Masters of the Universe Classics (Collector’s Choice) – Tuskador


After a delay at Mattycollector, plus Digital River’s slower than hell shipping and the holiday season where Canada Post takes a lot of time off, the last MOTUC Collector’s Choice figures finally arrived last week. The Horde Wraith is coming up tomorrow, but I wanted to start off with Tuskador figure and save what I think is the better of the two figures for last.

I’ve stated in my other MOTUC Rewind features that I’m not a fan of the New Advertures of He-Man cartoon.  I never watched them as a kid, I can barely get through an episode today, and I never owned a figure in this line, so there’s no nostalgia factor linked to the characters at all. That doesn’t mean I can’t embrace the characters coming into the line re-imagined with the “Classics look.” You’ll see what I mean as more characters are featured my MOTUC Rewind series as I go through the line for those unfamiliar with them. As of the time of writing this, Optikk is the only character from that cartoon I’ve looked at so far.

The packaging for Tuskador is large and the same one Orko was in (and the one Ram-Man came in – who I’ll look at in the future in my Rewind feature). Once again there is no bio for the figure. For someone who isn’t invested into the New Adventures lore/cannon, I found the bios essential. I really liked how the bios wove the characters into the overall MOTU story arc so I’m missing it here.

It’s not until you get this figure out of the package that you realize a) how huge it really is and b) how heavy this guy is. He has more weight than any other standard figure in the line. The guy is BEEFY and that’s being said even without any of the tusks on him!

He has articulation in all the usual spots, which is quite impressive on a figure this size. Like Clawful, I had difficulty with the articulation. Tuskador’s left knee joint would not budge when I took him out of the package. I had to warm it up well just to work it just a little bit and I feared the damn thing would break. After about 5 minutes of gentle rocking the joint back and forth, it finally gave and I’m happy to say his knee can bend now with no problem.

The head sculpt for this guy is pretty cool. He looks pretty disgruntled and pissed and it suits the figure well. It’s like he’s taking the attitude of a charging elephant who is out for business and embedding it into this character.

When I took the helmet off my figure, I was disappointed to see that there’s a little bit of plastic that wasn’t trimmed properly over his right eye. I think I’ll have to take a blade to clean it up. Tuskador’s headpiece under the helmet also has some detail added to it which surprised me.

Tuskador still seems imposing from the front or the back without the helmet on.

I really love the attentions to detail that this figure has. His shoulder armour is huge and has a mechanical look to it while his boots look like they’re reinforced with electronics and pistons to help support and move his massive frame. I love the little detailing in between the areas where you plug the two tusks in the front because it looks like the end of an elephant’s nose.  Even the back of the figure has more machinery and electronics that may be there to control the tusks.

With all the detailing from the sculpting being a highlight of the figure, it’s accentuated even more with the paint that’s applied. The different shades on the boots, the gold tones used throughout the figure and the rusty look all bring this figure to life even more.

Just when you can’t think this figure couldn’t get any cooler, you can add the short or the long tusks to make him even more intimidating.  The first set of pictures have the short tusks plugged into the front and the long in the back, whereas the second set has the long tusks in the front and the short in the back. That’s the way I’ll be posing him on my shelf all the time.

The tusks are pretty light and I didn’t have any issue with him tipping over forward when placing the large tusks in. The figure is that solid and heavy that adding the tusks just doesn’t seem to affect the balance at all.

You can see below how far out those tusks go when plugged in. I know this may be too much for many people and I’ve seen others just posing him with the small tusks but I say, “go big or go home.” That’s the point of this guy!


Tuskador comes with a blaster, so if charging at someone with huge tusks isn’t enough to scare the piss out of an enemy, shooting at them as well will probably do the trick.  The gun is cast in one colour with no extra paint on it. That’s such a shame with the figure itself getting so much love.

The tusks are fun to interchange to get different poses with. Toss in an enemy for Tuskador to entrap in them and you can appreciate the power of the tusks a little more.

While I was anticipating Tuskador, I wasn’t sure how much he’d actually impress me upon arrival. After having him for a few days and doing the pictures for this feature, I can say that he turned out very well and I’m very happy to have him not only in the line, but on my shelf proudly with my other MOTU characters. The attention to detail in the sculpt, the colours used and applied and the sheer mass of this figure made this a hit in my books. That’s the magic with the MOTUC line and the sculpting of the Four Horsemen, right?