Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind – Preternia He-Man


If you subscribed to the Masters of the Universe Classics line in 2011, you were able to score the exclusive sub-only figure, Preternia He-Man (as in “Pre-Eternia”). He arrived in March and you got as many of them as you had subscriptions.

I found this figure to be a good choice for a subscription only figure because he was a character that didn’t have a vintage figure and people looking only for the vintage updates probably wouldn’t be too upset if they didn’t get one. The figure didn’t wow me when I first got it and as I went on taking photos and reflecting on it for this feature, I’m still not a big fan.

Before I get to looking at the actual figure, you can see the packaging is the standard one we were used to. On the back, the bio is essential for explaining the rationale behind this figure. In a nutshell, He-Man was sent back to Preternia in order to find a way to stop King Hssss. There he befriends He-Ro and King Grayskull and together they defeat the Snake-Man for the first time.  He-Man does all of this without revealing his identity.

This is where the vintage Masters of the Universe toy line was heading before it was cancelled and then relaunched a few years later as He-Man (otherwise as New Adventures). By the time the line ended, I was moving on to other figure lines, although I still cherished what I had at the time.

The figure shares the same arms and legs as the other male figures and that’s about it for the shared parts. This figure is basically on big robe…and a beefy looking robe at that. He almost looks like one big brown blob on the shelf. It’s just too large and bulky around the torso and he looks more like Friar Tuck.

The head sculpt is decent, but all you really see is a He-Man head with a mask. There’s nothing really to it and the expression on the figure is just “meh.” On the plus side, the paint on the face, especially the mask, is well done.


Another thing that makes me dislike this figure, well, mine in particular, are his ankles. They are so loose and not put together well, I can barely do anything with it. You can see in the picture below how the ankle joint doesn’t connect well to the foot at all. Both feet are like this.


Preternia He-Man comes with two accessories and this is/was the first time I actually liked the accessories more than the figure itself. The first accessory is an oversized laser blaster. I actually like the design of the gun and I dig the stabilizer on it that rests against He-Man’s shoulder when he holds it.

The second accessory is an important one.  it is the almighty Cosmic Key; an item that was first seen in the live action Masters of the Universe movie from 1987.  The key is written into MOTU lore by being the means to transport He-Man back in time for the purpose explained in the bio.  It’s pretty creative if you ask me.

I really like the design of the key and the gold and silver make it pop.  The little “keys” can move in a circular motion as well.

I don’t like being negative about figures I buy. Even if this figure wasn’t a sub exclusive, I would have purchased it because I ended up being a completest with the line and I like the idea and story that led us to getting this figure (as well as the accessories that came with it). I just think the basic design wasn’t executed as well as it could have been and it ends up translating into a boring figure for me.