Darth Maul – “Duel on Naboo” Sixth Scale Figure by Sideshow Collectibles


I’m so excited to finally be able to have this feature completed! It is a lot later than I wanted it to be because there were many issues with the first figure I was sent from Sideshow and I had to follow the protocol to get a replacement (which was done with no hassle, by the way).

If you haven’t read on the site about what the problems were, here’s what the issues were in a nutshell: it had loose legs that wouldn’t allow him to stand, right forearm issues where none of the right hands would stay in, and a cross-eyed portrait. Sideshow asked me to destroy the figure and send them pictures in order to get my replacement. I did and if you missed any of the carnage, go here. As well, there’s a video at the end that’s embedded from my YouTube page for those who like to watch, rather than read. That goes for this feature, too!

With all that off my plate and a replacement figure in my hands, I got to work on this new sixth scale figure for my Star Wars collection. This box is even in better shape than the first one I received. As you can see, it’s similar to the other Star Wars figure boxes Sideshow has produced and it features the “Sideshow Exclusive” sticker because of the extra accessory it comes with (that I’ll get to later). The back and inside of the box also show some pictures of the figure.

The figure stands perfectly fine out of the box (unlike the one before it). While the legs of this figure are a tad looser than I would like, it’s still night and day difference. The figure is approx. 12” tall, so he remains in scale with other figures Sideshow and Hot Toys produce.

The outfit has a couple of layers to it and I love the lines of the outfit which run vertical, making it look like the outfit is lifted straight from the movie. The last time I saw a Darth Maul in this scale is when I bought the old Hasbro 12” when Episode I actually came out (I still have it, too), so it really makes an impact when you see the level of detail just put into the outfit/robe. They could have done a pure black material and draped it on him, but that’s just not how this line of figures is done and I can see how creating this elaborate, movie accurate costume can add to the overall price of the figure.

Version 2

One thing that is a little bit off with the outfit on this figure compared to the figure I first received is with the wires in the front of the robe that are draped down around hi waist. The first figure I had, I could flex the wires to give a more dynamic flow to the front of the figure and they would stay put.  I could also have these flaps stay straight so the flaps had a calm, relaxed look. On this figure, I can’t get the wires to stay straight for the life of me, so it is always going to look like there’s some wind hitting Maul from the front. It’s a small gripe.

The belt area has a great faux-leather look to it with some detailing added to it. On the side of the belt, there’s a place where the lightsaber hilt should go. On my first figure, this piece came ripped off and I couldn’t get it back on for the life of me. For this figure, it’s on properly but I can’t get the lightsaber hilt to attach in any way. I could be doing it wrong, but I wasn’t about to force (good pun, huh?) anything because I didn’t want this piece coming off.

I really like the look of the boots. Like the belt, it has like a faux-leather material/look and  the way the articulation is added to the boot is well done. It’s blends in with the sculpt of the boot and isn’t loose at all. I love they added all the different textures and wrinkling to the boots as well.


The face sculpt is where this figure kicks ass the most. I cannot believe how artists and sculptors can do stuff like this. What good is a figure if it doesn’t reflect the likeness of the character and/or actor?  I find this sculpt to be so realistic, lifelike, and movie accurate. The only thing I’m not a fan of are the plastic seam lines that seem to show up when taking these pictures or looking at the head up-close.

The eyes, tattoos, and horns are all spot on for me.  The eyes are piercing and I really like the expression they chose. It works when he’s posed in a relax stance and it works when he is posed with his lightsaber about to duel.  The horns are the proper height and come to a point – there are no rounded edges here. They all seem properly placed and keep the head looking really symmetrical.

Darth Maul’s left ear seems to have a little metal piece or earring piece at the top. I never noticed the character having it and I’ve never noticed it on any other action figure I have of him.

Darth Maul comes with 4 pairs of hands – lightsaber holding hands, fists, force action (gesture) hands, and a relaxed pair. I had no problems whatsoever plugging these hands in or taking them out unlike the other figure I had. I am a huge fan of all these hands having their own pegs and it gave me more incentive to actually exchange the hands to play around with different looks/poses.


Darth Maul comes with his signature dual-bladed lightsaber. Once again, Sideshow has created a hilt with great accuracy and paint detailing. The blades have a really cool effect close to the hilt where it looks like the energy is protruding from the hilt. The blades are also removable (but I didn’t take a picture of that). As you can see from the pictures, though, is that the blades curve a bit and aren’t straight, which is a bit of a bummer for me especially at the price point we pay for this.

Speaking of the price, that relates to the “bonus” accessory that comes with the Sideshow Exclusive version (which is long sold out). The bonus is the damaged lightsaber hilt that has been cut in half but still has one lightsaber blade. I’m glad I got the exclusive edition because this is a cool extra. The exclusive edition and the regular edition are the same price so I’m sure people picking up the regular edition who aren’t getting a bonus may not be too happy.

This figure also comes with a standard stand that we’ve seen with some other Sideshow Star Wars releases. It’s black on top, has the same figure clamp attachment, and features the Star Wars logo on the bottom.

At $239.99 US, I feel like we could have had more accessories thrown in with this guy. I understand a lot of money probably went into the outfit to make it very accurate and the head sculpt for it to be so realistic but we’ve had other figures from Sideshow and Hot Toys where we’ve been given so much more for the same price point or less. Hell, look at the Luke Skywalker figure from Hot Toys – it came with so much for $10 less. They could have thrown in a miniature holographic Darth Sidious or something.

I had a lot of fun posing this figure. While he’ll always have his lightsaber in his hand in my display cabinet, he pulls off bare-handed poses very well.

I do enjoy the figure and don’t regret buying it because it is an excellent looking piece and already looks great among my other figures. If it wasn’t for the Sideshow Exclusive edition almost selling out AND me having saved up reward points, I don’t know if I would have jumped at him as soon as I did. The $45 from my reward points I used on him did soften the blow for me. Don’t let my bitching about the price take away from the stellar work Sideshow and their team did on the figure and how it turned out because they did produce an amazing figure…I just wish it would have been at a lower price point or we got a little bit more for what it is selling for.

Here’s the video with some additional thoughts!