Masters of the Universe Classics (Collectors Choice) – Horde Wraith


As I mentioned in my look at Tuskador, delays and slow shipping really delayed my November order until the end of January, hence why I’m finally getting to looking at The Horde Wraith now at beginning of February!

The Horde Wraith was one of my most anticipated figures of the year after it got announced. There was no vintage figure of it and I actually paid much attention to the character until reading threads about it and going back and re-watching \them in a particular episode in the 200X MYP Masters of the Universe cartoon. There were many fans on forums stating they’d love to see the character in action figure form and their voices were heard.

For those of you who don’t know anything about the Horde Wraith, I found the write-up that was featured on the page to be quite good: “Hordak fights He-Man by harnessing the power of the dark side. By enslaving magicians throughout the universe, he creates a sinister circle of mystics and uses their magical ways to aid in his quest for control.” There you go! It’s like he’s taken the souls of mystics and have them do his bidding.

Keeping with the aesthetics of all the other figures, the packaging remains the same except without a bio. I think this figure is another one in this line that would have truly benefited from having one because until you read the description on Matty’s page that I posted above, you may not have an idea about the origin of them.

Getting this figure out of the package and holding it is breathtaking. There are so many cool little details here and I totally commend the Four Horsemen for their outstanding work on this sculpt.  The black, red, and grey aesthetics work very well.  The cape that is draped over its shoulders flow into the Horde emblem and chest piece.

The bottom of the Wraith’s robe and it’s cape are tattered and torn, making the figure look like its some kind of ancient being. It really adds to the overall dark and evil atmosphere that’s supposed to be reflected to the figure’s presence.

The articulation for the figure is found with the head turning just a tad, the shoulders, elbows and the swivel in the hands.  Underneath the front piece you find the hidden ab crunch. I’m very surprised that they added this here! The waist also can swivel.

Up close, the face represents darkness. The glossy black that’s on top of a subtlety accented face sculpt works very well. Paired up with the yellow piercing eyes, you really get the essence of the Horde.


The Horde Wraith comes with a translucent stand that plugs into the bottom of the figure to give the illusion of the figure hovering.  It’s easy to pop in and out.

The figure comes with only one accessory but that’s OK considering the character is more of a spell-casting demon/minion.  I have no idea what to call this weapon. It’s like a combination of a spear/crossbow and an axe.  I like how The Four Horsemen blended the Horde’s iconic mandatory crossbow into a new type of weapon.

While the Horde Wraith does look imposing with the weapon in hand, I find that the figure doesn’t actually grip the weapon well at all. You have to basically rest the axe section on a part of the hand if you want it to stay put.  This is my only gripe with the figure.

While the weapon in hand is cool, I think the figure looks just as good posed without it. With the figure being more of a summoned spirit that knows magic, I’ll probably keep it on my shelf as a spell caster and not worrying if it wields a weapon.

Not even two minutes after releasing this figure from its plastic jail did I regret getting a second one. When I pay off a few more things coming in from pre-orders, I’ll probably track another one down. I’d really like to have two of these floating on my shelf because the figure blew me away.  Just like the Roton/Skelcon set, Clawful, and Tuskador, I think the last few releases through Matty Collector helped refocus my thoughts on the good this line brought and not the issues and problems it had in 2016.


Join me later on in 2017 for new Masters of the Universe Classics figures (and Club Grayskull figures) courtesy of the Super7 and The Four Horsemen. I just can’t step away from the line and I’m happy it is continuing and pleased with the reveals of the first four figures of 2017. I have my set of Ultimates ordered and I’ll share them once they come in.

For anyone new to my site, stay tuned as well for more MOTUC Rewind features where I’m going through the line in order of release, reflecting on figure knowing now, well, what we know!