Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind: Bow

Although I watched the Filmation She-Ra: Princess of Power cartoon when I was younger, I didn’t have the attachment to it that I did with the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe cartoon. To tell you the truth, I watched She-Ra more to see the Horde, who were some of my favourite bad guys.

Although I wasn’t a huge fan of the cartoon (I still don’t even have them on DVD) , I still welcomed the characters into the Masters of the Universe Classics line. If was never opposed to them showing up (or the characters from New Adventures)because I felt it brought a lot of diversity to the overall line.

We had already received our first ever Adora figure, followed up by She-Ra, so it was only fitting that we got another main character sooner than later. In February, 2012 we got Bow in the mail and he was actually a figure that I was looking forward to based on the ad in Toyfare magazine they were Mattycollector was running.

Although Bow came from the Princess of Power cartoon, those figures still came in the usual packaging so we collectors didn’t have a conniption. On the back, the bio goes into some detail about Bo including that his first name is Kyle and he has a mad crush on Adora.  I wish it would have went into detail about how his contribution to joining the Great Rebellion amounted to something or what the different arrows he has do as I don’t recall anything from the cartoon.

Bow is on the MOTU standard body, featuring the same articulation as many of the other figures. Some of the difference on Bow’s body are the legs to convey he’s wearing pants and the blue paint makes it happen. All the joints and articulation still hold up after many years and I didn’t have any problems with posing my figure for this Rewind feature.

Bow’s gauntlets, cape, and armour piece were all brand new. Hell, we got a lot of new stuff with Bow here except the legs and main torso. That’s some love and dedication to the POP franchise right there!

The bows and the carry case for them on his back aren’t removable from the armour piece and I thought it was an odd decision at the time. I figured you would have been able to just plug this piece in or remove it if you didn’t want it on the figure. I’m sure I would have posed him with it on anyway, so in retrospect I guess it didn’t matter.


A cool thing about the Bow figure is it came with two different heads and chest pieces. The two heads represent the mustache look from the Filmation cartoon and the non-mustache face that was found on the classic Bow figure. The small circular chest emblems feature a red heart (like Bow had) or a red circle. I suppose this was included in case some people thought the heart was too “girly.” I kept a heart on one figure and the circle on another.

Not only do I like Bow’s top armour piece and the design of it, I m a fan of the cape, the new sculpt (at the time) of his right hand and his boots. All these new pieces, plus the paint job on him really impressed me.

Bow came with three accessories: a heart arrow, a bow (imagine that), and a harp. I understand the bow and arrow, but I have no clue why he came with a harp. Perhaps it was from a specific episode I don’t remember. Maybe someone can fill me in in the comment section.


I had to finally put the harp to some good use, so I grabbed my Adora figure off the shelf and got Bow to treat her to his rendition of Cattle Decapitation’s “Your Disposal” from their album, Monolith of Inhumanity.  I think she dug it, but Bow needs to work on his gutteral vocals and matching the key of the harp.


I took the plastic that holds the figures and accessories in place in the packaging and used that for the sting for Bow’s, uh, bow.  I’ve kept both versions of the figure in the aiming position on my shelf since I got them because it just looks so bad-ass.

Below are just a few more pictures of Bow aiming, ready to unleash the fury of the arrow.  Maybe he should visit Skyrim and shoot some people in the knees (chuckle).

Bow was one of those figures that I didn’t have any attachment to a vintage figure, no real anticipation for it, and he was never on a top 10 list.  After I got him, though, I think he actually made more more excited for other POP figures! The re-imagining of Bo for this line once again showed the skill of The Four Horsemen turning a character/old figure into something that you just couldn’t live without in a current line. He’s a well done figure.