Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) Mega Bloks Classic Party Wagon and Technodrome by Mega Bloks

It’s been a while since I took a look at the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Classics Series by Mega Bloks. I previously featured the four Turtles and the two villain sets that also feature Rocksteady and Beebop (as well as three Foot Soldiers in each of those sets). I also looked at the sets based on the classic Eastman and Laird comics.

In this feature, you’ll see some pics and read some insights on two other TMNT sets that I picked up about a month and a bit ago: the Classic Party Wagon and the HUGE playset, theTechnodrome. I know these have been out for awhile, but this was the first chance I got to be able to get some pictures of the Technodrome done with a bunch of larger items I was taking pics of (and doing videos for) recently.

Classic Turtle Van

While the Turtle van for the regular TMNT Mega Bloks series has been out for a while now, I don’t care for the design of it, or the updated figures. I’m a classic Turtles guy, so that why I snatched up the other sets when I probably wouldn’t have picked up any Mega Bloks sets in the first place.

This set is has 531 pieces including the three figures.  The packaging is in the same style as the other Classic series Mega Blocks I looked at before and that’s great for MIB people. The picture on the front really gets you excited to build this as it’s a great action shot involving every character included in the set.

On the back of the package, you get to see how the Party Wagon will look from the back when it is built and all the working pieces that open. I’m actually curious once (if) I finally build this how strong the missile launcher is and how clean the sticker detailing is on the control panels/section of the Wagon.

While the design of the van hits that nostalgia sweet spot well and just getting this set to build it is enough in itself, getting this set also gives you access to owning two exclusive figures you can’t get anywhere else: Shredder and April O’ Neil. You also get a Michelangelo figure, but he seems to be the exact same as the stand alone release.

For some people wanting the figures to go along with the other mini figures they may own, I can see buying this just to get the figures as a hard pill to swallow. Mind you, I think most people buying this series would be in for getting most of the releases under the “Classics” banner (maybe except the Technodrome set due to the cost).

I know it seems kinda silly applauding this set when I haven’t even opened it (while I debate strongly whether or not to open and build all this stuff), but the packaging and the details on the figures and vehicle all seem top notch.

The Technodrome

Before I talk about this huge item, I have to preface with my tale of acquiring it. I nearly lost my mind when I saw this was announced at SDCC 2016. It looked massive and it seemed like Mega Bloks was really reaching for the stars here. When I saw the price when it was finally released, I nearly pooped my pants. Yes, I know these can be expensive – just look at some of the Star Wars Lego sets (like the reissued Death Star that now runs $500-600 Canadian) or the Lego Simpsons House and Quick-E-Mart sets ($230 each), but when I saw a $400 price tag (Canadian again, people), I knew I’d probably never snag it.

Toys R Us (.ca, yo!) had this up for a week or so at $280 (with free shipping). I figured at that price I could order it and once it came in and I checked it over – I would decide whether or not to keep it. I was impressed with what I saw on the package and when I did more research on the Interwebs about it, so I kept it.

With luck on my side, the Toys R Us flyer promoted up to 60% off TMNT Mega Bloks items. Seeing how I just scored the Eastman and Laird Collection sets and the Party Wagon, I got money back from the already cheaper than in-store prices. Unfortunately, the Technodrome was nowhere online anymore but I had a plan. I got the SKU number from my order form and called my local TRU to ask what the price was in the system to see if it was affected by the sale. It sure as hell was and I scored this set for $180 Canadian after all was said and done. How’s THAT for some good luck?

Anyway, now that I’m finished bragging, I can talk a bit about this set. It is massive and heavy – the box AND all the pieces inside of it. When this thing was delivered and brought the box in, I couldn’t believe the weight and how big the box actually would be.


The packaging, again, is in the same style as the others in the Classics TMNT Mega Bloks line. I really like the action displayed on the front of the box as it shows some crazy stuff going on! Leonardo is destroying Mousers while Krang looks like he’s on his way for a confrontation, Splinter is dealing with a Foot Soldier, and the Technodrome looks like it’s about to unleash some of its energy. I also really like the old-school cartoon visuals all over the box.

This set has a whopping 2976 pieces including Leonardo and some exclusive figures to this set: four Mousers, Krang, and Splinter. Before having this set in reach financially, I was a bit bummed out that Splinter and Krang were exclusive to the set. I know it gives people more incentive to buy something this large and expensive, but for people who just want the mini figures, it kind of screws them out of getting a complete set.

On the back, you can see that it stands at 16.1” or 40.9 cm (for us Canadians – close to half a metre). That’s pretty big for a building set. The Technodrome opens up to feature 5 different levels for displaying/playing with the figures, control panels, a small jail, and a huge screen that features the Rock People (I wonder if that is foreshadowing anything).

One thing I’m curious about (if and when I open this to build it) is if this thing rolls well and if so, is it the tracks that move or are there wheels on the bottom of this piece.


I may be nitpicking (especially when this is just from looking at the box of an item I haven’t built), but the insides of the Technodrome on either side of the walls look a little barren and plain. You can see the bottom of the blocks that build the outside shell, but I think it would have been nice if they would have supplied a couple extra pieces to snap on the bottoms to add more screens or at least give it a smooth look.


I’m so fortunate to have snagged this at a price that most people would consider a steal without actually stealing the damn thing, so here’s hoping I keep the New Year’s Resolution of mine to open up all these TMNT Mega Bloks, build them, and enjoy them instead of just displaying these boxes.  Stay tuned to the site to see what happens!!