rush Media helped me out again and I scored one.

The packaging for this set is the same style as their arcade game figures (similar dimension and window box packaging). The front features beautiful art that pays homage to the old Eastman and Laird TMNT comics On the underside of the front flap there is some excellent artwork that’s taken from the very first TMNT comic where the Turtles first encounter The Shredder.


All the figures are around 6” tall and have over 30 points or articulation. You know you’ll be able to get some excellent poses out of these guys. Speaking of poses, the back of the package features some awesome toy photography from Matthew K, who does some brilliant stuff over at theFwoosh.com. Actually, you can see more of these over at this location!


As mentioned, lifting the front flap reveals the window-box packaging which is perfect for people like me who leave a lot of their collection in the box (due to lack of room or places to display them loose). What I really like about the set, too, is there’s a comic-style background behind the figures that really bring the whole packaging together.


There are four figures in this set: Shredder, an elite Foot Soldier and two similar looking regular Foot Soldiers. They all have similar paint schemes that give them the same stylized look as the Eastman and Laird comic books.


Click each picture below for a larger image. All the figures have an extra set of closed hands, just like the other sets. All the hands for the Foot Soldiers are the same while Shredders have his razors on his. As well, all the figures have their own set of weapons. You can click the individual pictures for close-up shots.

One of my favourite little bonuses for this set is a Krang figure. This guy probably really isn’t Krang but an Utrom, the race of creatures that Krang is a part of. In the early comic books, there wasn’t just one Krang like we were used to from the 80s cartoon series.


NECA did another great job with this set. Collectors and TMNT fans get a lot of bang for their buck with this. It’s just too bad that Playmates has such a hold on the TMNT retails space because I think kids and collectors alike should experience better TMNT products than the ones that are being sold now (and have greater access to them without having to empty their pockets on the aftermarket). Hell, the ones that originally hit the shelves when I was a kid are better than the stuff I see Playmates selling at retail these days…but I digress.