Jabba the Hutt’s Sixth Scale Throne Environment from Sideshow Collectibles


The first part of my Jabba feature focused on the figure itself  I tracked down early last year. I thought it was an excellent piece, and if you missed it,  go back and read about it and watch the embedded video. This part, though, focuses on the companion piece Sideshow Collectibles made to go with Jabba: the Throne Environment!

Having this thing come into my possession has been a struggle and a pain in the ass. This throne is limited to 4200 pieces worldwide  and was made in 2007, a time when I was not collecting sixth scale figures.  Now not only are people selling this for just under triple the original price or higher, the sheer weight of this thing was prohibiting me from getting it. I had been quoted anywhere from $200-350 US to have this shipped from the US to Canada. When you’re adding the price this thing goes for plus at least $200 US or more just to ship it, that’s not an easy pill to swallow. I refuse to throw away money like that on shipping, so I just kept patient and searched and searched to find something that would make the purchase a tad more manageable.

I found someone on Ebay who was selling it and the auction ended without it selling. I  contacted the seller and asked if they’d sell it for a lower price off Ebay to avoid fees. He agreed but the shipping was still an issue. Thanks to my other buddy Steve and his wife Lindsay, they tipped me off to a shipping depot in Michigan you can send items purchased online in the US to. All you have to do is cross the border, pick it up, pay a very minimal fee and then tell customs what it’s worth. The cost to ship it to the depot?  55 bucks. That was it and I went through with the transaction because it was all perfectly aligned. Thank you so much Steve and Lindsay for picking this up for me.

I anxiously awaited this to arrive. The Throne Environment was promised to be mint and never opened. That meant I could have opened it to see some potential defects or items broken from the initial shipment and there would be nothing I could do about it. When It arrived, I took all the items out immediately and inspected everything. Everything was perfect and the item was indeed never opened before.

I’ll back up here and start with the packaging itself. This is probably one of the largest boxes for a product I’ve even had – right up there with the MOTUC Castle Grayskull and the Black Series Tie Fighter. This massive box is 22″ high, and 33″ long (standing how I took the picture of it – with a depth of 13″). It weighs a lot, too.  It’s at LEAST 40 pounds. The box needed to be that big to hold all the Styrofoam that secure all the pieces inside and now I see why this thing would be so expensive to ship.

The front and back of the box is similar to the one Jabba came in – it features the product on the front, a short bio on the back, and the other items in this series. As you will see, the Throne on the front of the box is a bit different than the one inside. I’m sure this had to do with changes from the prototype to the final product. There are differences with the size of the pillows included and the mat that goes under Jabba. You can also see below that my throne is 1696/4200. It is also indicated on the bottom of the throne as well.

Once a few of the items are placed in their spots, you stand in awe in front of it.  This thing is massive and heavy. Basically it is a huge slab for your Jabba sixth scale figure to rule upon. It measures 13″ high, 29″ long and 17″ deep and weighs about 30-35 pounds. I’ve seen pictures and other review videos of it, but nothing could prepare me for how large and heavy it actually is. I mean, I had some idea considering the size of Jabba, but it’s not until you see it in person do you come to grips with it all. Make some room if you don’t have this item yet and want it.

The look and feel of the Throne Environment is almost similar to a slab of concrete. The small minute details and textures in the stone-like slab make it look like it came right out of the movie.  This way must have taken a lot of time and experimentation to get right.  Like I said, until you see it and touch it in person, it’s on a whole different level of realism.


Jabba’s Throne Environment piece has those iconic one-eyed creatures popping out of the front of the throne (and one on each side). They are solid pieces and have a real metal ring hanging from the mouths. They have a rusty look and feel to them and you can move them up and down.

The mat that goes under Jabba has a fake leather feel to it. It is rolled up tight in the package so placing Jabba on it and other items to weigh down the edges is needed. I like the ripped edges on it and it makes it looks like it’s been around under Jabba for a while.

On the guard rail piece that holds Jabba’s hookah and frog snacks is the control console that he activates to send people that anger him into the pit below to be eaten by the Rancor monster. Well, everyone except Luke, right?

The hookah piece itself is very detailed and has some weight to it. You place it into the railing when you take it out of the box.  I like the smokey look the top of the hookah has to it because when it’s on display, Jabba looks like he’s always going to indulge in a wee hit.

The hookah is connected to the pipe piece with a little plastic tube.  Because of how the plastic is packed, you have to straighten it out a bit so it looks right when you put the pipe in Jabba’s hand. Jabba unfortunately doesn’t hold it well and because of the lack of articulation in Jabba’s arm, you can’t get a pose of Jabba placing the pipe in his mouth.

Below the pipe piece is the bowl containing the frog-like creature snacks.  The “water” they are floating in is dark, giving off the murky look, so it’s quite hard to make out what the creatures look like. I wish they could have been removable or the liquid a little lighter so I could see the actual creatures that were sculpted. That’s a small nit-pick from me.

I have to chuckle because the waste grate was actually sculpted onto the throne. I love this attention to detail that goes into replicating everything, so props to Sideshow adding the place where Jabba’s waste goes after he relives himself.

The other few extras this Throne Environment piece comes with are two pillows and a plate of food. The pillows have some weight to them and are great to use when trying to flatten the mat that goes underneath Jabba. The plate of food has some diversity to it, but I’m not sure what any of this delicacy may be.

Placing Jabba on his throne and placing that pipe in his hand is a feel-good moment. No longer will my Jabba have no place to call his own anymore. He will feel comfortable in my house. I’m so glad it took me a while to get this because I really appreciate this piece.


I now have to track down the two creature packs that Sideshow released (as shown on the back of the box). I need Salacious Crumb to join Jabba and have a seat along side of him on the throne.


I should have added my C-3P0 figure here, too!

I am so happy I finally tracked down one of my Holy Grails of collecting. It sucks that as of writing this I really have no place to properly put it on display and am looking into options. Something like this should be highlighted in a room, but I’m really running out of space in my man-cave. Nonetheless, I’m glad I have the item and can share it all with you.